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  1. Can I just clarify, does the Sprint School run within the trackday, ie you need to also book into the trackday or is a standalone activity
  2. Andrew...PM'ing a couple of vids
  3. I was thinking that Stephen but was wondering if the ambient and therefore track temperatures is higher than normal whether better to go for the slightly harder tyre
  4. Anticlockwise is quicker....first time through/over chicane is interesting
  5. Which is the quicker tyre with an ambient temperature of 17-20degrees...for 5 minute track use
  6. S2T

    extreme tyres

    Thats interesting I have just got some 205/60/13's and visually there seemed to be more of a footprint than 888r's
  7. Adam have sent you a text message
  8. Short notice. I have a test and coaching day booked with Triple M Motorsport on Monday at Blyton. With only 8 participants it is a lot of track time and hands on coaching. I can no longer attend regrettably and have fully paid my slot which is non refundable so will be open to offers. Triple M are relaxed about me 'selling on' This is the link https://www.triplemmotorsport.co.uk/news.aspx
  9. Are those tyre sizes correct...I didn't know ZZS came in 205/60/13
  10. I had tried the link in Terry's opening post expecting to be taken to the online entry as I previously stated, I take full responsibility for not being specific in stating the opening post in this topic I got this response Sorry, there is a problem We could not locate the item you are trying to view. Error code: 2X240/1 I then advised the webmaster and posted in here, Just tried it again and still getting the same error message....perhaps the webmaster can sort it so others dont have the same issue as IMHO one wouldnt immediately think of going straight into the Store to register For ease of reference this is Terry's comment and link Online entry here https://forum.wscc.co.uk/forum/store/product/137-2019-speed-series-registration/
  11. Terry unable to find the link to the online entry form have informed the webmaster, unless it is in a different place to the link you originally posted
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