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  1. Richard Houlgate

    type 9 bulk rings

    Simon I guess you mean Baulk rings. I know nothing much about this but am surprised they should have such a short life. The consequences of them being worn out is difficult gear engagement unless you double declutch. I have just had my diff looked at by Bara Motorsport 01527 88 00 11. They also fix gearboxes and I think that Bara will give you good advice. Richard
  2. Richard Houlgate

    What clutch material

    Found Helix clutches good but they can be slow to deal with.
  3. Richard Houlgate

    Sierra Viscous diff torque setting

    No videos, the car is well balanced on fast corners but on tight hairpins as at 3 Sisters the car understeers when accelerating on corner exit. This can probably be avoided by a change in driving style I think.
  4. Richard Houlgate

    Lower diff mountings SeiW

    I'll clean it all down, get the paint of and dye pen the welds to see if there are any cracks. I'd be reluctant to use bolts as I would imagine the rod serves to transfer load across the mountings.
  5. Richard Houlgate

    Sierra Viscous diff torque setting

    Bara reports that the diff was set to 180nm but is now 160. A it would cost £280 + VAT to have it altered I'll leave it as it is. So the diff wasn't too tight after all and my slow corner exit excessive understeer must have another cause. Driver?!
  6. Richard Houlgate

    Lower diff mountings SeiW

    What diff mounting points would you put the helicoils in? I don't follow. edited to add: OK I understand now! But is the way the mounting points are fabricated OK? Does it need extra reinforcing?
  7. Richard Houlgate

    Sierra Viscous diff torque setting

    That's 130 ft lbs, Bara was talking around 120. I guess this is a critical aspect of the set up (and an expensive one!), it will be interesting to know what the unit is currently set at, I'll report back.
  8. Richard Houlgate

    Sprint car wiring

    Suggest you do a simple wiring diagram as I did for my Austin 7. I know it's not the same but to wire it up you will have to understand where all the wires go for the power commander, ECU, Dash2 etc. Follow the correct BS colour codes see https://www.autoelectricsupplies.co.uk/page/commonly_used_british_vehicle_wiring_colours Buy your wire from https://www.autoelectricsupplies.co.uk/ Concerning the FIA cut out switch as you can see I fitted one to the Austin when I rewired it. Recently the engine has started to do intermittent micro cut outs. People say that this is can occur with the FIA switch (labeled MS in my diagram) and is due to poor contacts. I have therefore bypassed the FIA switch and hope the thing is going to work as we are going to the Lakes trialing this weekend
  9. Richard Houlgate

    Lower diff mountings SeiW

    Lots off trouble to remove the lower diff pin. The mountings look like this which to my mind looks rough. What is the best course of action to put things right please?
  10. Richard Houlgate

    Sierra Viscous diff torque setting

    I suspect that my diff may have been set too tight so I've taken it to Bara to investigate. But what torque setting should it have? (Car is SeiW, 2.3 duratec, close ratio box, used in the Speed Series) Advice welcomed!
  11. Richard Houlgate

    Who's at 3 Sisters Sunday?? (2nd Sept)

    see https://ldmc.wufoo.eu/reports/s1jwfp3810ihha7/
  12. Richard Houlgate

    Loton Park 25th & 26th August

    A really good day out, first time I had driven the Westfield in the wet, and at Loton so although I know the hill well mastering the changing conditions was interesting and I learnt that the car has reasonably forgiving handling. It started to understeer at full blast in 3rd going through the kink on the Cedar straight, I eased the throttle and fortunately it came back, albeit to slowest time in the group, I was about a second off the pace. Great to talk to everyone and very many thanks to IanD for the shelter under his Bongo's awning, without it we all would have been much wetter. So it's a good job that he managed to borrow a crash helmet!
  13. Had the same problem with my Bell about 10 years ago, sorted by DT without problems.
  14. Richard Houlgate

    Loton Park 25th & 26th August

    Yes, uncovered ones too. The first bit after Princes Oak up Pecknall Lane is the narrowest, you have to hope that you don't meet a tractor and trailer, but two cars could comfortably pass. After that it opens out and is to B road spec after Halfway House
  15. Richard Houlgate

    Loton Park 25th & 26th August

    Please note that Sunday 26th August is the first day of the Shrewsbury Steam Rally which is held to the south of the A458 between Ford and the A5. This means that on Sunday evening traffic leaving the rally will cause long delays on the A458 east bound. Best routes are: If going north turn left out of Loton Park hill climb and follow the B4393 through Crew Green and Llandrinio to the A483. If going south or east turn left out of Loton Park hill climb, turn immediately left at Princes Oak and follow the road to Half Way House, straight across the A458 on the B4387 to Westbury, and left on the B4386 to the A5. You will pass through the hamlet of Nox where I live.

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