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  1. They are 7" classic race - stripped and painted orange, they look more red in the photo but they are actually closer to KTM orange in the flesh.
  2. I Love em! Mine are competition rims - the spokes curve outwards.
  3. Thanks for that, but I meant the ones that @CraigHew bought.
  4. Do these LEDs have fans in them?
  5. can I have GEAR (car component) then as it technically hasn't been used?
  6. witted - bummer, already gone - Diet - best I can do!
  7. Sedan ...as in four door passenger car.
  8. 11 August - Lotus 7's & Caterhams (Lotus 7 Diamond Jubilee), no entry before 6pm. http://www.pooleview.co.uk/CarQuay.html This is a good meet on Poole Quay, usually a 100 or so 7 type cars, the weather looks promising and I will be going if the weather stays good. Anyone else going??
  9. Westford


    Hi Dom Anything that is capable of removing powder coating will be pretty strong stuff and will burn etc. on skin contact. Having said that, it only contains the chemical that was removed from Nitromors to make it pc in today's world. Safety glasses, long rubber gloves (like you would wear in a blast cabinet) and lots of ventilation and all will be fine - I personally do it outside in the garden and that would be my recommendation. Remove as much as you can using various implements and then stick it in a large container of water and wait till it stops fizzing! Any remaining coating will probably scrape off ok, but if not, dry and repeat on the remainder. Powder coating if done correctly is very tough and even with this stuff it will take a reasonable amount of time to soften. On alloy components especially, I prefer to strip chemically and the bead blast using fine glass bead - it's much kinder to the surface than grit.
  10. Westford


    Nitromors won't, but https://www.spraygunsdirect.co.uk/starchem-synstryp-paint-stripper-5-litre.html#sthash.LZ0zWpI5.0Tddiskt.dpbs will, I bought some exactly for removing powder coating and it works!
  11. I think only shocks the likes of Nitron etc. Will run upsidown correctly. Those look like the more normal twin tube intervals fitted to the bulk of Westfield's and I am pretty sure will not perform correctly as mounted. Didn't the inboard arb specify Nitron shocks so they could run upsidedown?
  12. Shocks look upsidedown to me!
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