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  1. Possibly useless information for you but the facelifted Mk2.5 (around 2000 year) Mine was a Y plate They had an issue with Serious clutch judder on pulling away. Apparantly the clutch they used for the first year was from a transit van, Most have been changed by now I guess mie hadn't so you needed a few more revs than expected. to pull away cleanly. Water channels can be cleared with a long range bottle brush Ebay-Amazon) Hoods can be changed by yourself I managed to do mine without too much bother, (but best to do it in the summer when the material is more flexible) Good luck they are nice cars
  2. its ok according to the BBC there MIGHT be a habitable planet 10billion light years away! so we can all live there! erm.... so If we could travel at the speed of light (which we can't) it would still take longer than the history of the earth to get there. we are saved!!!!!
  3. Out of interest what is the intake pipe size of the Westfield carbon can?
  4. Nothing to do with me but I noticed this little lot on eBay earlier.
  5. Thanks Paul My current widetrack is definatly mk1 version circa 2000 and a bit worse for wear. so might buy a new set for christmas Actually you might even have repaired one side after an off at Llandow a few years ago
  6. Slight thread hijack Sorry Jay Is the widetrack suspension for the Narrow bodies the same as the widetrack for a wide body? My brain says that the pickup points are the same but wanted to check
  7. I have a red chassis which I am currently renovating is the por15 caliper paint similar ruggedness to the chassis paint?
  8. Is there a Surrey or sussex club meeting these days? Eager for a drive somewhere
  9. Fibre lyte is a well know make for RC car chassis and the quality is top notch. Diolen would be a better solution if you wanted to make a floor as the impact resistance is much better
  10. I have added a spacer under the engine mount as you suggested for exactly this reason.no problems so far after 5 years 5 mm gap is fine.
  11. Went to the Lambo and Ferrari museums after Monza GP this year Been to Ferrari a few times already and still very interesting as they change displays very often, but I thought the Lambo museum was actully better. it is smaller but the cars are mostly one off concepts so you won't have seen them before, they had all sennas cars there in september Kart- the 93 williams but I guess that exhibit might have finshed by now. Didn't get to do the factory tours
  12. Hi do you have any photos? tried google and it can't find AA composites let alone a changeable screen
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