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  1. Tim (TimDave25) - Joint Thames Valley AO

    Plumbing routing.

    I've just ordered some hoses to trial the plumbing of my cooling system. The best prices and options I found was from ASH (Auto Silicone Hose) and if you use code FB15 you get 15% off. I over ordered so I have a couple of each angle so I can work out the best flow. Using 60degrees instead of 90, or 45 instead of 60. Also, I need to join two bends to exit the radiator so did a lot of searching for short hose connectors. I found some good quality ones from Creation Motorsport which are 40mm long for 32mm hoses. I'll let you know if I have spares.
  2. Tim (TimDave25) - Joint Thames Valley AO

    3/4 Built westfield for sale

    I've seen the car and it's amazing the time and special things Dale has done. Well done Justin for getting him to change his mind. Let me know if you a pair of hands or my trailer as I owe Dale a few favours. And his engine crane that I've borrowed for over a year now!
  3. Tim (TimDave25) - Joint Thames Valley AO

    Rad upgrade and coolant hoses

    You can easily make a fan mount from angle... My current issue is where to buy a silicone hose for the bottom outlet, the one which is like two 45degree but in one piece to save on joints.
  4. Tim (TimDave25) - Joint Thames Valley AO

    Thames Valley Monthly Meet

    Hello, This Sunday is the second of the month so it's time for the WSCC Thames Valley monthly meet at the Bird in Hand on the A4, Knoll Hill from 12:00. Steve is away enjoying a cruise and I'm being a parent as my wife's out for the day. I might try and bring my two kids along but it's unlikely unless someone wants to discuss Minecraft or other computer games. Don't let that put you off going as I'm sure there will be a number of others attending. I'll put a post on the forum so you can confirm. Drive fast and safe! Tim. Thames Valley Area Organiser
  5. Tim (TimDave25) - Joint Thames Valley AO

    1.6 Ecoboost Conversion

    I've also worked out that to fit the radiator/intercooler in a suitable position I need to fit the new nosecone. To fit the new nosecone I need to fit the new scuttle! I was planning on doing bodywork last but need to change that part of the plan. I've already done the scuttle so now to do the nose. It's hard when you have existing holes in the chassis but new bodywork.
  6. Tim (TimDave25) - Joint Thames Valley AO

    1.6 Ecoboost Conversion

    The other electronic valve is attached to the thermostat housing and there is another outlet which need blanking off so the best solution is to replace the whole thing. Gemzoe Motorsport solution is a custom thermostat housing which outlets point in the right direction saving you from buying bends. I've opted to SBD Motorsport solution of a straight housing, which is from the sigma engine. Before anyone buys one from China through eBay to save a couple of quid please think about doing your bit to support the research and development of motorsport companies like SBD. I'm happy to pay a bit extra to them for their time working out what works and testing it. They also provide advice and support.
  7. Tim (TimDave25) - Joint Thames Valley AO

    1.6 Ecoboost Conversion

    So, I've been out in the garage a few times over the past couple of weeks. Having bought a 12mm Allen key I replaced the damaged oil cooler. Here is some important information for anyone fitting the 1.6 ecoboost... The standard engine has a complex cooling system with two electronic valves. The SCS Delta ECU could control them but why keep the complexity so as done by others I've removed them. Once removed the one on the back of the engine you need to blank off the outlet. You could make your own but SBD Motorsport make one with an o ring cut in...
  8. Tim (TimDave25) - Joint Thames Valley AO

    "Kit Style" SEiW Boot Box

    I bought another one so the red one is available again if you want to use it as a mould or to practice with.
  9. Tim (TimDave25) - Joint Thames Valley AO

    Gates barricade 5/16 7.9mm fuel injection hose

    Silly question but what fittings can be used to connect this hose to a -6 fitting?
  10. Tim (TimDave25) - Joint Thames Valley AO

    Thames Valley Meet

    I'll be there
  11. Tim (TimDave25) - Joint Thames Valley AO

    1.6 Ecoboost Conversion

    I had a little bit of time last night so put fresh oil in the gearbox. Went to replace the engine oil cooler (the ecoboost has one on the side of the block where the filter mounts) and found I need a 12mm Allen key so that will have to wait. Next I refitted the steering column and couldn't find the bolts so that will have to wait. Sometimes it's not just about having time but having what you need in the time you have!
  12. Tim (TimDave25) - Joint Thames Valley AO

    1.6 Ecoboost Conversion

    Having focused on other things July and August like the hot weather, family, and holidays I got back into the garage last night... The engine is back in (hopefully for the last time!) and prop fitted.
  13. Tim (TimDave25) - Joint Thames Valley AO

    Mazda gearbox chassis mount - picture request

    After a bit of a break I've finally fitted the prop... does the angle look right to you? I know there some be some angle on the prop. Bailey Morriswho made my prop recommend 2-4 degrees. I've check the up/down angle. Floor to diff center and floor to gearbox center and have the correct angle but it's clearly got an angle left to right. Any idea how to measure to check the angle?
  14. Tim (TimDave25) - Joint Thames Valley AO

    Thames Valley Meet

    UPDATE. Due to the weather forecast we will not be going to the Newbury show but meeting at the bird in hand as normal. From 12:00. Thanks, Tim
  15. Tim (TimDave25) - Joint Thames Valley AO

    Cortina uprights

    AB Performance ltd are clearing out a pile of cortina uprights, hubs and brakes. The uprights are £100 or £150 if you wanted them blasted and painted.

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