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  1. Your name is on about page 13 right hand column, half way down.
  2. Ummmm rusty bolts, I’m struggling with them this week, removing brake pipes, exhaust and fuel tank from the Pug GTI. On my second can of penetrating fluid already. Did see Dave eEastwood’s name on the Binky credits, he must have cash to burn
  3. Try some polish first, something like MER or other cream polishes that have a slight cutting action. If that don’t work then G3 compound will shift the marks. Just done the same with removing sticker marks, MER worked first time but then I had to do the whole panel so all is now the same shade.
  4. Yes, same one as I found.
  5. Forgot to say, the above 501 capless bulbs fit in the electronic gauges. If you have the old mechanical gauges you will need different bulbs.
  6. Lots on Ebay and search for ‘led 501 bulbs’ Like these Here’s mine with blue leds, cool eh!
  7. If the old gearoil is that bad, I would do another gearoil change about 100 miles later and when it is hot . Coolant? the latest G30 coolant is red. Heater and coolant bottle are attached to the scuttle so could trickle down the gearbox area. You should be able to tell if it is oil based or water based.
  8. Overfilled? or has water got in there? Nevertheless you need to suck out the old fluid, should be easy if it’s very thin. As your previous post, the comma gear oil is clear and smells of cats pee.
  9. Anything cleans vinyl cloth, just washing liquid does a good job, Fairy Liguid is very strong though but removes oil and grease very well.
  10. I lived on Silverstone cct. for few years in the 50’s & 60’s in the house next to what was Abbey Curve, it’s still there. Dad was a farmer on the cct. area so I had free access to all the race meetings. I was between 5 and 10 and knew all the top drivers of the era. Dad made a few quid towing the race team trucks out of the muddy paddock at the end of the meets and myself and the boy next door collected beer bottles for the deposits, 1p a pint bottle and 2p a quart bottle. My first trackdays were on a tricycle, bike, roller skates and dads tractor. The last time was in dads Ford Consul mk1.which must have been about 1962, doubt if any of you have been round the Grand Prix cct. Before me. I been a keen driver and car tinkerer (and tractor) ever since then.
  11. My granddaughter sits in the car in the garage for a play with the lights and horn. Usually the next morning involves me connecting up the charger.
  12. I like them all as well, the Cringeworthy jokes are an acquired taste best enjoyed by us older, sorry senior guys. Its coming to the point where there is not a lot more original ideas to make a feature of.
  13. SootySport

    Indicator Issue

    Probably just a spade terminal come off the switch. Can you not reach the back of the switch from underneath?
  14. Just found this Air box
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