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  1. Paul Aspden

    Extra wide FW rear arch

    I'm not aware of anyone doing the arch protectors for the wide wings.
  2. Paul Aspden

    Short steering arms for Ali upright - SOLD

    Now Sold.
  3. Pair of short steel steering arms to fit the Westfield alloy uprights, used but undamaged, £40 plus postage the pair. Pm or call Paul 07973 504785
  4. Paul Aspden

    Not as light as I thought...

    Ali block? Force wheels? All carbon panels?English diff? Carbon exhaust can? And a very careful build to achieve that very impressive figure! Makes my 500kg CEC with a cage look heavy and that's a sequential 5 speed and a 1600 x16xe
  5. Price reduced so grab a bigger bargain! Ideal for installation over winter to make a winning car in 2019
  6. Paul Aspden

    Megablade or BEC suitable for conversion NOW SORTED

    What you converting a BEC to Terry?
  7. Paul Aspden

    No longer available

    Both I think! There doesn't appear to be much appetite for a proper sprint car that's dedicated to track use, so I thought I'd replace the gearbox with a 5 speed type 9 and maybe swap the engine for something less powerful (if I can sell the existing engine) making the car more user friendly on the road, as everyone who has shown interest in the car admires its build quality but wants to use it on the road, even driving it to trackdays....not something I'd want to do with a straight cut gearbox!!! Hopefully the change in gearbox (and possibly engine) would make the car appeal to a market.
  8. Paul Aspden

    No longer available

    Elite transmission IL 200 dog engagement five speed gearbox, No longer available.
  9. Paul Aspden


    is that GRP half doors, or Sidescreens?
  10. Yes, i'm sure its the same!
  11. I can help with that mate......but don't you have a mini to repair
  12. Vauxhall X16XE Race, Rally Hillclimb or Sprint engine package for sale. Built and run as a Sprint engine in my Westfield, this motor has done less than 15 hours running since rebuild. Makes 214BHP and 137lbft torque at Northampton Motorsport Rollers. Engine has the following Spec: Standard balanced crank Wossner Forged pistons, 79.5mm bore, pocketed to suit valve lift PEC Steel con rods with ARP bolts Cast alloy head, ported by Guy Croft, with all the sharp edges removed, fitted with new valves seats and guides. Pair SBD solid lifter cams giving 11.78mm & 11.42mm of lift and 278, 269 degrees duration Titanium valve caps, double valve springs increase spring platform seats and new cam followers. Vernier camshaft pulleys Light weight steel flywheel with 7.25” Helix clutch and organic friction plate Pace dry sump pump and steel sump pan, modified oil pump housing, pump is driven from front crank pulley, AH fabrications “millington type” bespoke dry sump tank designed for maximum capacity, and to fit in the end of the passenger footwell on a wide body Westfield, together with alternator all on one toothed belt. SBD four throttle fuel injection system, long trumpets and ITG air filter, complete with Injectors, fuel rail and throttle linkage (which is a fortune!) The management is dealt with by a DTA P8 Pro system which will provide launch control, traction control, full throttle shifting, as well as all the usual programable parameters. Engine wiring harness is a bespoke light weight item Modified Tony Law bonnet exit Exhaust manifold Complete engine as above including alternator, all dry sump system, hoses (all aeroquip) tank, ECU and engine loom, starter and exhaust manifold to suit wide body Westfield £6000 £5500 This can be heard running in the car prior to purchase. Engine will be removed on receipt of deposit, with payment in full on collection Call Paul on 07973 504785
  13. Paul Aspden

    Yorkshire meeting, summer BBQ, 3rd July.

    Robin, Me and the boys will be in attendance as usual, but no BBQ for me, I don't want to confuse anyone trying to prepare veggie burgers on a BBQ as this is challenging! They usually just fall in bits through the grill onto the charcoal! See you tuesday
  14. Paul Aspden

    21st Party -Hillclimb try and evening dinner

    Excellent, well organised event, thanks to Graham, John & others for putting in the effort, don't know how you managed to arrange the weather, but well done on a fantastic event......It was great to catch up with lots of familiar faces....even if they played there music too loud and too late for the locals!.......so what we doing next year????
  15. Car can be viewed this weekend at Shelsley Walsh Event Well after much deliberation, the time has come to admit I have lost my mojo and as a result, the car can finally go up for sale. And I mean it this time! I did the trackday at Blyton last year and enjoyed myself, but the effort to get there is much greater than the pleasure I get from driving. Westfield sei wide circa 2004 with the following spec Carbon panels with the exception of the floor. Super light weight bodywork, with detachable rear arches all fitted such that it can be stripped off the car in less than 10 minutes. Safety Devices full cage. Grp drivers seat with bulkhead restraint, carbon low back passengers seat. Momo steering wheel. Aim Mycron gold LCD dash and data logger. Geartronics gear indicator. Bespoke dash panel. X16xe Vauxhall engine giving 214 bhp on nms rollers, Forged pistons, steel rods, head ported by Guy Croft, SBD cams, valve springs, followers verniers, Pace dry sump kit with bespoke high capacity tank SBD 4 throttle injection kit, with ITG filter. All fuel lines in aeroquip and aluminium tube. Sprint fuel tank and auxiliary track day tank. High capacity pump and filter Small alternator run from same belt as dry sump system, Ducted radiator (carbon), Helix 7.25 organic clutch with hydraulic operation Elite 5 speed sequential gearbox, 3.92 LSD diff recently rebuilt. Force racing wheels and kumho tyres Bespoke light weight wiring harness with mini fuses and relays. DTA P8 Pro ECU with traction and launch control, all wheels have speed sensors. Wunoff exhaust silencer on modified TLE manifold. Wilwood front brakes, antiroll bars at both ends. Protec double adjustable dampers all round. Quick rack. Car is Road legal, and will be sold with 12 months Mot. It's a reluctant sale, as I know once it's gone I will want another one just like it! As a guide, this car cost more than £20K to build……. Looking for £13,500. Contact Paul 07973 504785

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