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    Three Sisters 17/06/18

    Well done Syman84. A great result and love the tankard!
  2. Back to Pembrey on the ‘Classic’ circuit for rounds 5&6 of the Welsh Sports and Saloons Championship. I stayed down the road at the usual place and with my trusty ear plugs in and had an ok night’s sleep despite my mates ridiculous snoring again. It was an early start with sign-on at 7.30am. Annoyingly we were the last race of the day as well at 5.30pm. It was going to be a long day in the hot sun….. Still, it was dry and that’s how I like it as these caterfields just don’t seem to go as well as the saloons in the wet (or is it just me!) Quali went well as I dialled ina tidy lap having cleared the traffic early on the session. I was very surprised with 3rd overall, albeit the grid was only 14 for this race, down on what it normally is. It was tight with 4 cars within a second of each other from 3rd to 6th and some powerful cars behind. Into the first race I had a shocker as I missed 3rd gear on the rolling start. That put me well down and my main championship competitor two cars in front. I just thought ‘get your head down’ and don’t panic as it’s class points that count – I won’t be winning any races outright. The two cars between him and I, passed him mid-race and on about lap 10 of 14 I managed to get past him, overtaking around the outside of the hairpin again. This car is great on the brakes! A class win and 4th overall was a result I was pleased with but a bit of a let off really as I screwed it right up at the start. The second race was looking interesting as I was on the outside of the grid. I also had some powerful cars ahead of me so I had it all to do on the brakes into the first corner. But… just before the 1-minute board came out, main my class competitors got out of his car. Turns out he had left the filler cap off his petrol tank located in the rear of the car. Sportingly, my mate gave him a hand and he started from the pits, setting off as the last car went past. He had a great race through the pack by all accounts. At the start, I got lucky on the brakes round the outside of one car in front of me, then managed to go round the outside of one other car before the back straight (I backed him up a bit before the straight as I thought he might just outdrag me otherwise) and before I know it I was second overall! It didn’t last! One very fast car that had a problem in the first race drove from the back of the grid and caught me on the second lap. Impressive stuff with only a 1.05 lap! Still, I managed to hold onto 3rd place overall, albeit with a lot of defending at the hairpin and doing my very best to get away in the twisty bits from the more powerful cars. 1st in class too. I was well chuffed to be on the podium (even if they don’t actually use it at Pembrey!). Fastest lap in both races was the cherry on top! In what must be the fluke of the century, I’m still leading the championship after 6 of 12 rounds. Rolly on Donny in July, one of my favourite circuits. Bad race start: Mid race shenanigans: Good race start (up to second - that's a first for me if you can excuse the pun!!!): Mike
  3. Terzo204

    On the Podium....Yippee!! (with short vids)

    Yes you did Dave there's no denying that! Was a great day that one (even if I did loose!) [INSERT RACING DRIVERS EXCUSE(S) HERE]. It's not a huge cost to cross over if you are already set-up to sprint. I just don't think you can beet wheel-to-wheel racing.
  4. Terzo204

    On the Podium....Yippee!! (with short vids)

    That 106 looks like its rwd! He almost lost it when the blue kit car blew its engine. Its non-stop action great fun. Im amazed we don't see more westies out there (the winner of both races drives a Westie SE with 240bhp Millington engine and slicks. Its an epic car (the yellow and blue livery) Mike
  5. Terzo204

    On the Podium....Yippee!! (with short vids)

