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  1. Terryathome

    OMEX 630 ECU Connection

    Can you build my car for me? Tea and biscuit in it for you.
  2. Terryathome

    No questions is a stupid one! This comes close.

    I've endured plenty of torque when the wife's twisting my arm up my back buying her stuff. Not seen it in the S2000 yet, but it still goes like s41t of a shovel.
  3. Terryathome

    OMEX 630 ECU Connection

    Cooking on gas
  4. Terryathome

    OMEX 630 ECU Connection

    Like this, not my best work but heh ho Temp reader is a meat temp tester of Flebay. Pans out the cupboard, don't go drilling the wifes pots or you could be in for it. Put you temp send in the pot and warm it up to 100c, then let the temp drop. It's a lot slower for the water to lose it's temp rather than trying to catch it heating up. I put the figures in Excel file then transfered them into the Dash2. You will need to set up the Dash2 to read voltage like Baggypussy said.
  5. Terryathome

    Manchester meet Wednesday 9th Jan

    Will Skype you then so you can join in.
  6. Terryathome

    Manchester meet Wednesday 9th Jan

    Anybody going?
  7. Terryathome

    S2000 Servicing

    That's a shiney gearbox
  8. Terryathome

    Ignition switch barrel wiring diagram?

    Do you not want to keep your ignition switch as assume it's on the steering column and acts as steering lock? Doing away with switch anybody could Nick it.
  9. Terryathome

    Zk/ kit rear arch

    For what it's worth, Westfields advised that the normal width rear arch protector would not fit a wide arch. FW shape. Terry
  10. Terryathome

    Extra Dash/engine info

    But it could be my sh*t
  11. Terryathome

    Extra Dash/engine info

    Other toy. All the normal stuff on the Dash2. No doubling up needed. It's waterproof already? Sun always shines when I go out for a drive.
  12. Terryathome

    FREE - Used Shadow Board

    I think I might need one, need to find some room for it first?
  13. Terryathome

    vw touareg

    Depends what year your looking at and what milage, that's if you think about one out of the showroom? Have 2015 plate 3L V6 diesel Bluemotion with 262 bhp and gets it from 0 to 60 in under 8 seconds. Not bad for a 2 ton + motor. To be honest about the best 4x4 motor I have had so far. Its a big motor to through about, but it handles it well. Auto gearbox (8 gears) works well and car holds a straight line in windy conditions. Tyres will last about 10 to 12,000 miles, currently running Avons and quite impressed. Mileage, well with a heavy foot which i have 30mpg, driving Miss Daisy about 35 to 40. Its got a whopping great big fuel tank on it and can take up to £100 to fill it. Wish I had stuck it out for the air suspension which they all rave about but secondhand they aren't many about and costs a bit more. Does that help?
  14. Terryathome

    Extra Dash/engine info

    Anybody used one of these https://www.reveltronics.com/en/products/universal-trip-computer-utcomp Pros and cons please. Edit: Thinking of using one of these to compliment the Dash2 as it has limited inputs. Unit can show me other info from the engine (Boost pressure, Air Temp in/out, oil temp Etc)

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