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  1. Richard Houlgate

    Blyton 2018 Feedback

    It would be useful too if all the forum information was gathered under one heading (there are postings under Shows, track days and Speed series). Also I know there is a special web site for the Blyton Weekend but I can never find it, could there not be a link from the main site? Or is there one that I haven't found?
  2. Richard Houlgate

    Blyton 2018 Feedback

    I had the same experience, but I always took that corner slowly just in case! Could it be that people were not starting as soon as the green light came on? Maybe in the future it would be worth emphasising this?
  3. Richard Houlgate

    Blyton 2018 Feedback

    Track day and sprints enjoyable and well organised, thanks to all. Catering was good and I enjoyed the breakfast. The sanitary facilities although regularly cleaned are dated and only marginally acceptable. While I can sympathise with the problems they had with the water supply to be told to go and crap in the field is not on, especially for the women. I'm always happy to help out, but with the trackday and then 6 runs on Saturday and 6 on Sunday there was no time. As a general comment it would be useful if there is a red flag that is going to last more than a few minutes the drivers be told so they can get out of the cars. Sitting belted, helmeted and suited in 30 degrees heat for a long time is not only uncomfortable but potentially dangerous, speaking for myself I can manage about 15 minutes before I start to feel the effects of the heat.
  4. Great weekend, many thanks to all for the hard work involved in organising such a splendid sprint and track day.
  5. Richard Houlgate

    Blyton Park Track day briefing

    Yes but the safety briefing is important as in my limited experience of trackdays a lot of the people at track days are not experienced competitors and so need to listen! For example I note that overtaking is on the right, I'm pretty sure that at the last track day I did at Oulton overtaking was on the left and think this is standard at MSV track days
  6. Richard Houlgate

    Blyton Park Track day briefing

    Yes but the info we got said 8.45! I'll try to get there for 0830, but was originally intending to arrive about 10 as all I want to do is some set up work on the car and fingers crossed that should take a couple of hours Time Table This timetable is intended as a guide to your day. Times may vary according to operational activities. Please be ready to start your sessions on time. You will be informed of any delays and you should add those times the ones shown here. NB Session time may be lost due to incidents etc. TIME ACTIVITY 07:45 Venue Open 08:00 Signing – On Starts ABSOLUTELY NO REVVING OF ENGINES BEFORE 09:15 08:45 Safety Briefing Note * Please allow yourself plenty of time to sign on before the Safety Briefing. IMPORTANT Be prepared to start sighting laps as listed below. 09:00 3 x Sighting Laps 09:30 AM Session Starts – Open Pit lane (would prefer novice only for the first couple of laps) 12.00 Lunch Break Sprint School 13:00 Sprint School Track Time 13:15 PM Session Starts – Open 17:00 Playtime Ends 18:00 Venue Closes
  7. Richard Houlgate

    Blyton Park Track day briefing

    Is it now at 8.30am? The regs list 8.45. What happens if I don't arrive in time for the briefing
  8. Richard Houlgate

    Roll cage for sale. SOLD

    sale agreed, pick up TBA
  9. Richard Houlgate

    Roll cage for sale. SOLD

    Just outside Shrewsbury
  10. Richard Houlgate

    Roll cage for sale. SOLD

  11. Richard Houlgate

    Roll cage for sale. SOLD

    My car’s previous owner had a separate cage fabricated to bolt to the existing welded in roll bar. Most tubes are 38mm OD, the main hoop over the windscreen area is 45mm OD. Not sure what it’s worth - £200? I can bring it to the Blyton Weekend if need be.
  12. Richard Houlgate

    comparing tyre profiles

    I leave my car in the garage until the last minute as its not insured against theft when on the trailer in the drive at home.
  13. Richard Houlgate

    Aintree 30th June

    I have entered, will any other Westfields be there?
  14. Richard Houlgate

    3 Sisters Sprint

    Excellent day out, 7 timed runs on a twisty and demanding track. Exhausting! 3 Sisters track is in great condition recently relaid, hopefully the paddock will soon receive the same treatment. Organisation from Longton was good as one would expect. I hope that more people turn out for Longton's 2 other events there this summer.
  15. Richard Houlgate

    3 Sisters Sprint

    entry list at https://ldmc.wufoo.eu/reports/su7tqee01xuu0u/

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