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  1. WestyNottm

    Set of 4 Axle Stands - SOLD

    I (finally) have confirmation that they're being collected Sunday morning. @Rob the Red Top If not I'll let you know - thanks for your interest.
  2. WestyNottm

    Set of 4 Axle Stands - SOLD

    Not yet, just trying to get a previously interested party to commit and confirm. If I don't get confirmation by the end of the day, I'll just have to release them again.
  3. WestyNottm

    Set of 4 Axle Stands - SOLD

    @neptune PM sent
  4. WestyNottm

    Set of 4 Wheel Dollies for Sale - SOLD

    Thanks to everyone for your interest, these are sold subject to collection this evening. I'll update the listing to confirm
  5. WestyNottm

    Set of 4 Axle Stands - SOLD

    These axle stands are all steel and have 2 Tonnes capacity. £20 for the set of 4 to clear as space needed! Collection from Nottingham
  6. WestyNottm

    Set of 4 Wheel Dollies for Sale - SOLD

    @BCF PM sent
  7. These dollies are all metal construction and have a capacity of about 450Kg EACH. I used these for a couple of months when building my Westfield and then stored them away. They are no longer needed and are taking up valuable space so I'm offering them at the low price of £40 for the set. Collection from Nottingham, or I could drop them en-route to Brands Hatch over the weekend of 29th/30th September as long as it doesn't deviate from my route too much (M1, M25), or I could go A1, M11, M25
  8. WestyNottm

    1 Pair Laser Tools Low Rise Car Ramps - SOLD

    @NickBW thanks for your interest, ramps now sold
  9. Dimensions: 700mm(L) x 200mm(W) x 70mm(H), with an 80mm end stop More details can be found here: https://www.lasertools.co.uk/product/5669 These are in very good condition as they have only been used a couple of times for my Westfield and have been stored on wall hooks when not in use. No longer needed, so offered at a low price with postage at cost (£7.60 using Hermes), or collection from Nottingham
  10. Excellent quality car cover designed to keep your Westfield protected from dust etc when garaged. Supplied by Hamilton and made from Supertex, it has a soft fleece inner lining for additional protection. It is also waterproof so can be used to temporarily cover the car whilst outside. Purchased about 3 years ago, this is in very good condition. New price is around £115, I am asking £60 plus postage at cost, or collection from Nottingham. I have shown a picture of my car (not included!) so you can see how it fits with the roll bar.
  11. WestyNottm

    Recent snap of your Westfield

    On display at our village fayre
  12. WestyNottm

    Strange Voltage

    It would be a 6.8 ohm resistor but would need to dissipate a massive 21 watts so would get extremely hot!

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