    Great fun all round, nobody had any incidents and the sun shone all day! Its' £300 for quali and two races so I actually think its not bad value at all. A trackday can easily be over £200 for the day but its just not as intense fun. Yeah there are some seriously fast cars out there. Amazing what a good set of pads and 139bhp can do! The caterham 310r races are a good watch of you tube, its endless overtaking and incidents. A bit beyond my budget thought!
  6. Thanks - I'm well chuffed. Incidentally, I have just bought a decat pipe as well as booked a remap so I hope to be a little quicker next time out (cant see it will make much difference but why not)! Also just found out that I'm now leading the championship! Happy days...it won't last.
  7. So this was Rounds 3 and 4 of the Welsh Sports and Saloon Car Championship. The race meeting was with the Aston Martin Owners Club at Oulton Park in Cheshire, about a 3 hour trek for me. Not fun on a Friday afternoon, but taking the back route via Worcester was a pleasant drive. My wife was coming along to help. I had not driven Oulton Park since doing a trackday there in 2012 and to make matters worse, the championship had a meeting there last year. I know I was going to up against it for this one. I tried to learn the track the best I could by watching the Driver 61 track guide (it’s a great website) and numerous Caterham races to understand the lines/overtaking/defending places. I was a little apprehensive when I woke up to overnight rain meaning the roads were wet. Last time I was at Oulton Park in the wet, I very nearly had a ‘big one’ exiting Druids and going backwards towards the Armco at silly speeds…. Thankfully it was just about dry for quali and dry for both races. Quali was only 15 minutes so I had to tighten the belts and really go for it. I managed a 1.59.8 which I was pleased with. It put me 5th overall (a small grid for this meeting for some reason of only 14 cars) and most importantly 1st in class, but only just. Looks like it was going to be a battle again! No bother as I like to ‘race’. After quali I decided to measure the petrol I had used. I was carrying way too much fuel for the whole of the last meeting - its excess weight and all in the wrong place out the back of the car. I parked the car high on the trailer and used my trusty garden hose cut off to syphon the fuel out. It worked a treat in my garage….this time I choked on super unleaded and then spent the rest of the morning burping petrol (really – was degusting and reuned lunch which was all petrol tasting). Whilst the smell of petrol is actually quite nice in my opinion, I can say that the taste is, err…an acquired one and blooming strong. Still, 6 litres used minus a mouthful. The first race was a long wait and the start was a total mess-up. The invitation racer on pole set off way too quickly (after the safety car peeled in,) and then slammed on his brakes when as lights took a way too long to go out. This bunched up the whole pack and I was off the throttle when the lights did eventually go out (doing an emergency stop!). I held position, but my main class competitor drove past almost all of the main group at the front and it ended up with him in front of me and one car between us. I tried to go around the outside of one of the slick shod cars into Old Hall at the start and quickly regretted it as I was right on the limit of spinning. An big armful of ‘oppo’ just about keeping me facing the right way. Pure luck rather than skill really. I then spent the next 2 laps trying to get past the car in front (a Cupra touring car thingy) until he got past my class competitor and drove off. I was now right behind my class competitor - race on! As we did for the last 2 races, it was ‘hammer and tong’ for a long time with little between us. A few laps from the end I managed to get past, again, round the outside of the hairpin (Shell Oils). I then drove it home nervously for the class win. I was well happy with that and punched the air as I took the checkered flag. I must have looked like a right numpty. After the race, I spoke with the championship organiser who told me that whilst it was another great battle, it was academic. My competitor was due to be served a 10 second penalty for jumping the start. This never materialised as I eventually finished ahead of him. Race 2 was late in the day – 6.05pm in fact and much later then I would have liked. It’s just too easy to mentally switch off. The winner from Race 1 choose not to race (not sure why) and one of the other cars ahead of me was a double drive (so they go to the back of the grid). One other car, the father of my main class competitor decided to ‘have some fun’ and go to the back of the grid. I was not convinced and said to my wife when we were in the holding area ready to go out ‘I hope he doesn’t get in-between me and his son’….. Still with the attrition at the front I was promoted to second on the grid. My first front row start which was a little weird. The start this time round was much better. I kept first place honest for at least one corner….. until he took off like the proverbial scolded cat (he was in another Cupra touring car thingy). I was side-by-side with my main competitor into Cascades and it was all very tight for the first few corners. He eventually got ahead until I out braked him on the following lap into Cascades, it was properly close stuff. We followed each other for a bit until I got outbreaked into Druids, a great by move by him to be honest and one I was not expecting! By the end of the second lap, his dad had joined the party. Great. He overtook me down the straight then ‘parked’ his car for nearly 4 of the 8 laps between me and his son (see the TSL timing extract below which is very telling - fastest three laps after he cleared off!). I used my frustration for motivation and tried to get the most out of the car. Taking risks, when his dad had finally cleared off, I nearly got past on more then one occasion, but it was not to be. I also managed to just touch him on the breaks going into the Shell Oils hairpin. I now need to repair my nose cone (I ordered blue Duck Tap specially on EBay this morning!)….that’s two bodywork repairs in two races…..woops (although the fist was not my fault). Speaking with his father after the race, I made the point that he got in the way. His response - 'I had a gearbox issue'. Quite a coincidence that! Even more annoying was I don’t have any video. The SD cards were both saying full when they were empty. Meh. So it was a bittersweet end to the day. I had fastest class lap in both races and a first and a second in class. I really should have been happy but felt a little cheated as I know I had the pace. Nevermind, there’s always Pembrey on the 10th of June and now I’m really keen to win my class again as I know it will put me in a good place for the Championship.
  8. Next meeting is at Oulton Park on Saturday the 12th. We are racing with the Aston Martin Owners Club. Should be interesting. I hope to get the tickets this week. I may have a few spare if anyone wants them (i'll post them foc).
