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  1. Anybody on here have a crash at Knockhill track day in a yellow V8? Hope you are okay. I've seen the pics of the car afterwards, looks like a big one.
  2. Have a great weekend guys. Hope the weather Gods are kind to you all.
  3. One of the contacts in the indicator unit of my tail light cluster has broken so looking to replace. Its the part the bulb goes into and quarter turns into the carbon effect tail light cluster. Thanks
  4. As above. Nose and grass bank didn't agree with each other so on look out for replacement rather than attempting glass fibre repairs Thanks
  5. Bob, Just picked up on his post (where have I been), what's the accommodation situation now? Graeme
  6. Id be interested in your feedback whether on the open forum or via PM. Which version of box are you getting built?
  7. Deffo used eye protection (only get one pair), didnt always use a face mask but I did all my work outside and never found black dust on tissue when I blew my nose later, also had no issues with itching as the carbon specific tools turned the carbon sheet to dust rather than shards
  8. Carcoon, cheap as chips to run the three fans all winter. Mine is suspended by a framework so its just unzip and rive out, drive in and zip up. As soon as you open the tent the moisture appears but bone dry the rest of the time. Not the best picture but the only one I have of kit in the Carcoon
  9. Check out this site for tips http://www.easycomposites.co.uk/#!/tools-equipment-and-supplies/perma-grit-tools All you need is a cutting disc to profile the dash, 32mm better as it means you don't get too close with the dremel, the round files are ideal for finishing off holes, the half round or flat file is great for running over the outside edge of the dash giving a really good smooth finish http://www.easycomposites.co.uk/#!/tools-equipment-and-supplies/perma-grit-tools/19mm-rotary-disc-with-arbor.html http://www.easycomposites.co.uk/#!/tools-equipment-and-supplies/perma-grit-tools/set-of-8-hand-tools.html
  10. I used dremel too but genuine carbon cutting discs and files.
  11. It could be one of the last organised runs this year so lets make the most of it. Route should be in link below but basically Meet 9am at Aberfoyle car park, over Dukes Pass, Kilmahog, Lochearnhead, Killin (fuel), Ben Lawers, Fortingall, Kinlochrannoch, Rannoch Station (lunch), Tummel Bridge, Pitlochry (fuel), Aberfeldy, Sma' Glen, Crieff, Dunblane, Doune, Kippen, Fintry http://www.mapmyride.com/routes/view/1187416273 Post here if you are interested Graeme Lee David
  12. Worrying that folk like that are out on the track, they didnt have a clue!
  13. I fitted a pair of these, took it to my friendly MOT station who pointed out that the beam dips the wrong way. Just as well he is friendly and I convinced him Im never out at night lol
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