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  1. Rory's Dad

    Rear body fixings

    Same on mine. As part of the refurb I cut them off and fixed some angle which dropped down a bit lower still and riveted on the body as per the photo above.
  2. Rory's Dad

    Wilwood break upgrade (disc size)

    I'm not sure about the need for vented discs because of the additional weight. Compared to the Mini, the Westfield front brakes are out in the wind. I would also make sure the rear discs are working properly and are tending to lock up just after the fronts. (I like 1144s because they work well from cold although they do squeal badly! 80% road use so I obviously know nothing).
  3. Rory's Dad

    Watch type thingy

    Thanks Dave!
  4. Rory's Dad

    Watch type thingy

    'Scuse the duplicated post. Moderator please delete. Thanks
  5. Rory's Dad

    Watch type thingy

    The pub is just under a mile away but #1, you'd walk past where I had the crash. #2, there is no footpath and #3 I'd be a raging alcoholic if there was!!
  6. Rory's Dad

    Geo set up - what to look for

    Follow Adam's advice - always good!
  7. Rory's Dad

    Watch type thingy

    Thanks @Steve (sdh2903) order placed and thanks to everyone else's contribution
  8. Rory's Dad

    Watch type thingy

    My problem Sooty is that I can't keep track of it . As I said, sometimes I can walk twice as far one day as I did the day or two days previously. Why? I have no idea. I need to get this stuff recorded and then try to figure it out, find the causes and adapt my life accordingly.
  9. Rory's Dad

    Watch type thingy

    Well thanks chaps! Just by way of background I have been doing pilates and osteopathy. The pilates in particular has been very good and straightens me out in no time at all. I've got some pilates kit at home too. The key to this is not hurting my back again (easier said than done) and doing as much walking as I can. Sometimes, like today, walking down to the shop will be too much. On other days I can do that distance twice over. It's very unpredictable. Anyway, keeping track of all this is important so I'm after more of your advice please on what make/model works well for you and/or your partner. Thanks again.
  10. Rory's Dad

    Watch type thingy

    I have been a bit snippy in the past about watches (jewellery ) but now I'm not so sure... For those that didn't know, I had a biggish car crash about a year ago (not my fault) and am still sore and stiff in both my back and legs. I'm wondering about buying a fitbit thingy that can record how far I walk each day (and what the time is)! . Any thoughts or suggestions? TIA
  11. Rory's Dad

    Westfield Wanted

    Insurance and resale not issues imo. Not going to comment on personal plate .
  12. Rory's Dad

    Westfield Wanted

    Don't have a car for you - sorry but just questioning your dislike of a q reg. When you own a car with a q reg, you don't have to worry about emissions at mot time - just smoke only. Then when you go for more power you don't have to worry about emissions... just the money
  13. Rory's Dad

    Engine Swap Flowchart

    So now what??
  14. Rory's Dad

    MKF Engineering... Back to BGH?

    ... or you could try Windy. My new gearbox is wonderful
  15. Rory's Dad

    Happy new year

    Perfect - thanks @Gary Taylor - Scotland AO

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