  9. So this was my first race weekend with the Caterham. I stayed locally at a hotel with my friend and with the lesson learnt from Donny a few years back I packed the earplugs in anticipation of the ridiculous snoring. Luckily I got a good night’s sleep, but woke to very dark sky’s when I opened the curtains. It just started to rain as I left for the circuit and it was not to stop until mid-morning. This was not forecast and I had never driven the car in the wet before. Quali was very damp and oil was dropped over the entire length of the circuit about half way through the session so it was driving on ‘tippy toes’ for most of it. The car felt great on the soft Khumos and I qualified 7th overall in a field of 20, 1st in class. Or so I though. Turns out the entry list was wrong and I found out a little later that the current Champion had decided to put some sticky tyres on and enter my Class for the year. Great. I was just behind him on the grid with a powerful (240 horses powerful) Westie between us (who was clearly going to drive away from us both on the rolling start). The grid was a little muddled-up with the rain mixing up the usual order. Game on. In the first race it was damp when I left the paddock. I wanted to maintain the current set-up as it was a ‘known quantity’ from Quali, but it was a mistake. The sun came out immediately and with a long wait in the holding area and a breeze the track was dry by the time we went to race. Turns out my class competitor was also on wets. What ensued was one of the most epic battles I have ever had. We only changed places 3 times but were side-by-side for nearly 3 corners at one point and side-by-side for many others. He had the legs on my car but I think I was slightly better on the brakes – I went round the outside of him at the hairpin and I’m still not sure how! We both were racing hard, but giving each other just enough room. It was very close racing and great fun. However, it nearly ended in tears when one of the other BS class cars (on full slicks) joined in. I saw him approaching very fast at the new hairpin and thought ‘no way will he stop that’. He sped past me and my competitor, locked up the front and just missed us both (he later apologised as it was a little wreckless) he ultimately gained two places as we both tried to miss him, but we both got past him within a lap. Ultimately, I lost out on the penultimate lap as the leading cars came through and I got held up as I was block passed. I finished second by two tenths but gained fastest (class) lap as consolation. To add to the excitement, my gear knob came loose after about the first lap. I spent the race trying to tighten it up on the straights. It was quite distracting as I had enough to think about!!! Reminded me of this brilliant video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k38LyqmUeM0). When I came into the holding area, I unscrewed it and handed it to my buddy. For comic effect. Race two was dry and sunny. With grid positions determined by the finishing place from race 1 I was along-side my class competitor. It didn’t start well. I got tagged into the first corner by a overoptimistic Saxo, breaking my rear arch (see pic). I carried on nonetheless, but lost loads of time and in my fluster, missed 3rd on the corner exit. I had a bit of clear track so I looked to grit my teeth and get some quick laps in. Then it was red flagged for a car that was stuck, facing the wrong way on the at the other hairpin. Good for me as we would re-start the race. On the re-start, the lights held for a long time. One car accelerated before the lights went out and it spread like the plague. Yes. I was guilty too, but I got away with it along with half the grid. It was another race long battle. We were both on semi-slicks this time so the speeds were greater and we drove away from the others in our class. We both maintained position until a car in front had a tank slapper and my competitor had to take evasive action. He left the track, lost his splitter and returned to track near to me (I was a little worried that he was going to ‘t-bone’ me at one point) but I got the position. Fortunate really. We raced for another 10 minutes, or so (side in many corners) and I was caught napping overtaking a slower car at the hairpin. He passed me with about 3 laps to go. On the last lap I threw everything at it. A last ditch move into Honda (the last corner and a fast right) nearly worked, but I just could not make it stick as he held it round the outside to finish just ahead of me. Close, but no cigar. First looser in both races, but it was intense fun. It reminded me why I am penniless and spent far too many cold nights in the garage. Still, I got two tacky trophies for my efforts. It’s going to be an interesting season. Mike Videos: Mid-Race Battle (Race 1): Manic end of race 1 (I like this video it was crazy out there!): New arch needed.... Silverware:
  10. Yeah that made me chuckle as well!
  11. Repairs don't appear in the budget right now DonPeffers!
  12. Really enjoying the chassis/13 inch tyres but gutted I didn't win. Very much enjoyed the battle though. Went to Halford tonight and bought a glass fibre repair kit! Next up is Oulton Park on the 10th of May. I will have two or three spare tickets if anyone wants them.
  13. So having bought the Caterham in October of last year, I had still yet to drive the car. As part of the purchase, I had negotiated that the seller (who runs a Caterham motorsport outfit) to attend a trackway with me to help prepare and set up the car. I booked a trackday at Donny for Friday with MSV trackdays. I can recommend to anyone with a race or sprint car to attend one of these days as they are race car friendly, in fact, most cars were race cars on the day - Mini's, Exiges, BMW's, Clios etc. I had approx 30 hours work on the car over the winter: 1. Trimmed and re-covered the bag seat 2. Perfected the fit of the tonneau 3. Greased the extinguisher lines 4. Replaced all the stickers 5. Painted the interior 6. Fixed the exhaust (which was squashed to say the least - record and re-packed for only £65!) 7. Given the car a blooming' good clean and tidy up I should have been looking to this day but I was bedridden for 3-days earlier in the week. I still felt rough on the day but it was too late to cancel. Nonetheless, the day was dry and bright even if a little breezy. I got up early and trailered the car to the track, only to find one tyre had picked up a puncture on the way. No bother as I swapped the spare at lunch. So how does it compare to the Westie? Well, its hard to compare when I have been off-track for 6-months, but for sure, the chassis is more communicative and the turn-in is much better (it's got a quick rack). Its better on the brakes too, presumably due to the weight saving. The bag seat is not as comfy as the Tillet and the layout of the dash and pedals to too compact initially, until you get used to it. Power is comparable. Overall, I would say an improvement over the Westie, but not by any significant margin. In fact, my best lap time was a 1.21.5. I think there is more to come when I heel and toe (one step at a time I thought) and can use the whole of the track (the grass was so wet a lot of the kerbs had sods of grass on them!) and under the pressure to perform during Quali....but my best time in the Westie at Donny? Yep. A 1.21.5. Funny how these things work out! My first race for the dark side is on the 22nd of April at Pembrey. I'm in a difference class now with the 1.6 so I hope to be competitive. Wish me luck! Mike Pics below inc. some nice historic racers who occupied the garage after I had packed up. Interior shot in my garage at the end
  14. Terzo204

