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  1. Terzo204


    Sorry for the delayed response - I have just got back from abroad. I went for the 145 model with the only extra being the rear parking sensors (my wife insisted on these). I collect it on the 29th of September. I agree about the seating position - its not perfect and I felt that I was sitting on the seats rather then in them, but so be it.
  2. Cheers DonPeffers on both counts! Just found it and set to record. There's always lots of crashes but it's great racing. Not something I could afford to do myself. I watched the 310 race at Combe and first and second took each other out at Camp Corner on the last lap....the commentator nearly burst with excitement
  3. Not my championship but Motorsport TV is full of great club level racing. Its the best racing other than the support series in the BTCC The best racing on TV is the Caterham 270R, 310R and 420R racing that I have seen as its super competitive and so very close....only issue being I have not found it this season?
  4. Thanks Andy. I'm still on Cloud 9!
  5. Get second hand extinguisher and kit and its no more expensive that sprinting once the cars past scrutineering.
  6. Just uploaded Bagpuss.
  7. End of second race. Fist lap in the video is the new Class Lap Record and crossing the line for the Championship. Still on Cloud 9! Mike
  8. First race and close call....
  9. Thanks Dave. Why not come and join the fun? We already have a Westie on the grid and he's won the last two races. Can't beat wheel-to-wheel racing in my opinion.
  10. Didn't know you can get repairs from DT.
  11. Terzo204


    Woops! lol How have you got on with it Craig?
  12. Thanks Ian - I'm well chuffed! Luck was on my side this year.
  13. Like a kid counting down to Christmas, this race meeting could not come round quick enough. I had been over thinking the championship and really trying to get my fitness up, I just wanted to get out there and was chomping at the bit! This was the penultimate meeting of 2018 with the Welsh Sport and Saloon Car Championship. I had to book a different hotel to the one I usually get and although an ok place, it did smell damp in the room and my mate again, snored like a trooper. The ear plugs just didn’t sit right in my ears and I got another crap night’s sleep. Still I’m used to that now and several cups of tea, Lucozade and a healthy dose of adrenaline sorted out the tiredness. Overnight it was very windy and wet. Thankfully the new gazebo (Rock Awnings) held up. I got to the track in drizzle and an uncertain forecast…..after the biblical weather at Donny I wanted summer to return! The grid was down to 14 as a few cars had either crashed or had major failures since the last meeting. This suited me fine as I had enough in my class for a potential maximum points and it gave me lots of space to set a quick one in quali. I was mucho surprised though when I got back to the pits to find out I was on the front row. I thought my mate was taking the mickey (he does that a lot….). P2 was my best ever quali result and for sure down to the wet. Now I wanted it to rain all day so then the sun came out….. The start of race 1 was playing on my mind as I had two powerful cars on the row behind and I had no hope of holding them back. I opted for the don’t change position and let them past as this was least risk (neither were in my class). This worked but I did end up in a Caterham sandwich approaching the first corner. I tried to outbreak one car round the first corner but didn’t quite get it done and held 4th. Just as I was looking to get a good run out of the 3rd corner I got caught unaware by one of the Class CT cars (he was really, really close to my car) and in taking evasive action, ended up on the grass (he apologised after the race). It was a proper heart-stopping moment as the grass was sodden. This can mean you end up either spinning or the car digging in….I backed out of the throttle and got away with it, just managing to hold off 5th place. I quickly got the space back and finished 4th overall, which was what I was hoping for and more importantly 1st in class. Race 2 was less interesting and mostly uneventful to be honest. One of the chasing pack span at the first hairpin and caused bedlam as about 10 cars had to go round a stationary car. I focused on getting the car home but I had also set myself a target. The class lap record was just a tenth of my fastest lap from race 1 and I manage to just dip under it on lap 14 of 16, despite my mate waving to tell me to slow down and think about the points. I finished 4th again and 1st in class once more. All these points mean I can now officially call myself the Welsh Sports and Saloon Car Champion for 2018. I’m a very happy racing driver! Thanks for reading. Vids to follow tonight. Mike Pic of the close moment in Race 1 (yep...that's literally about 3 inches away!) -
  14. Terzo204


    Thanks 1960dave. Will do!
  15. Terzo204


    Not really Westie related but bought one of these today.

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