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  1. Hire a spray gun and spray it. http://www.nationaltoolhireshops.co.uk/Hopper-....or-Hire
  2. He'd only get that wrong once!
  3. A quote from Lewis on twitter. QUOTE LewisHamilton After watching the replay, I realize it was my fault today 100%. I didn't give Kobayashi enough room though I thought in was past.
  4. I didn't say he was entirely innocent just that it was more Lewis's fault than Kamui. Kobayashi was passed before Eau Rouge got a tow up the straight and was having a go back. Lewis was defensive all the way up the straight so the only way for Kobayashi to go was the outside. Think the Stewards got it spot on with no further action.
  5. Got to say I thought that crash it was more Lewis's fault. If you watch Kobayashi's car compared to the white line at the edge of the track he doesn't deviate his line at all. Lewis just didn't know he was there and drifted into him. Top drive by JB
  6. Repeated 10am in the morning I believe.
  7. You missed Polly too
  8. Unfortunately you have to sacrifice battery life if you have a smart phone. Either have lots of chargers around (I have 1 at work 1 in the car and 3 at home), buy a phone and a spare battery (rules an iphone out) or buy an none smart phone that the battery will last all day on.
  9. Glad the ECB didn't do like the FA and cancel it. A great days cricket and didn't see any trouble inside or outside the ground.
  10. You will. Once you realise just how must speed you can carry through the second part of the esses at the bottom you'll be flying.
  11. If it's wet it's VERY slippy in places. Apart from that enjoy it. IMHO one of the best tracks you can drive a Westy round.
  12. I use one of these and would recommend it . Got mine from Carphone warehouse and they are available for several make/models of phone. EDIT* Carphone Warehouse link
  13. You mean like the Brawn hole in the diffuser or the McLaren F-duct. Both loopholes were closed at the end of the season. IMHO (As much as I would like to see Jenson or Lewis win) I don't think that Red Bull are being treated fairly over this.
  14. Satellite`s can be put into orbit with out the need for space travel so I wouldnt worry too much about GPS problems . Europe will have it's own version called Galileo in operation around 2018 and I believe Russia and China also have their own versions.
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