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  1. Thanks , only took 5 hours for RAC ( rather their contractor ) to turn up !!! Cold when that sun went in !
  2. As I sit waiting for the RAC to recover me ( snapped clutch cable I think ). I thought I would use some time by getting an answer for the required part ! My car has a crossflow engine with a type 9 gearbox , which clutch cable do I need ? Thanks
  3. Has this sold for £80 0r is it available ?
  4. Stu I think I may have a Narrow black carpet set , will have to check. Postage cost may be the issue.
  5. What are you looking for , a manifold , silencer or both. May be able to help.
  6. I have a Westfield locking boot box system complete with locks in white. This was fitted but not used . £410 and 12 weeks from Westfield £280. Prefer collection if possible. Dave
  7. Following on from my earlier post re fitting a quick release steering wheel I have attached some photos of what I have . My shafts seems to have a lot of very fine splines couldn't count them I didn' t have my specs with me. I have a 280 mm Momo wheel but it only has 3 hole fitting. Any advice as to what I need please.
  8. James Thanks for that I knew they were Super something or other . A good buy at £70 whatever they are called !!
  9. I have had these wheels for ages they have had tyres on but never used , one still has new T1R tyre . Wheels are ET37 and and Ford PCD 15 inch £70 collect near Warrington
  10. Because I am tall I was wondering if it was worth changing to floor mounted pedals to get more space : Is it worth it and is it a big job ?
  11. John Thanks for your help will keep in touch. Dave
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