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  1. Tillett Car Seats

    Herts, Beds & Bucks Area Meeting, 8th November 2018

    will be there to lift the tone but arriving late tonight
  2. I have for sale a Tillett B4 in carbon without edges that was damaged in shipping. I have taken photos as best I can. It is about 4 cm wide at the front bottom of the seat. it is mainly the lacquer and could be cosmetically repaired. It does not affect any structural integrity. Selling at a clearance price of 50% rrp. £330 + VAt £10 shipping. Grab a bargain. David
  3. Tillett Car Seats

    High back seat for competition

    A Tillett B6 will fit We hold them in stock Message me if you want a quote with wscc discount regards David
  4. Tillett Car Seats

    Tillet B6 Seat

    PM me if you want a price on a new seat. Second hand there are starting to be a few B6F seats being advertised as the FIA certificates are expiring. These are heavier and have side mount fixings but might be worth considering. Regards David
  5. Tillett Car Seats

    Light weight low grp seats

    Feel free to PM me if you do want a WSCC member price on the TIllett seats - either B6 or the low back W1i We are the main UK stoclist for car seats based in Edenbridge so not too far if you did want to come and sit in a seat. Regards David
  6. Andrew I am very sorry to hear about your illness and best wishes for a speedy recovery. I have sent you a PM re the seats we recently sold to you. Regards David
  7. Tillett Car Seats

    Tillett Seats

    Thank you for your valued order Andrew. Seats will be with you tomorrow. Regards David
  8. Tillett Car Seats

    Tillett Seats

    A B5 will fit and be comfortable for your build. Feel free to message / call me offline if you want more detailed advice. You don't need FIA Regards David
  9. Tillett Car Seats

    Tillet seats

    Oops .. I have had a clean up so should be OK again now Thanks David
  10. Tillett Car Seats

    Tillet seats

    Thank you for the link Sycho. yes B6 are the seats to go for assuming that you are standard to slim build. PM me or call 07768 022 712 if you want to discuss. We have the B6 in stock in carbon and GRP with and without the edges. regards David
  11. Tillett Car Seats

    GRP seats in a crash...

    Russ Feel free to PM me if you are ready to order and I will see where I can get to on price. David
  12. Tillett Car Seats

    Repair to Carbon fibre seat

    Feedback from Steve at the factory. To repair scratches on these seats is difficult due to there being no decorative surface to cut into. Depending where the scratches are will depend on how much resin is covering the carbon. It is never a lot. Cut into the surface and through into the fibre and the gloss will have gone for good. If the scratches are deep, then lacquering is the only sure fix as it can be applied and flatted back and polished. If the scratches are finer, then using black t-cut will tend to hide them. Black trim wax does a similar job. Regards David
  13. Tillett Car Seats

    Repair to Carbon fibre seat

    Let me check with the factory and come back to you. I have sent seats back for repairs to cracks and fixings that have been cross threaded but nothing cosmetic. David
  14. Tillett Car Seats


    I recognise those seats and custom head pads A lovely car. David
  15. Tillett Car Seats

    New seats...

    No problem shipping outside the UK. Message me if you want a quote for Tillett B6. Regards David

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