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  1. Hi Tim,

    Handbrake grip arrived this morning, now fitted, perfect.

    Thanks again,


  2. Two more added. please add your names to the list if you fancy a good fun day out 1. Ian Tolfree ( Tolf) 2. Tim Reid (TimDave25) 3. Chris Newman 4. Alan France 5. Martin 123 and my mate Spence who owns my old westie but isnt working, as co- pilot 6. The Turtles 7. Steve T 8. Neptune 9. John Rusher 10. Andy Banks 11. Scarey 12. Team Awesome 13. Madrabbit 14. Marlow_simon 15. JJHLawson 16. Chris Brading 17. Dave Cox (Exocet, guest of Tim Reid) 18. Chris Jeffrey (Elise, guest of Tim Reid)
  3. That's exactly what I was thinking of... Carbon dashboard and contoured crash pad. Only difference is that I would carbon wrap it!
  4. I looked at the MXP and got a scale drawing which I cut out but was worried it wouldn't be fully visible through my steering wheel (280 momo mod 26). What was your reason for not going with the more common MXS?
  5. So I've ordered my AIM dash and looking at people's photos it sits high on a standard dashboard. If you had the choice would you fit it to a contoured dashboard or would that give unnecessary space?
  6. As above looks like sierra. Pull it forwards and it should slide off. You can use it without the handle if your happy with the looks.
  7. Is the crash pad (bit that goes round the top) available?
  8. My build is now famous! Yesterday I had the pleasure of a Thrustyjust meet. Read all about it here...
  9. Note to self... When removing the 4 wire TMAP sensor and replacing with a 2 wire temperature sensor... Air temp plug pin 1 to ECU pin A19 (green blue wire) Air temp plug pin2 to ECU pin A12 (yellow purple wire) This is the sensor between the intercooler and throttle body.
  10. I'm looking to do this with the same chassis mounting points as you. Did you grind the back of the s2000 level mount? Any other modifications? Also, have you reused the original switch as it looks like there is little space after you shortened the mount.
  11. Great, thanks. I'm going into town now so will try and post it if the post office is still open.
  12. Hi John, £5 should cover a jiffy bag and postage. My PayPal is timdave25@hotmail.com. Thanks, Tim
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