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  1. Can I take the iva bits please?
  2. Cheers, think I was a bit slow on those.
  3. Hi, Looking for a pair of cycle wing brackets to fit aluminium uprights. Thanks Tom
  4. I sent an email in this weekend including the additional costs and time of changing the engine at this stage. Don't expect it to make a bit of difference but at least it's been highlighted.
  5. Thanks for all your help. Found the manual out and followed your advice, although the nut seemed tight it wasn't. Torqued it up to around 26 lbf ft. Now all the play has gone and all seems well. Really grateful for all your help. Cheers, Tom
  6. Thanks, I've tried the bolt and all seems tight. The diff is in an English axle, so I think it's the timken type. Should there be any movement in and out of the diff or should it only have rotational movement?
  7. Cheers. With the propshaft connected, rather than a smooth rotation it seemed as if the didn't rotate around a central point. The flange can actually move side to side as well as the rotation movement. Sorry if I'm not explaining it well.
  8. I've noticed that there seems to be a lot of play in the diff where the flange meets the propshaft. I've taken the propshaft off and i can move the flange in different direction by hand. I'm guessing one or more of the bearings have gone. Has anyone experienced this before? If it needs a rebuild are there any recommendations in the west midlands area? Cheers, Tom
  9. Just seen the Dyson v6 animal in sainsburys for £220. Not sure if this is good or not but I guess the v8 would sound better.
  10. Sorry haven't tried the telecoms units but it's definitely worth checking the models. Some have the telecoms and I think some allow you to split the house into areas to allow you to move around at night. The sirens on the wireless units aren't incredibly loud so might be worth seeing if any package has 2 sirens. Also the standard key pad allows time for you to enter or exit the property, there are fobs available that immediately arm the alarm and will go off as soon as the sensor is tripped. Sorry it doesn't help answer your question.
  11. The Yale ones aren't too bad. Fairly easy to set up and a decent set of batteries seem to last a while in them. I think it depends if you're after a simple system or something more complex with phone lines etc. I'd work out how many pir sensors you need as they seem quite expensive and I think most sets come with the door/window sensors as standard. Also once you've added on extra boxes and other sensors the price can soon add up from what seems like a nice cheap buy.
  12. I've got the westfield rally design type, haven't fitted my dash yet but it seems to locate roughly where I need it. Also I have just ordered one of the saddle things, I think it takes up the slack between the bar in the gear box and the fork at the end of the gear lever. Without it there seems to be a lot of movement in the gear stick before any gears are engaged. If I get chance to fit it this week I'll send some pictures.
  13. Hi, if they're still available let me know. They're just what I'm after. Cheers
  14. Cheers, Cut down the shaft today and refit the master cylinder. All working brilliantly. Thanks for the help.
  15. Thanks. Probably going to sound a bit but can I use a hacksaw to cut the threads or will it not cut the threads straight enough?
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