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  1. Terryathome

    Throttle Position Sensor Adjustment

    Yup Dave's right, you should be at closed throttle/tick over and then adjust the TPS to give you the correct reading in the software. RussH is correct aswell lol
  2. Terryathome

    Fuel Tank Ohm Values

    Nah, 25l about right. You don't want to be lugging around all that fuel weight. 25÷4.5=5.5 gallons. 30mpg gets you 166 miles down the road.
  3. Terryathome

    Fuel Tank Ohm Values

  4. Terryathome

    Fuel Tank Ohm Values

    Max tank for FW is 30l from Westfields. The range of the fuel sender is limited by the swing of the arm with the float on it. Don't forget that the float is not supposed to hit the bottom or the top of the tank. So only measuring say 90% of the actual level in the tank.
  5. Terryathome

    S2000 donor car.

    The only way I found was to take engine number to local Honda dealer. When found he was able to tell me what engine and the car reg it came from. Had to search good and hard to find it though.
  6. Terryathome

    S2000 donor car.

    The engine differences are the rpm limit and a longer 6th gear with the AP1 Facelift. Think I got that right, did post the actual gear ratios a bit back. Might have to check AP1 facelift engines had longer con rods increasing torque slightly. So if you compair pre 2003 to say 2005 engine at same rpm. With the 2005 engine having longer con rods ment 2005 pistons had longer to travel so increasing the reciprocated travel at the same rpm. Get my drift? Honda reduced the max rpm to avoid piston comming out of the top/bottom of engine Found it
  7. Terryathome

    S2000 donor car.

    AP1 engines and gearboxes 1999 to 2003. Revs to 9,000 AP2 know in America 2004 to 2009 The above AP2 is known in UK as AP1 Facelift. Revs to 8,500 due to longer con rods. Also differant lay shaft in gearbox. Fly by wire came in 2006 Correct me if I'm wrong.
  8. Terryathome

    Lifting rear of car by rollbar with engine crane?

    My garage roof ain't that high so can't really use hoist. Someone on here did and bent the rose joints on RAC bar. I saw the funny side, he didn't and he quickly swapped to MSA bar. Anyway got a descent high lift Jack, problem solved.
  9. Terryathome

    Radiator to bracket spacers....what size are using?

    So a bigger bobbin? Why the spacers?
  10. Terryathome

    Radiator to bracket spacers....what size are using?

    You on about rubber bobbins? If so you can get them in any sizes to suit your car what ever brackets or radiator fitment . Flea bay has loads. https://m.ebay.co.uk/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=p2055413.m4084.l1313.TR3.TRC2.A0.H0.Xrubber+bobbins.TRS0&_nkw=rubber+bobbins
  11. Cheers everybody, good run out with a bit of banter thrown in. Just got home as it started to persist it down.
  12. Shine a light. Hurstys motor on the road before my build and Sheepys out. Will assume we are meeting at the usual pub which name escapes me for the moment.
  13. Terryathome

    Westfield front rear calipers and more

    All parts are still for sale as a package, but will split package if 2 or more people are interested
  14. Terryathome

    Lemans - driving in France

    You will need them on driving during the day. Bad weather headlights on, tunnels etc.
  15. Terryathome

    Westfield front rear calipers and more

    Steve has fronts if I split

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