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  1. XTR2Turbo

    Car Trailer and Caravan mot's

    I can't see this being workable. Most MOT stations would need huge investment to accommodate trailers. Special lifts, different brake testers to accommodate close coupled trailer axles etc. Most don't seem to even have space to pull in and turn around with a trailer
  2. Sorry but am I missing the point? she was towed to 100mph and then in an air cushion behind the drag vehicle. Might just as well be on a turbo trainer.
  3. XTR2Turbo

    Garage clearout - Bodywork & Exterior

    Paul how much for the boot box? David
  4. XTR2Turbo

    membership Renewal

    Yes I get notifications ok if someone messages me. I have just updated contact details for my move which is how I noticed but I was getting everything through ok before
  5. XTR2Turbo

    membership Renewal

    Just noticed my membership had lapsed and I have renewed. I never received a reminder though? David
  6. XTR2Turbo

    Herts, Beds & Bucks Area Meeting, September 2018

    Plan to be there David
  7. XTR2Turbo

    VOSA IVA Manuals

    Anything changed?
  8. I guess in Northampton the company that knows Wrstfields well is Troy at Northampton motorsport. prtsonally if just for track I would look at blade cars not just buss. A lot cheaper and simpler engine wise and not a lot slower. Maybe take someone who knows the cars with you if not sure. Quite a lot worth checking that can materially affect values.
  9. XTR2Turbo

    Launch/Traction Control potentiometers

    Red and yellow but no strong preference thanks. Happy to pay. Will see you at Prescott Cheers David
  10. XTR2Turbo

    Launch/Traction Control potentiometers

    Steve I'll take them please Are you entered at the September Prescott BHC round? Regards David
  11. XTR2Turbo

    Herts, Beds & Bucks Area Meeting, August 2018

    I plan to be there but will need to leave early
  12. XTR2Turbo

    Silverstone 2018. The photo thread.

    Felt a bit quieter all round. I liked UB40 at the end and the air balloons lighting up
  13. XTR2Turbo

    Seat heaven

    Worth speaking with @Tillett Car Seats if looking for Tilletts with WSCC discount
  14. XTR2Turbo

    21st Party -Hillclimb try and evening dinner

    It didn't when it was booked !!

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