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  1. Ragged Racing

    Brian James covered trailer

    Needs to go now to make room in the garage.
  2. Ragged Racing

    Generator help

    HiWe have a Clarke IG2200 generator and having problems starting it at the moment. It's never been a great starter but it's just not going at all now.I have spoken to Clarke service and they have suggested things to try but i"ve tried them all now with little success. The only way I have managed to start it is when I took the carb float chamber off and unscrewed the jet, made sure they were clean and put them back in and it started first time. The next day I'm back to square one again!Fuel is getting to the carb, I have a spark but just can't start the thing unless I take it to pieces. Has anybody got any ideas what might be causing this?ThanksChris
  3. Ragged Racing

    Brian James covered trailer

    Measurements as follows Internal bed 165wx332cm 153cm height
  4. Ragged Racing

    Brian James covered trailer

    I now have my Brian James clubman trailer for sale. It has had a custom GT cover and frame made with rear, front and both sides openings with a shelf at the front suitable for a gazebo. It also is fully enclosed with floor panel. The trailer and cover are in very good condition and has been stored inside for the last few years. Comes with a good spare, wheel and hitch lock, cover, and 4 ratchet straps. Available now for £3000.
  5. Ragged Racing


    Hi How does £40 sound, it is more or less brand new. I’m doing Snetterton in a few weeks. any good? cheers
  6. Ragged Racing


    pm sent very sad day mate, I hope I’ve done the right thing.
  7. Ragged Racing


    Hi I think I might have one, I’ll have a search and get back to you. cheers
  8. Ragged Racing

    Chris Jones’s SE 1600vauxhall

  9. Ragged Racing

    Race Technology DL1 Mk2 Data Logger

    PM sent
  10. Ragged Racing

    Chris Jones’s SE 1600vauxhall

    Car still available.
  11. Ragged Racing

    Westfield wanted - I got sorted thanks

    I have one but it’s a narrow body. Feel free to have a look at Chris Jones’s SE in the for sale section.
  12. Ragged Racing

    Westfield FOUND

    Hi I have my SE up for sale although a 1640cc, but does have 200bhp. 9500rpm Rev limit, sounds incredible. mainly used for Sprints and hill climbs it was road registered with MOT. Small fuel tank fitted now but easily changed. Have a look at Chris Jones’s SE in cars for sale section. cheers
  13. Ragged Racing

    Chris Jones’s SE 1600vauxhall

    Now on RCD, still available.
  14. Ragged Racing

    Road and Track Capable Westfield Wanted - Cash Waiting

    Please have a look at my Westfield SE for sale (Chris jones’s Westfield Se) under Westfield’s for sale. Its not a bike engine but it revs like one and with plenty of torque. Very successful track car plus it could be used on the road. based in the midlands and for sale for 13k let me know if you need any help. cheers Chris
  15. Ragged Racing

    Ford 4.1 cwp diff and casing

    Still available! I should point out that this is a casing and CWP but not built up. £100 pick up only or buyer arranges collection. thanks

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