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  1. Props and Pistons car show at East Kirby
  2. H I guys, I am in Woodnewton between Stamford and Oundle; always interested in meeting up and a run out. cheers Steve
  3. This whole job has just go a lot bigger, unfortunately they way I trimmed the tunnel (padded leather cloth) means I will have to remove the seats to get access to the cable adjuster, shame I didn't find the leaky calliper till the sun came out!
  4. Hi, Did a search but couldn't find anything so excuse me if this has been asked before. In the process of changing a rear calliper but struggling like ...... to get the hand brake cable on, in theory it should not be necessary but do I have to slacken off the cable adjuster in the tunnel to gain a bit more length in the cable..? Cheers Steve
  5. Hi, Slightly off track and not a Westfield question, unfortunately having to replace a side vent grill on my Cayman S, the replacement part is supplied in primer finish, therefore need to spray in a matt black. Appreciate advice and recommendations on what paint to use please. Thanks Steve
  6. Steve20


    The value and desirability of plates is a real personal thing, no right or wrong thing here, having said that I have F1WSC on my Westie, looks great but doesn't make it any faster!
  7. Sorry, we are away for the weekend so cannot make this one. Cheers Steve
  8. Great run, really enjoyed it so hope to do more soon..! Steve
  9. Hi Clark, 9ish is good for me, just let me know where to meet up and I will be there Cheers Steve
  10. Hi Cleggy, If the weather finally improves I am about (for once) on Sunday, any thoughts on where and when..? Cheers Steve
  11. Hi Craig, I have a Sierra based SDV, with standard drive shafts, factory uprights etc it has a rear track of 1670mm, rear arches measure 280mm, from memory but can't be 100% sure wheels are ET38. Cheers Steve
  12. Hi Cleggy, Didn't see the notice for this one which was a shame as I am finally back on the road and now living in Peterborough, was out yesterday having some serious fun round Rutland but would have been even better as part of a group. Do you have a list of future events I can diarise please.... Cheers Steve
  13. I am no longer interested in the tonneau so good luck with the sale
  14. Euro car parts have a promotion on Castrol oil currently, 30% discount if you use the code CASTROL30 Just ordered mine for the spring service.
  15. Hi, Am moving house and have a 3.9 (7.5 inch) open diff, bolt on lobro type which is in good condition having come from one of the last 2.0 Sierras with a genuine 92k on the clock. FREE to any club member who cares to collect it, I am located between Peterborough and Stamford. Cheers Steve
  16. Hi, Am interested in the tonneau please, could you let me have photograph showing the damage, also price for P and P, is this for a wide body and would it be suitable for an aeroscreen car fitted with standard Westfield sports seats..? If picture looks good and it will fit then first dibs please. Cheers Steve
  17. Hi Mark, I have recently changed ALL of the rubber fuel hose on my car, the original hose was 6 years old and supplied by Westfield and without exception all hoses had developed significant cracks but were not leaking fortunately. As this is not the best way to spend a weekend I decided to use pipe that is capable of accepting 100% bio fuels so is a much higher quality than even R6. Talk to the guys at Advanced Fluid Solutions on 01245 321 320 or www.advancedfluidsolutions.co.uk they know their stuff, gave me good advice and service. Steve
  18. Personal plate for sale,ideal for STEVE,valued at £699 by brokers, sell direct for £350, on retention certificate. cheers Steve
  19. Looking for a black tonneau and boot cover for wide body with RAC roll bar, must be VGC
  20. Hi, Am looking at practicality and cost of changing the steering wheel and boss on my Sierra based SDV to a removable type, the important thing for me is to keep the existing positioning of the wheel relative to the dash so would appreciate advice from anybody who has uprated their SDV, What to buy and where from, boss ans adaptor etc..... please note I want a bolt on boss and not welded type Thanks Steve
  21. May be able to make this one, well half anyway......... We have been invited to Morston Hall for lunch on the 23rd which is along the coast from Wells so if this is an early start and the weather is good we could join in, leave you at Wells and go and do our own thing.......
  22. Think I know the answer but just want to confirm.... The valve located in the outlet from the cranckase breather has a small gauze in it, currently mine is still in place but thinking about this as the breather is not connected to the inlet system (goes straight to a catch tank) then there is no possitive pressure on the valve and conseqently it will never open. Therefore I should remove the middle of the valve, is this correct please...? Steve
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