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  1. Terryathome

    MSA safety device cage fitting / hole advice

    Fair enough. Did look a bit odd in the pic. Ignore the 2 bolt solution then.
  2. Terryathome

    MSA safety device cage fitting / hole advice

    The holes are the ones in the long telescopic bars that are fixed at the most rear of the car. There will be 2 bolts that you need to install after you have fixed the square plates down. The telescopic bars are pre drilled in one part of the leg. When you have drilled these one of the bolts will need to be cut down in its lenghts as the bolt will touch where the rear light fits. Edit. Hang on what type of roll bar you got. Just looked at pic of bar and don't look like the telescopic one. Edit. Is your car FW? If so angle the template down a bit.
  3. Terryathome

    Westfield MegaS2000- Omex ECU serial data enable request

    I'm in.
  4. Terryathome

    Zetec starters again

    @Paul HurdsfieldEBay starter motor £80 ish 9 inch angle grinder cutting disc £2.50 ish Your choice lol Edit: Is this helping any or have I to give up?
  5. Terryathome

    Zetec starters again

    Send it back and get to scrap yard, how hard can it be? Hang on, what's on EBay. Would have thought you could get a newish one.
  6. Terryathome

    Zetec starters again

    I have 9 inch grinder if you want to borrow it. I'm not helping am I?
  7. Terryathome

    Zetec starters again

    Not fit? Give you a fiver for it. Delivery included. Lol
  8. Turn the key the wrong way eh
  9. I'm in, be in the tin top
  10. Terryathome

    Westfield front rear calipers and more

    Yes, still have them
  11. Terryathome

    Manchester to Chester, sunday

    Sorry not comming, still a few jobs to do. Have a good run
  12. Terryathome

    Manchester to Chester, sunday

    @Paul Hurdsfield do you have a post code for Sainsburys
  13. Terryathome

    Manchester to Chester, sunday

    Jim, if I'm good to go on Sunday where do you want to meet up and join the rable from Manchester.
  14. Terryathome

    Manchester to Chester, sunday

    Bit early to be on the beer?

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