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  1. SootySport

    Stuff to watch over the winter.

    Yes, see that on 'World of Sport's in the Dickie Davis days,. Boats turned corners as quick as a Westfield which is amazing for a water Bourne vessel.
  2. Really enjoyed myself last night, varied and strange conversations about a train journey by a drunken football fan - something about CO2 and popping and banging Fiestas - me being volunteered to drill a hole in a crankshaft- a Kentish man who drinks lager tops. For those who didn’t make it back to The Swan for our second drinking session, you missed the gay girl stripping of and showing us her tattoos and piercings. Typical night out for Essex Boyz I reckon.
  3. SootySport

    C20xe cam cover restoration

    Always cheaper up north for labour intensive jobs.
  4. SootySport

    Mintex part number

    MDB1890 pads fit the Westfield/Hi Spec Ultralight callipers so sell them on to someone who has those.
  5. SootySport

    Dyno Box for DTA P8 - 2004

    Thought it was thunder I could hear over Basildon way but no, it must have been your 5.1 V8
  6. SootySport

    Speedo reading slow

    I used the measured mile method, more accurate and so easy to do.
  7. SootySport

    JK Composite seats

    Photo to prove please.
  8. SootySport

    Tierod/trackrod arm wide track Busa

    The racks fitted to Westfield's are not usually heavy duty just the bog standard escort racks. Take your tie rod out, measure it and compare it with the advertised rods, rod diameter, length, thread diameter. I have a spare boggo rack if you want it. Can measure it and compare with yours.
  9. SootySport

    JK Composite seats

    If you had proper Man's shoulders you would need the wider seats like me
  10. There’s only one Bernie
  11. SootySport

    Stuff to watch over the winter.

    Strictly, I like, probably the best light entertainment show on TV. Hate the reality shows, just don’t see the point in them.
  12. SootySport

    Stuff to watch over the winter.

    Strictly Come Dancing runs up to Christmas! After that I' ll probably find a car build story ala Binky style.
  13. Ask @RobT, one of our Essex Boyz, he's just sold his MR2 and now a Westfield owner. Used it for road and track.
  14. SootySport

    Crossflow to Sigma Conversion

    Can always trim with a blade when fully cured. Hope you used the pukka Ford sealant for this and not just any old silicone sealant.
  15. SootySport

    GPS Tracker

    Great idea for my trailer, which is also stored in a remote rented garage.

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