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  1. Kit Car Electronics

    Hello from Belgium

    , in time for Spring Enjoy
  2. Kit Car Electronics

    brake pads for road use

    I also use MGB533 on the rear, but I had to drill the holes to 6.5mm for the pins - easily done though
  3. Kit Car Electronics

    A Winters Tale; a few upgrades and a bit of a re-build.

    I'm quite jealous, Dave. It seems a bit of a drastic way to solve the sticking Omex throttles though
  4. Kit Car Electronics

    Stoneleigh 2019, R U going?

    Failure is not an option!
  5. Kit Car Electronics

    Stoneleigh 2019, R U going?

    Yep, it's the only fixed thing in my calendar each year
  6. Kit Car Electronics

    New FreeWheel Solid State Wireless Steering Button controller

    Hey Kev, if you PM me with what you're looking for I can get to work on it - they never stick in the shop so I pretty much build everything to order
  7. Kit Car Electronics

    New FreeWheel Solid State Wireless Steering Button controller

    I'm not rushing them onto the website until I've built myself a new wheel with one Kev, but the price will be £25 higher than the current pigtail transmitter to cover the extra materials and machining
  8. Kit Car Electronics

    New FreeWheel Solid State Wireless Steering Button controller

    And here is the first 'retail' Easy-fit transmitter finished, ready for attaching to any backplate. It has pre-drilled holes for the common wheel hubs (70mm, 74mm, 50-50.8mm PCD): A bit too small to play table tennis with, though
  9. Kit Car Electronics

    Oil Cooler

    If you can afford to open the lower grill area in the nose cone, then the cooler works very well down low, as you suggest - that's where mine is. I have a plain take off from the zetec oil filter bracket, then a remote filter head with thermostatic sandwich to the cooler:
  10. Kit Car Electronics

    New FreeWheel Solid State Wireless Steering Button controller

    My wife (the clever half of the business) has made a little promo video for the new 'Easy-fit' transmitters, showing it with common 280-350mm diameter wheel patterns:
  11. Kit Car Electronics

    Zetec misfire on idle

    Should be easy to find - you have an air leak to the manifold, or the throttles aren't closing.
  12. Kit Car Electronics

    Bottom 32mm S’bend hose

    How about this wiggly one, Del?
  13. Kit Car Electronics

    Help! - Electrics

    I'd suggest firstly to not do anything in haste that you'll regret later. The switches worked before, so they can work again - but taking the time to label everything will be worthwhile. The Savage switches look worse than they really are - probably aggravated by the extra illumination wires. You'll find the original WF loom should have each switch wire bundled separately, so you should be able to trace back to the original loom colours and label the extensions up from there. Don't jump in with the FreeWheel fitting mods until you've got the existing switch wiring understood - then you can add each channel in parallel with the existing switch, or replace the existing switch as you wish. There is no escaping the Hazard switch though - you'll need to get that re-connected anyway... Oh, and there is a forum post from a few years back that gives a perfect explanation of the Savage Hazard wiring pin numbers/colours - I just can't find it at the moment Edit: here
  14. Kit Car Electronics

    CNC micro mill conversion

    Little vid just to show it working
  15. Kit Car Electronics

    View from your 'office' window

    I had a very cold office for the last couple of weeks!

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