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  1. Uisdean

    Snowy pics

    What snow??? This is a photo looking towards Ben Wyvis taken today.
  2. Hi Try using your log book serial number details instead of the reminder code. It seemed to work for me when I was late scorning my vehicle a few days ago.
  3. Uisdean

    Coffee in Inverness Anyone?

    Would like to come but am away on Saturday and car is off the road at the moment as well Hopefully we can meet next year when the car is vback on the road Regards Hugh
  4. Uisdean

    Speed hump guidance please

    Preformed humps now tend to be 65mm or 76mm high. These can be flat topped or rounded. When they are used as raised crossing points for pedestrians they can be up to 100mm high to match kerb heights. The main problem is often the width of the hump as the shorter ones allow the car to straddle the hump and this is when the clearance becomes critical. A good advice document is issued by DfT - just google search LTN1/07 for the document which covers all forms of traffic claming that can be used on public roads. This may help to get humps lowered if you find they exceed the heights shown in this guidance. Hope this helps
  5. Not quite the only one - I stay just north of Inverness. However have not had much chance to use it in the last couple of years Hugh
  6. Uisdean

    Corner Weight Setting

    Thank you Learner Driver The zip file worked great and allowed me to get the file to run despite Norton's previous attempts to block it. I will now need to go out to the garage to get some base corner weights to try it out Hugh
  7. Uisdean

    Corner Weight Setting

    Hi Tried to download your free app which looks very interesting. Unfortunately my antivirus does not like it and says it has a virus and will not allow me to download it. Any help would be apporeciated
  8. Uisdean


    Hi all It is £25 for camping for the whole weekend (Up to 3 nights) including 2 days entry to the show for non kits and £5for the whole weekend including entry for kits - This is for their advance booking, I do not know what it is at the gate H
  9. Uisdean

    Bulk Buy: MSA Specification; Roll Bar Hoop

    Hi I could be interested in buying one of these roll bars which looks very good. However I wondered if the cross bracing is going to be an option as it is something I would like. Also, what adjustment is available on the legs going through the boot box as there is bound to be a lot of variation in the positioning of the lugs on the frame which is taken up by the rose joints on other roll bars. Cheers Hugh
  10. Uisdean

    protech suspension

    Hi Adrian I am having similar problems and wondered if you had an idea of the before and after lengths of the rear shockers. H
  11. Uisdean

    Tyre Choice

    Have a look at the May issue of Practical Performance Car which has a tyre test for track day tyres using a golf and a westfield as test vehicles. The results are quite interesting H
  12. Uisdean

    Suspension Settings

    Thanks for that H
  13. Uisdean

    Suspension Settings

    Hi Possibly a silly question, but are the camber values given in the FAQ for each wheel or is it a total value for each axle. Thanks Hugh
  14. Uisdean

    Anyone in Nairn, Inverness, Moray?

    Hi there Welcome to the north!! It is nice to see another Westfield up here as they are few and far between. I stay about 20miles northwest of Inverness. Hugh
  15. Uisdean

    Newark 07

    In my opinion Newark is a better show than Harrogate even although it maybe not as well supported by the club. However should we really be criticising any of these shows as they are only as good as the clubs supporting them

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