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  1. JJ, Apologies for not picking this up earlier! I thought the site informed me via Email when people add comments? Thank you for your additional comments and the Email (virtually a month ago!). I will investigate all of the above in the next weeks. I am not expecting to ship the Westy for another 3 months or so. What could possibly go wrong! Hope all is well in the UK and the 'halls of power'. Hopefully the Dorset Chapter are still meeting regularly and have organised plenty of runs out? Enjoy the car. Paul L-H
  2. Thank you Fellas. Is there anything else that needs to be looked at. I was talking to Mark at Westfielld this morning and he said there were Westfields over in NZ so it is definitely achievable? If anybody else has any experience then I would be grateful if you could post. Thank you.
  3. I am about to emigrate and start work in NZ. I will be taking my 1995 SEIW Westy with me. I have looked at their import requirements and I believe I will need to get a collapsible steering column fitted which Frazer (NZ equivalent to Westfield) can do when my car gets there. There are two questions I would like to ask the experienced people on the forum: 1. Can I get a collapsible column over here? 2. Is there any further design features from a 1995 Westy that will lend weight to the requirement of a frontal crumple zone? I have put a question into Westfield but unfortunately he is off sick at the moment - hence the question. Is there anybody out there that has taken a Westy out to NZ before? I look forward to your replies. Thank you.
  4. Thank you for the replies to date, all have virtue. To add detail to my initial post please read below: 1. I refurbished the front brakes 2 years ago with components bought from 'The Big Red Brake' company (Gloucester I think?) Everything was changed - stainless pots etc. No corrosion within the castings. 1144 pads are probably 3,000 miles old? 2. They do weight a bit! 3. At this stage of the game I believe the 50/50 denotes a 50% effort front to rear although I always thought the front set were supposed to have more of the effort? 4. The rear callipers are good as well with no signs of sticking. Hand brake is very effective as well. 5. Looking through the build history, the brakes have not been changed since initial build (I am told it was built by a Westfield engineer at the factory?) so I am not sure if there would be any technical problems (though I will not discount them at this stage). 6. IMPORTANTLY I travelled up from Somerset to Bristol tonight focussing on the brakes (as you would if you just made this post!) and to my embarrassment the coin has finally dropped!) I have found that I am braking with the middle of my foot and not towards the toes/ball of the foot! If I adjust my foot, the brakes then become a lot more effective! Something to do with being 6'2" and size 13 feet I think? I could have kept this from you but thought it better not to tempt fate! I will try and get this muscle memory in before a spend any money. Apologies if I have wasted any bodies time with this?
  5. Hello All, Looking for some sage advice in the braking department please? I have a 1996 SEIW running with a Vauxhall 2.0 16V engine, Princess front callipers (onto drilled discs) and Mintex 1144 pads. The rears are off a Granada with standard pads. The car will go as fast as you want but I would like it to stop better for better life expectancy! The tag around the master cylinder reads as follows - 66 147 03 50/50- 44OD. There are no leaks and there is no spongy feeling at the pedal yet I cannot ever lock the front wheels up (except on gravel!). This is not my usual expectation of braking but thought it may give an indication of braking proficiency? Some of my learned fellow Westy owners have suggested that I might get a better 'experience' if I upgrade (get a bigger) master cylinder? I have read several previous threads on this and my impression is to potentially purchase an 'AP Racing 4 pot calliper upgrade at £306. Will this make a significant difference or is there an alternative master cylinder out there that will improve my braking OR should I 'grow a pair' and get on with it as my set up is as good as I can reasonably expect? Any advice/direction is most welcome - don't be too harsh!
  6. Old Biker

    MBE 956 ECU

    I'll take a look on Thursday and get back to you.
  7. Old Biker

    MBE 956 ECU

    Pretty sure the MBE ECU I replaced earlier in the year was a 956? Working away during the week but will be back home Thursday night to confirm. It was running fine but was I suffering from 'upgraditis'! If you need it I am sure we can sort something out? I live in Somerset. Good luck either way with your efforts.
  8. Hi there, I must owe some money by now. Who do I send the money to (via paypal). Point me in the right direction and I will sort the rest. Thank you. Old Biker
  9. Old Biker


