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  1. Plastics

    The Economy in your area

    Everything you see in the news is doom and gloom , no growth in the economy, we could go back into recession , and we're so deep in debt its going to take three generations to pay it back, if not more. I am based in a traditionally poor area, South Wales, [even the good times were bad] but have seen quite an upturn this year, although not massive, it has been quite welcome. I am involved in plastic engineering, what industry are you guys in and what are you experiencing in your area, I would welcome your feedback. Hopefully your reports will be positive and I can look forward to a prosperous new year
  2. Plastics

    What You Been Listening To Recently?

    Been chilling with lamb lies down on broadway
  3. Plastics

    Replacement Boot Box Locks (Where To Buy?)

    RS www.rswww.com do a fair range as long as your not price sensitive
  4. Plastics

    Plastic Machining

    I have a plastic machining and fabrication business based in South Wales, CNC milling, turning etc. Send me details of what you want and i'll sort it for you.
  5. Plastics

    Side Screens

    had a new set a couple of months back, they didn't have predrilled holes but were easy enough to drill and fit, just make sure you hit the metal strip
  6. Plastics

    Cutting Side Panels?

    Use a router, nice raded corners, less chance of stress cracking on overshot grinder cuts and a much cleaner finish
  7. Plastics

    Happy Birthday To People With Cone Shaped Head

    MHR Paul, hope you get your engine sorted soon
  8. Plastics

    Owners In South Wales

    will be good to see other westies close up i haven't seen any in this area at all
  9. Plastics

    Owners In South Wales

    Count me in, so long as Port Talbot is in the "cardiff" area
  10. Plastics

    Zetec Behaving Badly

    Having a problem with my 2006 zetec 1800 with weber carbs. I have had the car for about six months and have only made fairly short journeys. I took it out in January on hour and a half drive and about a mile from home it started losing power, after quite a few pumps on the throttle, it spluttered back to life. Took it out last weekend and the same happened,only this time the revs were up and down, backfiring from the exhaust and through the carbs. Tried to get it going again and would run for a couple of seconds and then spluttering and backfiring. I let it cool down for about an hour and she started and I managed to get home with a lot of backfiring and the engine dying down and then picking up. Started her up this morning, all fine until it got up to temp and started cutting out and picking up again. Sorry to be long winded about it but explaining the history may help with responses. It seems to run fairly well until it gets hot. I have had the fuel pipe of the second carb and it seems the fuel pump is ok, plus i have tightened/checked earths and electrical connections. The only worrying thing I have noticed is one of the carbs is stamped with 40 dcoe[i think] and the other with 45. Any help/advice would be gratefully received Alan
  11. Plastics

    Playskool Black Bootbox Wide Body

    pm sent
  12. Plastics

    Standard Rear Shock Absorber

    Cheers Matta and Steve c managed to get one from Dave t
  13. Plastics

    Standard Rear Shock Absorber

    Cheers Dave, the black one sounds like the standard, can you send me a pic
  14. Plastics

    Standard Rear Shock Absorber

    As above, anyone got what westfield call a standard rear, with or without spring

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