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  1. Update - had to get a new master cylinder and servo....brakes were sticky
  2. One hell of a car. Looks immaculate. The GT's is a tough championship as is a BHP fest....should fit in well! Can you say whos bought it? Is it an existing competitior?
  3. Good work Syman. Great lines. I bet your well chuffed being fastest Novice of the day.
  4. Usually see him going to Combe - its on my way to work. Looks like an ex-AA van.
  5. Suffice to say that should have read 'good'! Thanks all for your assistance. Mike
  6. SNELL 2010 on my helmet, 8856-2000 on all my raceware. I think Im goo until 2023 then?
  7. Presumably not since it has been sold Martin - which I guess is only recently
  8. I'm pretty sure my kit has FIA 8856-2000 on it and has passed scrutineering for the past 4-years. Just don't want to be surprised in 2019! I'll have to check my helmet tonight - i'll report back!
  9. I think I have seen this car being towed by a yellow van on a number of occasions on the B4040. Usually early morning South Glos/Wilts border!
  10. Sorry - sill question (hopefully) My suit has 'Year of Manufacture 2014' printed on the collar. Do race suits, or any of the above, have a time limit on their use? What about helmets? I had a look in the Blue book and could only find reference to excessive wear/damage preventing use? Mike
  11. Welcome CeeBee and well done for stepping up to the mark. Car looks great by the way. Unfortunately, I don't have a Westie any more and my Caterham is not road legal...but I wish you the very best of luck with the AO role. I guess you are in Emersons Green?
  12. Sounds great Robertf. I have had mine for two weeks now and 700 miles. Its actually quite quick! Moves about well on the 195's so there is plenty of feel and turn-in is great. The brakes do fell like they are sticky though in traffic?
  13. Sorry for the delayed response - I have just got back from abroad. I went for the 145 model with the only extra being the rear parking sensors (my wife insisted on these). I collect it on the 29th of September. I agree about the seating position - its not perfect and I felt that I was sitting on the seats rather then in them, but so be it.
  14. Cheers DonPeffers on both counts! Just found it and set to record. There's always lots of crashes but it's great racing. Not something I could afford to do myself. I watched the 310 race at Combe and first and second took each other out at Camp Corner on the last lap....the commentator nearly burst with excitement
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