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  1. Kit Car Electronics

    It's raining!

    That's the posh bit where you live. Dan sath is the rest
  2. Kit Car Electronics

    Mocal oil filter take off and remote filter head fittings

    Looks like you are spot on with 1/2" BSP: http://www.mocal.co.uk/products-rfh.html My favourite fittings and hose are black nylon braided from eBay seller torques-uk, but the push-fit aeroquip hose and fittings they sell are also excellent. Possibly size AN-10 if you have room.
  3. Kit Car Electronics

    Electrical query

    and you've blown them all
  4. Kit Car Electronics

    Fuel pipe

    I've seen more than enough split rubber fuel hoses to only ever recommend Gates Barricade which is 100% ethanol proof and available as a low or high pressure compatible version. 5/16" is the common size (8mm approx) Rubber with steel overbraid looks great but hides everything, so is best avoided in my opinion. https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=gates+barricade+fuel+hose+5%2F16&oq=gates+barricade+&aqs=chrome.2.69i57j0l5.7925j0j7&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8
  5. Kit Car Electronics

    Zetec to duratec

    For balance, I have one of Paul's earliest 2.0l zetecs that is now over 20 years old. It was originally built to a similar spec to yours and has run without so much as a splutter for all that time - so I wouldn't even consider the idea of a swap to Duratec in your position...
  6. Kit Car Electronics

    Essex Area Monthly Meet - 8th July

    Just rears, thanks Kev
  7. Kit Car Electronics

    Essex Area Monthly Meet - 8th July

    Oh, yes please! I need to send mine off to Protech to have the rattle fixed, hopefully
  8. Kit Car Electronics

    Just joined the Forum.

    Greg, sounds like an interesting engine and gearbox combination
  9. Kit Car Electronics

    Adding Photos to Forum Posts using Photobucket

    huh? Is photobucket back? I just checked some old posts of mine and they seem to be showing photobucket images again. After what they did last time with the blackmail charge, I'd never trust a photo upload to them again...
  10. Kit Car Electronics

    Has anyone fitted half doors with hinges?

    The pivot is a 6mm stainless clevis pin bonded through from the inside of the scuttle, with an R clip to secure. The rear of the door just sits inside the cage, otherwise a small tab would be enough to hold it inside the body- they never try to lift when driving. I have a small bunjee to hold the door up to the front of the cage when climbing in and out.
  11. Kit Car Electronics

    Has anyone fitted half doors with hinges?

    I made mine gull-wing, with a front pivot point, Nigel
  12. Kit Car Electronics

    No Spark - Intermittent

    Loose ECU ground wire meaning it can't ground the coils?
  13. Kit Car Electronics

    Wiring help relays and switches please

    Thanks Tony, yes, 2 x standard relays and one 5 pin changeover relay are needed - Halfords have them here with built-in diode protection (prevents high voltage spikes that can cause nuisance to electronic circuits): http://www.halfords.com/workshop-tools/garage-equipment/fuses-electricals-fixings/halfords-hef559-relay-12v-40a-5-pin If you ping me a message we can sort out a discounted BeamStop unit when you want one (think I need to solder one up as I've run out). Cheers Mike
  14. Kit Car Electronics

    Wiring help relays and switches please

    Dip and Full beam aren't allowed to be on at the same time, Tony. There's no escaping the fact that sidelight/headlight wiring can get difficult once you move to savage-type switches - another option would be a BeamStop (designed for this awkward problem) that controls the side and dipped beam with a single momentary switch to toggle between them (like a Caterham), plus a momentary switch for main beam that either flashes or latches the main beam on. This could be a sprung momentary toggle switch if preferred:
  15. Kit Car Electronics

    Ross & Dave's s2000 Build

    Looking forward to seeing your build. Don't worry about the small garage - all the parts can be kept in the lounge and bedroom until needed

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