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  1. Saturday late morning, usual route through Flamstead, up the A5. Anyone else London- based heading up around this time for a meet?
  2. The spec says it can switch 4A, which isn't enough for any fan or pump that I can think of - did you have it triggering a relay for the main load, Q? I can't tell where the damaged trace on the right hand side was headed, or if that has survived, either...
  3. Just can't get the staff, you know
  4. Here is my Wosp- see the small solenoid clocked around to the bottom, flush with my Dunnell sump: Actually, just spotted the solenoid wire has been knocked and is nearly shorted, glad I took that photo!
  5. Unless you are completely set on Brise, also consider Wosp- they have one that fits neatly using an indexed solenoid (can be rotated below to clear exhausts)- I swapped to that on my Zetec for better clearance after cooking a previous solenoid. These guys were very helpful when I ordered mine https://www.amp-starters.co.uk/Contact.aspx
  6. In case anybody wonders about the 2 lamdba sensors on most cars, the main one is fitted in front of the catalyst to keep switching the exhaust rich/lean of stoichiometry (lamdba=1), whereas the second sensor is fitted behind the catalyst to monitor remaining oxygen after the catalytic oxidation and reduction reactions. It shows when the cat has failed, but is also used to give a fine trim to the fuelling (slight offset to the actual main switch point) to improve cat conversion efficiencies.
  7. The route includes the AC compressor and power steering pump, unfortunately... I wonder if anyone makes an extra idler pulley for the opposite side to the alternator? edit: could this be it? https://caterhamparts.co.uk/alternators/5014-alternator-belt-tensioner-pulley.html
  8. I think most of our cars have plenty of ways to immobilise themselves, without actually needing an immobiliser to do that job
  9. Well this sounds like an advert, so I might as well cheekily mention that I'll have a demo kit(s) with me at Stoneleigh if anyone would like to see- I'll likely be hanging around the marquee most of the weekend
  10. Thanks! Great to hear it's sorted- I love seeing them finished- should be a fair few wheels being shown off at Stoneleigh
  11. to clean the pins, you just need solder braid and a regular soldering iron to wick the solder away
  12. Looks like it's obsolete, so might need to find some old stock or a pin- compatible version and hope the board and other components are ok (de-soldering is easy with hot air)
  13. If you Google tle4470 g, it's the PDF from the infineon.com website - 2 reset pins affected
  14. Hard to tell if that's been deliberately cut and bridged or if it's melted to that state. I had a quick look at the datasheet but couldn't immediately see what's going on there
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