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  1. Harness provisionally sold to Dean subject to payment
  2. They are the adjustable ones, will post pic for you.
  3. Sabelt 4 point harness in black. 2020 date. All are 3 inch. £60 for the pair plus postage Pics to follow Adjustable
  4. Zetec ARP con rod set £33 postage included SOLD Kidney thingy, intake plenum £35 includes postage Starter motor £10, PICK UP ONLY. BB9 area, that's Burnley Lancs area SOLD
  5. What pads have you got, bet your running 1144,s.
  6. That's not my bushes squeaking, it's @marcusb wallet I agree
  7. Assume you fitted new pressure plate if not whole clutch, asking as to eliminate tired pressure plate. Outer cable is seated correctly and not jumping in and out of position. You have the correct clutch fitted. You have the correct clutch cable. You now have the full travel of clutch pedle. Adjust cable so you ave approx 1/4 to 1/2 inch free travel on the clutch peddle. Drive and test, never heard of such trial and error. You need to set the free travel to stop bearing in constant contact bearing/pressure plate fingers as per dampervman comments. Edit. Clutch fork is seated correctly and correct thrust bearing.
  8. I did consider wiper delay as drive in all weather. Decided to fit cup holders instead lol. Just saying.
  9. You can have my old ones when I put in the 18 new bushes that i have stashed in the garage.
  10. Dave, hope you got oem and not them Chinese remanufctured jobbies.
  11. Yup, but add £350 plus carriage. Them stickers are expensive you know
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