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  1. @Terry Everall - WSCC Competition Secretary Why would you lock that thread? Its collecting a lot of thoughts for you to consider. Goes all against free speech.
  2. Morcini, sounds like you got done over, hope that bloke doesn't drink in the same pub as you
  3. Gee whiz, ground control to major Tom springs to mind. Look like Michael J Fox in back to the future, when he had that yellow radiation suit on lol
  4. Oh my God @Steve (stevel) - Lancashire AOposted on WSCC. So did you make @marcusb rack then?
  5. That's brakes, oh give me strength. Rack alll tig welded, pickled and polished, ho err.
  6. @marcusb Going to make a nice stainless one, you pay for all the materials and I'll make you one too
  7. @W Shep I had visions of a little man under your car waiting to catch the prop until you spoilt it with that picture.
  8. @marcusb how embarrassed are you now. I think you need to do some work on your rack and get it up to scratch before our Euro trip.
  9. Big hammers as well
  10. Theres a recess in the rack where the filler cap is. So don't stand at the back of the car, stand at the side.
  11. Might as well sell your satnav while your at it. Stop you getting lost.
  12. Mine fits more in board than @marcusb rack
  13. You have to use a larger exhaust clamp with the MSA roll bar. I used to use 4mm thick rubber between the clamp and roll bar but found the rubber was to soft and marked the coating. From this I started to use an old cut up timing belt with the teeth pointing out wards which did't mark the roll bar coating and is a lot more substantial. It's quite surprising how big the clamps have to be.
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