    Thank you for your thoughts. I'm with you - if it is running well then I'm happy. It will be good if it runs a bit leaner for the nostrils though. Redditchjay - might give your man a shout if something unexpected happens with the fitting of a new ECU? Thank you all. Met up with the local Westy owners at the Thimble Inn, Piddlehinton (not a joke name!) and some of them agreed that the results from a rolling road can be fairly varied. This many people can't be wrong.
  10. Old Biker


    OK, I lasted 8 months before I have needlessly spent good money for no real reason! My 1995 build Westfield is currently running with a 'Red Top' and SBD throttle bodies (196 HP kit). Runs a bit rich but apart from that it is fine. Local garage ( N E Motors) is now fitting an Emerald ECU which will enable somebody 'who knows things' to change the programme for the ignition! The original MBE 912 gave 147 HP at the wheels prior to the change (yesterday). Don't really expect vast ammounts of improvement but not sure how much you loose through the gear train. Is 147 from 196 a typical value or is the engine not making the 196 in the first place? Thoughts please. I have also asked them to confirm good operation of the throttle position sensor just incase it is sending the wrong voltage through.
  11. For what it is worth, I am now 6'2" and a bit! Was 6'4" before some tw$t took me off my bike last year! Car is standard SEIW. At 16st I fit like a glove (there is more room as well). The thing you will need to be careful with is the size of your feet! Initially with my size 13s I felt like I could press all 3 pedals with one foot! Pedal set drops from the roof. All is not lost though because once you get used to it there is no problem at all. Hope this helps. For the fella who is 6'2" - depending on how old you are you may well be shocked/disappointed. All things shrink
  12. Thanks all for the advice. Been out in it today and came back and adjusted the TPS and left it where I thought the engine sounded happiest (thats technical talk!). Did another 30 miles and it seems to be running better, bit quicker out of the blocks (might be in the mind?) and the fuel smell is a lot less noticeable. Came back to read the last two inputs which backed my actions up (I think?). The TPS track I am hoping isn't worn as I believe the engine has only done 15K miles since the SBD 196 kit was fitted? NE Motors (Ditcheat, Somerset) did check the TPS with a volt meter when they worked on it but they saw a smooth voltage progression. Also, I am lead to believe that with the MBE 912V3 ecu there is little I can do with attaching a computer without the modification mentioned several replies ago? Don't know how many MPG it is doing but judging by the smell it has got to have improoved and there is occasionally a whiff of fuel that tells me it is not too lean. I will leave for now and see how it goes (Exeter next W/E!).
  13. Thank you for this latest inject! The most effective remedial work has been carried out by repositioning the throttle body sensor pick off. When this was done the fuel was leaned out (so it didn't smell like it was on heavy choke!) and it ran a lot more smoothly (PPM on the gas analyser dropped off dramatically). Also the 'snap, crackle & pop' dropped off. I have probably done 2000 miles since and the heavy petrol smell is coming back and the exhaust is starting to pop again so I think the TB sensor has moved. From what I have described above, I believe the ECU is performing well within the parameters of the TB sensor positioning. Sounds like I need to get it gas analysed again and get the position marked (this time!) in case it moves again. Assume this makes sense?
  14. Old Biker

    Which ECU?

    Completely agree. Have asked the questions and got some good advice through this Club - gets my vote. Being a 'newbie', it may be some time before I have something useful to add to any of the topics though!
  15. Old Biker

    Which ECU?

    A day is a long time in diagnostics! The team weren't happy with the TPS (I know what it means this time) and so checked it again. It gave a different reading and so they adjusted it and locked it down. It now runs nice and crisp with no burping and farting. I have cleaned the plugs up and hopefully that is an end to it? Thanks to those who pointed the finger at the TPS - you were right and I am now educated! I have to say that the crew at N E Motors were great and they also said that they could replace the ECU end plug to save me the expence of a new loom. To top it all, the car is running noticeably better? What could possibly go wrong?
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