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  1. Stevemarsh

    Exhaust - Anyone want this?

    Hi guys sorry for lack of reply’s, I’m in wellingborough Northampton, would anyone like to collect from me? My mobile is 07957 336481
  2. Stevemarsh

    Exhaust - Anyone want this?

    Hi I have this part which came with the purchase of my car, anyone need or want? im wellingborough / Northampton - welcome to collect
  3. Stevemarsh

    Speedo Odometer help please

    Thanks guys, as Julie mentioned it started working again today when I went out! Could this be an issue at MOT time? How do they record the miles or nothing something that is tested? My insurance is also miles rated too, could this be a problem if stopped working? Or am I worrying too much !!
  4. Stevemarsh

    Speedo Odometer help please

    Thank you all, will try these things
  5. Stevemarsh

    Speedo Odometer help please

    Hello, hope all are okay and had nice Christmas, Noticed when I took the car out today the digital odometer which shows the trip and overall miles is no longer showing! Any ideas how I make it start working again? Speedo needle working fine thank you
  6. Hello, hope your love your new car, I don’t know much at all about engines and belts and bits, however I got my car almost 2 months ago and has done 11k too and it’s 5 years old, I’ve always used Northampton motorsport and they recommend that I changed the cam belt, I believe it’s 5 years and 50k - but I don’t know if this depends on what kind of belt or engine.
  7. Stevemarsh

    New Member in Somerset (with pictures)

    What an amazing looking car! Hope you enjoy as much as I am enjoying mine
  8. Stevemarsh

    Newbie introduction, a long long winding road

    Hello from Northampton!
  9. Stevemarsh

    Rolling road recommendations

    Hello, Northampton Motor Sport - the very best around IMO.
  10. Stevemarsh

    Oil pressure gauge question!

    Thank you guys
  11. Stevemarsh

    Oil pressure gauge question!

    Ah perfect! Yes a little!! That’s great, just wanted to understand what’s happening- and you have explained so I understand! Thanks very much
  12. Stevemarsh

    Oil pressure gauge question!

    Morning! Quick question, I don’t know anything about engines so sorry for silly question, When I start the car up and start driving the oil psi sits around 90 and once warm, drops a litre when driving, and when I stop at lights drops down until I pull away again, is this correct?
  13. Stevemarsh

    Love my car! It’s perfect!

    This is my 2nd Westfield and night and day difference between them. So pleased I took advice from people who know. Had almost 6-7 weeks now and the car has been out 3-4 times a week, even today, had a little run out and got a bit wet, but then was fun drying and cleaning the car. Was only a little shower. The purpose of the post - was just to encourage anyone on the fence of a purchase to just go for it! Almost 2000 miles and not a single glitch :-) love making it shine!
  14. Stevemarsh

    Noise after turned off car - Advice please

    Thank you all :-)
  15. Stevemarsh

    New Member in Trowbridge, Wiltshire

    Hello from Dry but cloudy Northampton! great looking car :-)

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