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  1. Good thinking! @a4gom had some lovely old skool wheels some time ago. They looked great, they had holes but no hubcaps. Steel or alloy - no idea!!
  2. Can you pull the bulb out easily??
  3. Can't apply to Cornwall as it's a dead end!
  4. Do you remember lorry drivers lighting a small bonfire under their diesel tanks in the very cold weather? Has diesel changed so this no longer applies? Is fuel 'seasonised'? And does this apply to petrol as well as diesel? I just put any old diesel in my Tiguan but a mate with a Triumph Herald(!) says he needs to put the expensive Shell in its tank to stop fuel leaking, misfiring etc when he is out and about. Or is this all nonsence??
  5. I think @Robin (Red Spider) - Yorkshire AO has a list of these part numbers.
  6. They do bed in (surprisingly)
  7. Go pour yourselved a beer (or two). Well done!!
  8. Anyone know what they are talking about?
  9. ... another 'magic' car. Great stuff!!
  10. Thanks for your birthday wishes, and yes Robin, I'll be at Silverstone and Stoneleigh too!
  11. Geoffrey - it's not 'funny', it's close to being pathetic.
  12. None of my nut covers were tested on my new build IIRC.
  13. Why not a just a small squeeze of silicone on each piece?
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