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  1. Paul Morcom

    Blyton Park WSCC Weekend 13-15 july

    Well done Simon, a great read and superb achievement on the track.
  2. Paul Morcom

    Blyton 2018 BBQ Social

    Sorry, my post is not to be taken seriously (I know MSA ban them and rightly so).. I think Simon knew where I was going
  3. Paul Morcom

    Blyton 2018 BBQ Social

    What's the situation on flying drones this year. Most regs ban them
  4. Paul Morcom

    Shelsley Walsh, WSCC 21st - Video

    Great to be able to drive along a "country lane" in the knowledge that there is nobody coming the other way.
  5. Paul Morcom

    Gluten Free Dinner Blyton 13th July

    Entered as a calendar event and appears on the Forum landing page UPCOMING EVENTS section. Let me know if you want any specific text adding.
  6. Even though Sir Winalot states that TT is still required for Mark S, I confirm that the published result for Mark is using the correct TT. Well done Mark, your times up SW are getting dramatically better and keep setting a new PB.
  7. Paul Morcom

    Ford crossflow dry sump kit/parts

    I may have a sump pan available. I will know in a couple of weeks time if is surplus to my requirements. If you are interested PM me in a few weeks. Paul
  8. Paul Morcom

    Silverstone 03/06/18

    Silverstone results now calculated and with Terry/Tigger to check and publish. Cracking trip to St Goueno with Tim and Rich - now need a week off work to recover
  9. Here is some youtube footage of the one of the runs. Anglesey competitors should put on their sunglasses before viewing The WSCC class starts at about 1:34. Clicky
  10. Do you want to publish it in your Tel's Tales blog
  11. In the end the WSCC Speed Series was represented by 7 entries at Shelsley Walsh, four Westfields in the WSCC dedicated class, Mike West hiding in the Road Going Specialist Production class (which was merged with various other classes throughout the weekend), Mark Schlanker in 1000cc to 1600cc racing cars and myself in a (non-WSCC scoring) National A Formula Ford class. Stu Hill and David Birch were there spectating and providing support in the paddock. I would guess David consumed multiple ice creams during the day. We awoke on Saturday morning to a slightly misty Teme valley that was soon burnt off by the strong sun providing us with immediate track heat and perfect conditions from the first practice run on Saturday through to the last competition run on Sunday. With temperatures were well into the mid 20's from early morning the paddock garages provide much needed shade. The organiser's warned us of a "green" course as this was their first event of the year, but practice times showed that this was not worrying many drivers. Both days progressed like clockwork, MAC running the event in their normal almost military-like fashion, and the drivers didn't connect with any immovable objects and had very few breakdowns. Saturday ran so smoothly that we (Nation A lot) were even offered a third practice run, though not many took the opportunity as had retired to the camping field and averting serious cases of dehydration with consumption of ice cold beer. Sunday was equally as perfect, seeing many PB's being set. The Westfield drivers showing what can be achieved in these great little cars, in front of 100's of spectators. Tim Pennington took honours on both days with the other Westfields close on his heels. Mike took a class win on Saturday but only to be beaten on Sunday by a very well presented and driven Westfield (ex Paul Morcom ) by John Bradshaw. Mark was on his own in his class on Saturday and then joined by some quick 1600cc race cars on Sunday but was the quickest up to 1100cc car on both days (excluding the National A runners). I came second in the National A Formula Ford class, only 0.1 seconds behind the winner. For those that have not experienced the atmosphere and challenge of the Shelsley Walsh hill then there is still another round of the of the Speed Series on 17th June (get your entries in quickly as will be over-subscribed), so enter the event or come along and spectate. Or join the WSCC Speed Series 21st Anniversary Celebrations on Saturday, 23rd June, for some non-competitive runs up the hill - you can drive any kind of car but the more Westfields there the better. A great event, enjoyed by all.
  12. No he was just there spectating and generally helping/advising in the paddock.
  13. Six WSCC Speed Series entries in the 2 day event at Shelsley Walsh Hillclimb this weekend. Plus a number of WSCC members competing in Road Going and Modified Production classes. Should be a good weekend.
  14. There is this on eBay....https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Alpinestars-GP-Start-Suit-Nomex-Car-Race-Size-54-MSA-FIA-8856-2000/302713568820?hash=item467b227e34:g:GkEAAOSwMo9a3LqN Nothing to do with me. Size wise I think it would work with your lad.
  15. Regardless of what I say it is great circuit and very technical. Similar to the Snetterton 300 course. I expect the organisers have now got it right (it was 8 years ago) and if there are good reports you never know I could be back.

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