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  1. Many happy returns Chris, have a fun day!
  2. No prizes for guessing where that might be........just lack hillclimbs i suspect
  3. Looking for the vinyl boot box cover or tonneau in black please. Anyone got anything, needs to be in good condition. May consider full tonneau cover. Contact Paul 07973 504785
  4. That's crap Pete, good luck finding another job. Will I see you Monday mate?
  5. I have for sale from my Westfield a 4.4:1 CWP on a viscus LSD upgraded by Bara Motorsport to 180Nm, in a 7" sierra case. There is a repair to the lower flange of the case which is of no detriment to the operation or installation of the diff The westfield mounting points have been helicoiled to accept M12 cap head bolts for easier installation. This diff is in great condition and ideal for anyone who wants to optimise gearing for shorter courses or hills.The LSD is stiff but not aggressive and IMHO the best option for a Westfield. Anyone who has considered this set up will know that to get this lot new would be circa £2k if you could find a 4.4CWP. I'm looking for £850. PM or call me on 07973 504785
  6. Hi,

    My mate that got a diffuser from you spoke to you regarding two from wings and and bonnet for his mac#1. He would like to know if you could sort him some out.

    Attached are photo of the front wings (widths are inside measurements outher is total length of wing curve) that he has taken off and he would like to keep the new ones the same. I believe he did speak to you regarding the possibility of these been carbon fibre effect finish.

    Please could you let me know if these are items you can sort for him the prices and how long they would be think he would want to pick up from Leeds again.

    Regards Matt








  7. Right hand rear upright for sale, new, complete with bearing. To accept Sierra rear caliper. These appear to be over £250 from the factory and a 5-6 weeks lead time. Bargain at £150+p&p Call Paul 07973 504785 or pm.
  8. Track down bananaman I think he has one similar
  9. Air intake from single seater, what you see is what you get £35+ P&P note. Mounting flange is not quite flat. Call Paul 07973 504785
  10. Carbon fibre (wet lay) cycle wings to suit 13" wheels. Caterham design, two pairs, both of which have numerous marks on them as a result of poor storage. One wing is twisted, though this will correct once fitted. Can email more pic if needed. £40 a pair, two pairs available. Pm or call Paul 07973 504785
  11. I'm not aware of anyone doing the arch protectors for the wide wings.
  12. Pair of short steel steering arms to fit the Westfield alloy uprights, used but undamaged, £40 plus postage the pair. Pm or call Paul 07973 504785
  13. Ali block? Force wheels? All carbon panels?English diff? Carbon exhaust can? And a very careful build to achieve that very impressive figure! Makes my 500kg CEC with a cage look heavy and that's a sequential 5 speed and a 1600 x16xe
  14. Price reduced so grab a bigger bargain! Ideal for installation over winter to make a winning car in 2019
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