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  1. Tomk

    Overheating crossflow

    I did fear the new pump may be to blame, but i will fall back on that as a last resort. Will attack the bleeding more aggressively tomorrow if i get the time. I will drive it up onto ramps first and run it like that with no cap and then take it from there. This would be fine right http://www.halfords.com/motoring/engine-oils-fluids/antifreeze/halfords-oat-ready-mixed-antifreeze-5-litres ??
  2. Tomk

    Overheating crossflow

    The coolant is less than a year old, admittedly it may be a little diluted as it has come out then back in twice in the last year, and not all of it was caught so may have had a little top up with water. Is that likely to have an effect? Any tips on the best bleeding techniques? i don't have a bleed nipple on my rad, so just a case of running it up to temperature so the thermostat opens with the cap off?
  3. There have been several topics on this in the past and i have read through a few of them but i was wondering if anyone can help. My car was running fine, if standstill it would slowly increase in temperature until the fan came on at 92 and you would see the needle on the gauge drop down till around 88 and it would happily repeat this cycle. If out on a drive and moving it would sit around 88 not really go higher. The oil would never seem to go over 70. i developed a leak from my water pump area so not knowing how old the water pump was i thought for the expense i will buy a new pump and gasket from Burtons. I drained the coolant out into a container, removed the old pump and gasket (which was pretty much disintegrated) replace with the new items and refilled the coolant. Now when i go out for a drive the temperature rises and goes up to 95 - 100, if i keep enough speed up 60-70 it will drop down to 95 but otherwise the temperature rises, if i bring it to a standstill the fan is unable to overcome it and it will raise to 100 at which point i turned the engine off. The oil is hotter, more in the region of 80 to 90. Is the oil hotter as a result of the increased coolant temperature or is the oil getting hotter for some reason putting increased strain on the cooling system. So to recap, everything was fine, changed the water pump, increased oil and water temperature. Fan is switching on when it should, thermostat is opening, radiator and pipes are all hot. Any advice? The only other thing changed at the same time was i increased the diameter of the breather pipes, but cant see how this would affect anything.
  4. I had this on my 4 speed rocket box and as Alexander says it was the plastic saddle, made a hell of a change.
  5. I went for the lithium-ion from playskool, couldn't believe how light it was. It's had no problem starting my old crossbow, which can be a bit of a pig to start when cold and been sitting for a while.
  6. The way it's done on mine is the catch tank has one inlet from the rocker cover and an outlet with a breather on it. Then the block breather pipe is plumbed into a second fitting on the rocker cover.
  7. That's a good little calculator, I like that. Just could do with some more parts and some updating. Adding the new lithium ion batteries and the ap racing 4pot brakes and other parts.
  8. When you say you have a lightweight battery, how lightweight is it. I got one of the lithium ion ones from playskool and couldn't believe how light it was, came in under a kg on the kitchen scales.
  9. The tax is the same as my S body but the insurance is 120 compared to 600+. I think a helmet is a must without windscreen but that's just an opinion there are plenty of people out there with aeroscreens who don't.
  10. Tomk

    Rear diffuser

    I've only had one experiance with fibre glass, using one of those small basic kits. I made a gauge pod for 3 defi gauges angled at the driver in pllace of the centre air vents for my old s13. If im perfectly honest it seemed to end up more resin than fibre and had to be heavily filled and sanded. With so little experiance with the stuff i wouldnt be willing to try that unfortunately. I know you only learn by having a go, but i would rather not completely ruin my new diffuser. In an ideal world i think it is the best solution.
  11. Tomk

    Rear diffuser

    As has been mentioned earlier, I am using an aerodynamix fitting kit, which consists of an aluminium u channel for the diffuser to slide into. This is fitted where the aluminium floor finishes and the void for your diff area starts. Its attached using 4 rivnuts. It also has a set of bonnet pins and a nice fitting which slots nicely into the rear number plate brackets, a very neat solution. In order to work out if and where the wishbones would foul the diffuser I slid it into the u channel and held it up in place using good old gaffa tape. I also gaffa taped a 30mm piece of wood in place to simulate the gap that will be left there to allow the air from the diff area an escape route. Once it was all in place I put the jack past the diffuser and placed a piece of wood between two chassis rails and began to jack it up until the wishbones were just about to touch the it. I then marked around the wishbones, removed it all and cut them out using a jigsaw with a fine tooth wood blade. I then refitted the diffuser and this is where I had to stop, with the essential cut outs for the wishbones it lost so much strength it would collapse under its own weight, there is still a further cut out likely to be required for the front most arm. (for reference this is in exactly the same place where before the cut outs the wishbone was 1mm from the diffuser, you can see how much it has dropped) I have 2 diffuser strakes that have been on order that should arrive on Friday with any luck. Once fitted they should give the diffuser a lot of its strength back, I will just have to be very careful where I install them. I also have some small aluminium angle bar that is very light but should also add strength if required.
  12. Tomk

    Rear diffuser

    I've spoke to playskool today, it seems it's a case of Westfield having different ride heights, lowered floors, longer dampers and different springs, etc and may not suit all cars and will have to be cut up to fit.
  13. Tomk

    Rear diffuser

    I have a playskool one, and it has no slots for the wishbones. This is a picture to show the clearance on the wishbone when the diffuser is pulled up against the bodywork at the back and the cars weight is on its wheels. If I drop it 30mm at the rear as suggested this gap will about double. Still no where near enough to cope with droop. Will call up playskool today and see if they can help.
  14. Tomk


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