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  1. SootySport

    CHALLENGE... Help me to decide my next tow car

    Only cars that fit all your needs are a BMW 3or 5 series 3.0. Saloon or estate. Merc C or E class 2.8 saloon or estate. They are about the the same price but you do need to see quite a few to find a a good one.
  2. SootySport

    Your Daily motor- photos :)

    S4 gets you anywhere fast and safe, even towing the Westfield.
  3. SootySport

    Driving license category - over 70

    You want to start truck racing now? I did have a look on the DVLA sometime ago on how to reactivate my truck licences and all says is, apply by writing to- Drivers Customer Services Correspondence Team D12 DVLA Swansea SA6 7JL same address for over 70’s re-licensing queries.
  4. SootySport

    Alcohol free.

    So where is this pub? Looks very appetising
  5. SootySport

    Greek red wine, local and drinkable. Such a thing?

    Never found a decent wine on my trip to Corfu, did try Retsina and thought it was ‘orrid.
  6. SootySport

    pressure washer - recommendations please

    Also undermines the sand substrate unders driveways and patios. My neighbour volunteered himself to clean my drive, i now have a few loose paviors. A gentle hosepipe and a broom does a better job.
  7. SootySport

    pressure washer - recommendations please

    Have a couple of trees shedding leaves now, the worms take them away. Where do blow the leaves to?
  8. SootySport

    Help. What is this light for??

    It's an ECO lamp, tells you when you're not driving economically.
  9. SootySport

    Planet Earth, our planet.

    I'm no Greenpeace warrior but when I went to a remote beach on an island in the Philippines and see the remnants of a Tesco carrier bag floating in the surf, it made me think of why we need so much plastic in this world. The 5p levy/tax of bags has certainly made a difference, in this country anyway.
  10. SootySport

    pressure washer - recommendations please

    Hmmm pressure washers, I don't understand the need for them, why? A bit like leaf blowers, noisy and pointless.
  11. SootySport

    To rewire or not?

    Those blue and red crimps are horrid, they are aluminium and will always give HR problems. I doubt you’ll find the correct loom that matches your layout exactly so save the cash and diy. Be a good winter project for you, turn the heaters on in the garage and take your time. if it was mine I would label up each used connector to where it goes then remove the dash and guages. Delve into the loom and remove all the unused wiring. Buy a box of proper brass spade terminals, sleeves, a good crimping tool and tie wraps. Tidy the loom as best you can and bunch up the wires that go to each gauge/switch using the tie wraps.If any wires are not long enough, strip and twist on an extension wire and solder the tips, fold down and use heat shrink to insulate. Crimp on the appropriate spade terminals that go to the guage/switches, connect everything up and test everything works. Buy some loom tape and wrap the loom. Screw the dash back in and retest again. It’s a tiresome job and takes ages but worth it in the end.
  12. SootySport

    zetec starting - again!

    Batteries don’t like standing around in little used cars. They need to work, charging and dis-charging regularly. The C Tek charger was designed to do this when a car is parked up and infrequently used, doesn’t always work as it should however, as Don Peffers says - using a timer seems to me a good way of keeping the battery alive.
  13. SootySport

    New Ztech sludge in expansion tank

    Probably just some build oil residue crept around the waterways whilst the engine has been stored/transported. I would change the coolant after a couple hundred miles then monitor it.
  14. SootySport

    Front suspension change - questions

    1. Any way you can 2. Solder and heat shrink or Econoseal plug connectors 3. You could cut the bolt to size or just buy a new one. Buy from a proper fastener shop, I wouldn’t trust the ones in Screwfix. 4. Definitely new Nylocs. Torgue the bolts to 25lbs.
  15. SootySport

    Directional tyre query

    I’ve done this but only on a dry track, no difference in handling or grip at all.

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