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  1. Rory's Dad

    Another Mega S2000 Build By Si

    Number plate might be worth a bob or two!
  2. Rory's Dad

    Porcelain sealant needed, any ideas?

    ... and worth a small fortune!
  3. Rory's Dad

    What are your msut haves in a car ?

    A proper driving position.
  4. Rory's Dad

    Seven 7 grill for Westfields ?

    Why 6 Sooty? (We drive WESTFIELDS OP not 7s IMO!)
  5. Rory's Dad

    14000rpm tacho

    Listen to Terry Everall's going down the straight at Anglesey. Weeeeeowww!
  6. Rory's Dad

    Tyre size to rim width?

    Steve - you need to keep taking the tablets!
  7. Rory's Dad

    Westfield colour

    ... with dark grey wheels to match!
  8. Rory's Dad

    Westfield colour

    Back to the original please!
  9. Rory's Dad

    indoor car cover SOLD

    Yes please! Pm on its way.
  10. Rory's Dad

    Should I sell my Seight

    I know there are some v8 owners who have changed to a 2l four pot and found them much better.
  11. Rory's Dad

    LED bulbs for front indicators

    Or you could have a run out to, Bolt-on-Bits and have a look at all their leds in the showroom. I have an all-in-one Land Rover unit that just bolts onto my Caterham holders or the Westfield ones. While you're there pick up led side lights and rear lights. They'll have all what you need.
  12. Rory's Dad

    Property boundaries ?

  13. Rory's Dad

    60a house fuse

    Does your 60A one go bang every so often?
  14. Rory's Dad

    Carbon clear out. NOW SOLD

    Yes please for the front wings subject to composition and price probably!
  15. Rory's Dad

    Drill Stand

    I bought a cheap pillar drill from Machine Mart and use it a lot. They also do drill stands if you are happy to do the swap overs. I wonder about using different drlll speeds. Could be awkward if you need to hold the piece you're drilling too.

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