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  1. XTR2Turbo

    race seats IVA compatible 

    You Kind of pays your money / makes your choice. Proper carbon only really Reverie, MOG or Tillett. I am biased but Tillett B6 would be my choice and no issue with IVA. David
  2. XTR2Turbo

    3/4 Built westfield for sale

    Don't know the background but looks like a generous offer showing this club really is the best
  3. PM sent Thanks for trying. I think time of year may have been a factor
  4. XTR2Turbo

    Megabusa manifold

    I have a used factory one if that is of interest. It came off when I fitted a Simpson system
  5. This has gone a bit quiet. Do we have the numbers to make it viable or are we going to pull the plug. I don't know about others but I would lose interest if it is not wscc and close friends only. I don't really fancy making up numbers in another session
  6. XTR2Turbo

    Spied - Tillett B5 seats

    The FIA certificates are expiring on the earlier Tillett B6F seats now and they tend to be sold cheaply. THey are heavier though to pass the crash test. David
  7. XTR2Turbo

    Controller 4

    Ok thanks It's actually at my brothers new house. Everything seems to be controlled via it from entrance gates to pool cover to simple light switches that are all wifi back to the controller Previous owners spent about £50k on a system but he'd like to make a few minor changes from time to time ideally without getting someone in at £650 plus a pop. As an example all the rear security lighting (even on PIR) gets switched off at midnight !
  8. XTR2Turbo

    Controller 4

    Does anyone have experience of controller 4 wireless home control / automation and have comproser pro with a licence? Need to make some small changes. Regards David
  9. XTR2Turbo

    A Winters Tale; a few upgrades and a bit of a re-build.

    Dave if you struggle tomorrow let me know and I can send you a flat packed Tillett seat box. It will easily fit in that David
  10. XTR2Turbo

    2019 Gurston Down

    well done Terry. If I manage to be out at all next year I will be entering.
  11. XTR2Turbo

    2019 Gurston Down

    That's why I suggested to give a selection \ choice. If they can't make one of three or say 2 of 5 is it really that unfair ?
  12. XTR2Turbo

    2019 Gurston Down

    I don't know what I will be doing next year unfortunately but I have spectated at Gurston but never driven it. If I am out next year Gurston would be a definite for me and as said above I much prefer weekend events. Just an idea, if there are events that need numbers could there be an incentive of a bonus score? I know this was once considered and dismissed in case someone could not make it but say you picked just three events a year and as an entrant you could get a bonus point for attending any two of them. You would then be free to give an event support as you felt was needed. Maybe any new venue would automatically get it ….. David
  13. the problem is not their terms or policy but someone's incorrect interpretation. THis is a problem with an individual not a company policy and you would therefore struggle to get far. Unfortunately I think you just need to escalate it in the company Get in writing from them if you can what you say they have asked for.
  14. If a professional service then their industry will most probably have an ombudsman who you can contact or you could try citizen advice. I would also read their terms Thete are many services that require you to provide proof of id and address. Are you interpreting this as prof of being British? I can think of some services that may be impacted by nationality or time spent in uk such as opening a bank account or some insurance. I know of some hire companies that have strict rules just because of issues ... if you are happy to outline the service it may be easier to comment
  15. XTR2Turbo

    Speed Series Dinner

    Just booked - meal only. I haven't managed a single event this year what with house move and other distractions but will be good to have a catch up and to congratulate Howard. David

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