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  1. I have for sale a pair of Westfield sports seats, black with red piping. These are both in great condition and are nice and comfortable to sit in too. I have removed these from my wide bodied Westfield. Both come with adjustable mounting rails fitted so are ready to be bolted in. These seats are the best part of £300 each new from the Westfield factory, so this is a great chance for someone to buy these seats at less than a 1/3 of original cost. Im looking for around £190 for the pair. Buyer is to collect the seats from Smalley, Derby. I dont wish to send them via courier as they are large items and wouldn’t want them to get damaged in transit. I could deliver them locally for petrol money. Thanks for looking, Cheers, Pete
  2. PeteBurfo07


    Liking this diffuser! Does this fit a wide body? Where's it from? manufacturer?
  3. PeteBurfo07


    Went to Mallory on a Javelin organised track day at the weekend...they are a great bunch of guys. A really well run day, I highly recommend attending their trackdays. It was my first time at Mallory, it is a short track but was great fun! Planning to go to Donnington next!
  4. PeteBurfo07

    team dynamics- pro race 1.2

    Hi Tim, Are the rims still available? If so is there any chance of putting some pics up? Where abouts are you based? Cheers, Pete

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