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  1. SimonUK

    Recent snap of your Westfield

    Sure! I'll swap them for your 305bhp Duratec engine
  2. SimonUK

    Recent snap of your Westfield

    Out for a Sunday evening drive
  3. SimonUK

    PCB Geeks Required

    They look like tilt switches to me. I'm also not sure why there is 2. You could check with a multi-meter to see if makes or breaks contact when tilted. Then you know whether to bridge the legs or just disconnect.
  4. SimonUK

    Abingdon 6th July

    I'll be there on the 22nd June!
  5. SimonUK

    Type 9 breather catchtank

    I had the exact same issue with my type 9 so fitted a breather pipe going to a bottle in the engine bay. Solved the issue of coating the underside of the car in the oil. After a recent trackday there was probably only a couple of teaspoons in the bottle.
  6. SimonUK

    Bedford - Monday 23rd April

    Just booked on to Bedford for the 23rd April. Anyone else going? Still places left and weather forecast currently looks good! First time in the Westfield so will be a bit worried about the strict noise limits...
  7. SimonUK

    Broken down - Alternator Issues

    So now I'm struggling to find a suitable pulley. I'm looking for 6 grooves between 70-80mm in diameter to fit a 15mm alternator shaft. I could also use a 17mm pulley and use a bush as a spacer. Anyone have one lying around or know where I can get one?
  8. SimonUK

    Duratec spark plugs

    I use Denso IT24 Irridium spark plugs on my high spec Duratec. As recommended by NMS and SBD.
  9. SimonUK

    Broken down - Alternator Issues

    That's very interesting John. I've just been out to measure my pulleys... Engine = 140mm, Alternator = 60mm If I've calculated correctly that will mean at 8500 RPM my alternator will be at 19800 RPM!! So I think I need to find an 80mm pulley. That will give a max rpm of 14875 RPM. However at an idle of 700 RPM I will only have 1225 RPM at the alternator. Will this be too low to charge?
  10. SimonUK

    Duratec Coolex Rad - oil cooler needed??

    That's great. Thanks for posting that. Exactly what I was looking for!
  11. SimonUK

    Duratec Coolex Rad - oil cooler needed??

    How warm does oil need to be to work properly? ie how cold is too cold for the road?
  12. SimonUK

    Broken down - Alternator Issues

    Burghfield Alternators have sorted me out! Turns out I had a broken winding. £80 later, all is well and looking brand new. I'm glad it's fixed but worried that it may happen again. A very common fault apparently as this type of alternator is not intended for the harsh ride of a kit car. Has anyone else experienced this kind of failure? Am thinking some rubber mountings could help extend the life. Thanks for all your help!
  13. SimonUK

    Lightweight Alternator - Nippon denso SOLD

    Where does the 18,000 rpm limit come from? I have a similar looking alternator on my duratec that has just failed (broken winding). I will measure my pulleys later to see what sort of RPM it has been seeing as the duratec revs to 8500 rpm!
  14. SimonUK

    Broken down - Alternator Issues

    Have had the car a couple of months now. I'm fairly sure the warning light has never come on with the ignition. It lives on a trickle charger but the alternator must have been charging at some point as have done a couple of track days with no issues. I've been reading up on how some alternators require the the load of a light to excite the coils so connected up the led from my Dash2. Even tried a 2.2W bulb in case the LED load wasn't enough. However I think my alternator is one which doesn't require a light. I'll give the place in Burghfield a try. It's not far from me at all. Thanks!
  15. SimonUK

    Broken down - Alternator Issues

    Thanks for the replies. Warning light remains lit and doesn't go out when the engine is started. I'll look into getting it repaired. Can anyone recommend a place close to Reading?

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