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  1. Rory's Dad

    It's raining!

    We've had a water leak whilst we were away. Spoke to a water board person and they said they'd left the water on leaking at 1litre every 15 seconds. I asked what was the point in that and they said we don't turn the water off because it might affect 'vital' equipment inside. Like what I asked. Washing machine they replied. Of course, while we are away!! I got them to turn it off and reminded them of their latest slogan "Love Every Drop". Not funny imo.
  2. Rory's Dad

    It's raining!

    'Our' rain seemingly 'boiled' off once it hit the ground and after 20 minutes it stopped
  3. Rory's Dad

    It's raining!

    ... after about five weeks of drought! Sorry to say it's about time too!
  4. Rory's Dad

    Silverstone infield tickets

    Thursday evening - probably.
  5. Rory's Dad

    Silverstone infield tickets

    Presumably I can go to the campsite, get the Westy off its trailer and drive it to the display area. Is that correct?
  6. Rory's Dad

    This flight passed over here at about 19:25hrs

    As an aside did you see Buttercups facebook entry which shows how all the planes assembled for the flypast... Just amazing!
  7. Rory's Dad

    Sending a gearbox by pallet

    Excuse me - the very thought of it!
  8. Rory's Dad

    Sending a gearbox by pallet

    Thanks everyone - pallet nicked from Jewsons and speedshift contacted
  9. Rory's Dad

    Overheard in kwik fit

    OK! OK!!
  10. Rory's Dad

    Overheard in kwik fit

    So what were you doing in Kwik Fit?
  11. Rory's Dad

    21st Party -Hillclimb try and evening dinner

  12. Rory's Dad

    End of an era for me

    It's a slippery slope... A friend of my brother's retired and his wife said she didn't really mind him watching the horse racing on TV in the afternoon but did he have to do it still wearing his pyjamas?
  13. Rory's Dad

    Sending a gearbox by pallet

    I'm getting a type 9 gearbox refurbished and I'd like to know a) how I fix it to the pallet - rope or strapping of some kind? and b) who are the best/cheapest pallet delivery people? Thanks in advance

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