    First Test in the Caterham

    I'll have to take your word for that Don, but it definitely is more responsive on the steering. I wish I had changed it on the Westie now.
  15. Terzo204

    First Test in the Caterham

    I think it will be quicker, albeit by not a lot. I'll be predominantly racing in the Welsh Sports and Saloons Championship this year with the odd round in the Mag 7's (10 No. Supersports at the first race meeting!). looking forward to getting out these now. I asked the mechanic on Friday and he suggested around 540kg's. Re. the race, err...dunno! its a Caterham quick rack, fitted to the supersport as standard I believe. It's definstely quicker then the Westie which was a standard Sierra one.
  16. Terzo204

    Lyneham dates to be cancelled?

    I just signed the petition. Ed and Natasha are good people and this is a real shame.
  17. Terzo204

    Donnington Track Day

    I never had any problems (1.8 ltr Zetec with TB's and non-cat exhaust) with noise (it's drive by not static). I'll be there on the 6th of April, booked with MSV (blue and orange Caterham) Mike
  18. So on Wednesday night I finally took delivery of the Supersport. I actually paid for the car last October but I asked for a tonneau to be fitted along with a load of other jobs prior to delivery so it was delayed until now. I now have a long list of little things to do to the car to tidy it up, nothing major but I like my car's to be just so. So far all I have done is strip all the old stickers off it. This took me ages last night but I'm just about there - just need to remove the residue before I get painting/general tarting up. Purchased from LFP motorsport in Brum. Aaron really know's his stuff. Really looking forward to the new season now! First outing after a trackday at Donny (date tba with my mate) will be 22nd April at Pembrey My daughter like the car as well!
  19. Terzo204

    The Caterham Has Landed

    Thanks DonPeffers. I'll check the turns when I get it off the trailer. Working on the car now to tidy it up...things always take longer than you think!
  20. Terzo204

    The Caterham Has Landed

    Dont know the ratio but i think its a quick rack and standard Supersport spec
  21. Terzo204

    The Caterham Has Landed

    Me too Russ. Nick - Err yeah. Exhaust is a bit second hand! It got run over in the Caterham championship. still works ok thought and i know if i buy a new one ill prang it for sure!
  22. I'm going to use the Avon ZZR's for dry's, but I don't believe Khumo are doing the Ecsta V70's in 13/185's in soft any more. They have been discontinuted according to Demon Tweeks What are the alternative 13 inch tyres (for wets) for up to 40 minute races?
  23. Terzo204

    13 Inch Tyres

    Looks like the V70s are now available, but only in 175 width. My current tyres are 185. Does this matter? They are softs and I cannot find another tyre in soft at all for 13 that are list 1C. Edited - I purchased these as an ex Caterham mechanic thinks it wont have a significant effect going to a 175. As Adam suggested above, I just feel that the soft compound has to be the priority. Apparently, Khumo are running down stocks prior to a takeover and supply is likely to be haphazard.......whether that's sales patter I don't know but sod it I bought them now!
  24. Good idea. They will need to work hard on marketing in the first instance until it gains 'momentum'. No one wants to sign up to a race series without good grids. It's a competitive market out there.
  25. Good luck to WF. It's a great idea.

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