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  1. it could walk class A and C and the price is not too bad either
  2. Scrap the car, take the engine iles_UK?hash=item439d30b756" target="_blank">http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/wide-bo....d30b756
  3. Thanks guys for the advice, much appreciated ''Having read that... Keep the car, sell the kid...'' Tempting Tempting £16 ONO Autotrader it is then.... ''up to £1000'' that will relieve my bank account looks like the westy can get a make-over
  4. ''Be kind to your kids, they pick your nursing home'' I've got to gain as much kudos as I can......not too far away from the home now Swings and roundabout really
  5. My 17 year old is boring me to death about buying his first car. We've Been stalked by sales men round all the main dealers today (Fiat, Vauxhall, Ford etc....) and still have no idea. Not bought a basic car since my youth... and was shocked with the quotation of 8k for a bl**dy plastic corsa!! I mean.... thats megablade money My personal feelings are to buy a car which is safe, cheap on insurance and quite nippy to give him a taster of driving i.e no 1L shed with rudder steering. Anyone got any suggestions?
  6. sorry but to be ''male'' and own an mx5 it is compulsory.... Peroxide blonde hair Bachelor Whitened teeth Very expressive you get the idea..... TVR is the only convertible I would consider
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