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  1. WHAT the hell happened here then? Some Amazeballs times here, never before have I seen so many 101's in one place, .... except the Matrix of course , did they put something in the water or something. Well whatever it was, awesome results guys 3 Sisters (R17) - Results Tigger the Amazed
  2. Hey folks, Results for Shelsley of the Walsh have been posted and are ready for you to read and digest. Mark S: I'm still waiting for your TT's so will post your times when the targets have been sorted. Other than that, a good days racing. Shelsley Walsh (R15) - Results Sir Tiggalot
  3. Hey readers, My latest publication is available in electronic format, free download link below ;-) I hope you enjoy the read, it's one of my best so far lol Silverstone (R15) results Tiggs
  4. What a lovely weekend to go sprinting, Sunny Wales was good to some of you, some not so, sorry to hear about your engine Mark! Results for Sat & Sun posted below, I hope like the sun, they brighten your day :-) Pembrey (R13) - Sat Pembrey (R14) - Sun Tiggs
  5. Blyton Results have now been posted below for you all to see and comment about, as long as they are good comments Lots of runs, lots of fun by the looks of it. Blyton (R11) Eastern layout Blyton (R12) Outer layout Tiggs
  6. I told you Terry would find it and when he does he usually blames me. On this occasion he was right though Sorry Mark, now fixed Tiggs
  7. I hope so because I only have you at Croft Mark? I'm sure Terry will find the answer, he's rather good at that Tiggs
  8. .... and for the 2nd time tonight, more results, it's like 2 for the price of one :-) These are the results for Anglesey event. Anglesey (Sat) results (R9) Anglesey (Sun) results (R10) Tiggs
  9. Results for the Shelsley Walsh event have now been published on the following linky. I bet that was a warm one wasn't it? Shelsley (Sat) Results (R7) Shelsley (Sun) Results (R8) Tiggs
  10. My job is done then - I feel a great deal of satisfaction lol Cheers guys ..... luv ya
  11. The first of our "No Target Times" events have now been published and what a headache that was. I've finally gotten my head around it and the scores are correct so hopefully they are pleasing to some of you. Hethel Sprint - (R6) "New Layout" Tiggs
  12. Results for Gurston Down have now been published and I suspect this post will attact an audience of 2 So I hope Howard & Barney get around to reading it. Gurston Down Results (R5) Tiggs
  13. Results for the Anglesey (Ty-Croes) races 3 & 4 have now been published and are available on the following links. Any problems, let me know. Saturday (National) results (R3) .... Wet ... cold ... Windy Sunday (International) results (R4) Tiggs
  14. Don't rob me of this moment Terry
  15. Terry, I've not been on the Rum unfortunately, I do however have in black and white that Steve is running in the "SBD Westfield Seiw" and entered in Class "H". If I've not been given the correct info, how am I supposed to know which Canoe type he is running in (Check the entries form from John) I love it when I'm right as it's not that often, ....... NOW I'm going to hit the Rum .............. Tiggs

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