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  1. SootySport

    End of an era for me

    So, it's the second week of freedom now. Been fitting a new bathroom and utility room at a mates house, I did start it6months ago should be finished this week.
  2. SootySport

    Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

    Cmon Kevin, you're getting good at fixing your Westfield, you should be able to fix the Dyson by now. Parts are easy to come by.
  3. SootySport


    Ok for me
  4. SootySport

    Crossflow to Sigma Conversion

    I wouldn't bother painting an alloy engine block, it will look good just steam cleaned once a year. How ever well you paint it, the paint will flake or discolour within a few months. The alloy on it's own will always look nice and silver.
  5. SootySport

    Seiw Indoor Cover

    I don't see any need for an indoor cover. If you paint the floor, walls and ceiling you won't have any dust. For outdoors buy the best, Dave recommends the Hamilton cover so go with that. I'm another Walker st Clair user for when I'm away from home and need to park outside at night, so easy to put on and take off and folds up in a small bag which can store under or behind a Westfield seat.
  6. SootySport

    Steering Wheel recomendations

    Although a tad expensive, the replacement Column mentioned earlier is a quick and easy conversion. if you buy the boss, QR and required spacers the overall cost may end up the same. The suede wheels will degrade quickly unless you wear gloves so leather is the sensible solution. I have a 285mm suede flat bottom wheel and although is perfect for use on track, it is not ideal for the road so I will be going for the leather Team wheel soon. I may use both in the future, Smaller suede for the track and the leather Team wheel for the road.
  7. SootySport


    I can go just about any day as I'm retired now. Just let us know which day is best for you.
  8. SootySport

    Prospective owner

    Practical - I think not but a whole lot of fun.
  9. I found towing a Westfield on a trailer behind an Audi S4 at 105mph to be quite unnoticeable until my daughter told me what I was doing.
  10. SootySport

    End of an era for me

    Love all the comments fellas, I already noticed the the clocks go faster sometime ago. Luckily I am still reasonably fit for an older guy and never had long time meds. Daughter moving into her first flat in a couple of weeks, so that's job number one, then my mates bathroom to finish off followed by my 205 GTI rebuild, so that takes me to the end of the year. Gosh! How did I have time to go to work and MOTCO, your right there mate the day doesn't really start till midday, that's been the norm at weekends and holidays already.
  11. SootySport

    End of an era for me

    Always outstanding jobs Martin, plenty of time to do them. Yes of course, 50years is a lifetime but I hope to be around a lot more.
  12. SootySport

    End of an era for me

    Believe it not, it's my last day at work. I'm retiring from the daily grind of Work. I'm going on gardening leave till the end of October which means I've done my 50 years service with Bt/Openreach. Going to feel strange for a while whilst I adjust my life to do what I want suggestions welcome. The other other 'arf is already lining up jobs for me, Help!
  13. For long journeys like this, fit the side doors if it has any. Cuts down on the wind in your ears, noise and rain. Your journey will be less tiresome. I chickened out of collecting mine from Worcester and sent a friend to fetch it on his recovery truck.
  14. SootySport

    Ball joint splitter

    https://www.halfords.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/ProductMobileDisplay?catalogId=10151&langId=-1&categoryId=318447&productId=216931&storeId=10001 one of the these but you don't have to it from Halfords at this price. Just don't buy the cheap fork type that you hammer in else you'll damage other parts.
  15. SootySport

    Aluminium Flywheels: A cautionary tale

    Looks like you fitted shaped washers to the cover screws, is that so?

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