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  1. Ash. Did you send me a pm? Regards David
  2. I'll also take the build stand if in no great rush for collection
  3. Ash. I'll take the diff support bracket please. Do you have a spare bush also? Pm me price with postage. Cheers David
  4. @BCF I think you should include a rotary on the list and also a classic of some form. WHat my car journey has taught me is that value doesn't equate to fun. More so than ever a relatively low powered sweet handling manual car is where the real fun is on the road now. I have just driven my doblo home cross country and absolutely eeked out all sensible performance from it on quiet roads I know well and it was fantastic. Some of my most fun cars from the past were fiat 100hp and fiat cinquecento. David
  5. XTR2Turbo

    Tillett B6

    www.tillettcarseats.co.uk offer WSCC member discount if looking to buy new.
  6. Great stuff. I'd be interested in a detailed article on the CBC conversion
  7. Buy a classic kismet pump. Full spares availability but built to outlast us anywY. @windy may have a few restored ones he could be tempted to part with David
  8. I think that they are Titan Check with ACW as he did have drawings for a rack with them if Westfield won't help. They need a drawing or will charge for a drawing before making anything
  9. Note that the FIA b6 had side mounts and was 44 so will need edges removing. It is also heavy due to strength
  10. Entered … Class F. Need to get the car fixed and come to a few events this year. David
  11. Well done reflecting the comments. I will enter when back in UK next week. Unfortunately won't make it to many events this year. David
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