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  1. Last night I cleaned up the sump surfaces, refitted, and got the engine and gearbox back in the car (loosely). Next I need to refit everything I had taken off.
  2. Yes, from the cam cover to atmosphere. Rather than one of those mini filters I've pointed a hose to the floor. I thought you were using a dry sump? If you are all vents can be capped off (two on can cover, one on intake, one on the block). You cannot cap them off if using a wet sump as it will create negative pressure.
  3. I cannot help with the IVA questions but well done. You've done an awesome job.
  4. After dumping most of the brand new gearbox oil on the garage floor and lots of careful manoeuvres the engine and gearbox are out! I've split them and started to fit the Mountune baffle kit. Just need to re-honda gasket the sump. What's the advice to clear off the old stuff and how much do I need to use? I have a 40ml tube which looks small but a little can go along way.
  5. I need a snooze. Meeting in a pub car park at 11:30 at night tired me out but I'm glad I got it.
  6. It was all going so well... Last night I finished drilling and fitting rivnuts for the removable sides. Fitted the freshly painted engine stableiser bar then went to fit the baffles to the sump only to find it's bolted trough the adaptor plate to the gearbox without access to the heads! I was getting so close with my list of things to do reducing fast but now I've got to take the engine out! AGAIN!
  7. Decent quality and capacity catch tank with drain plug and sight tube. The tank is 17cm wide (bit wider for mounts). 7cm deep (front to back) 15cm high (top to bottom) £45 including UK mainland postage.
  8. I'm about to put a catchtank in the for sale section if you need one.
  9. Tonight I've been trying to avoid getting high on more Methacrylate adhesive. I've run a bead along the edge of of the side extensions to finish them nicely. Also trying an alternative way to secure the aeroscreen with bolts through it by bonding brackets to it.
  10. Available for sale again as I found a way to use my old Westfield knob.
  11. The postman delivered a few bits yesterday and although I was out in the evening I got a bit done after work. Oil catch tank and intake pipework fitted.
  12. I'm also interested, I'm just east of Reading so if you're going via the M4 I can meet you on Saturday. I'm off Jct 10.
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