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  1. Rory's Dad

    Can using an electric welder bu99er up my ecu.

    Did nearly 100 miles today in beautiful (and rather dazzling) sunshine. I hadn't realised how poor my old gearbox had become. The new one (courtesy of Graham Miller) is just magic - such a transformation! The Westy just loves this cold weather too. Feels so eager!!
  2. Rory's Dad

    Car Covers

  3. Rory's Dad

    F1 pit lane bust up.

    Why didn't Max look in his mirror?
  4. Rory's Dad

    New MD for Westfield

    ... and it's Simon Westwood!! Julian Turner has moved on to become CEO of the Westfield Technology Group. News in Complete Kit Car magazine and hats off and 3 cheers to Simon!!
  5. Rory's Dad

    New ECU??

    I'm wondering about my ecu (see my post about a close shave). It was built by DTA in 2003 so it's 15 years old. Do they wear out or is it 'everlasting'? NMS didn't commit themselves and suggested I should speak to DTA. Replacements are all £500ish + vat apparently. I'd probably choose Emerald - and Sytec are just down the road for mapping as well. What does the team think??
  6. Rory's Dad

    Can using an electric welder bu99er up my ecu.

    The most junior person in the garage apparently had said "You did remember to unplug the ecu didn't you?" Bloomin' typical and more lessons learned!
  7. Rory's Dad

    Can using an electric welder bu99er up my ecu.

    Right - an intermediate update. Firstly the ecu is all fine (thank goodness) and I've dropped it off at NMS for copying the map (seeing as I was passing)! The problem turned out to be a loose wire on the connector into the ecu. The engine starts and runs nicely now. Can't wait to get it back to try out the new gearbox (fingers crossed)! Should be all sorted on Monday.
  8. Rory's Dad

    Happy Birthday Mr Hurdsfield.

    All the very best Slasher - enjoy (the rest of) your day!
  9. Rory's Dad

    Cutting/filing carbon fibre

    Yes(ish). But please be very careful with cf dust. Use a good mask and safety goggles and all should be well. Do it outside in the sunshine and you will be even better off.
  10. Rory's Dad

    Can using an electric welder bu99er up my ecu.

    I'd have been 'horrified' and 'livid' if I'd known what they were doing and, more importantly, risking. But I didn't. (They are nice people though...)
  11. Rory's Dad

    Can using an electric welder bu99er up my ecu.

    We've talked about this bar before IIRC. Mine was bent backwards and half ground away. With its bend it doesn't look that structural but obviously was doing its job.
  12. Rory's Dad

    Can using an electric welder bu99er up my ecu.

    Oh dear... The garage is (sort of) acknowledging responsibility for all this. Is it a common problem?
  13. Morning all. I have a new gearbox recently fitted in my Westy and asked my local garage to do it. Instead of taking the existing engine and gearbox out, the mechanic chopped out the curved gearbox protection bar and got the gearbox out downwards without removing the engine. He then did the job, put it all back together and welded the bar back in place. All good except the bloomin' thing now won't start. It's popping and banging and sounds as if the plugs are not connected in the right order - which of course they are. Isolator was turned off but DTA said the electric welding could have bu99ered up the ECU. Really?? What does the team think??
  14. Rory's Dad

    Is a Heater an IVA requirement

    The Westfield heated screen is 60w IIRC so does little more than take the chill of it. Satisfies IVA but nothing more. I've never had a heater - just dressed myself appropriately!
  15. Rory's Dad

    MAF , Lamba, TPS... thinking aloud..

    I grumbled (but with a smile on my face) when I came to pay NMS for my new C20XE map. Don't worry said the boss - increased mpg will pay for it by the time you get home to Yorkshire! Max BHP was a bit less but torque was up by 10 ft lbs and mpg was much, much better. Result!

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