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  1. Owen9364

    7 seaters - mmm

    7 seat X5.
  2. Owen9364

    RIP John Button :(

    Sad news.
  3. Owen9364

    Happy Birthday Mark Redpath

    Happy Birthday Mark.
  4. Owen9364

    MHR to all

  5. Owen9364

    Steering Wheel And Qr Boss - Poll

    I'm also 6'5 and would be very interested in seeing the outcome .
  6. Owen9364

    Wscc Wirral & North Wales On Facebook

    :cool: :cool: :cool:
  7. Owen9364

    4X4 Tow Car

    Agree. Also has trailer stability assist, which is an extra safety net when towing.
  8. Owen9364

    Bmw 530D M Sport - What Ya Reckon Peeps

    Cars that have been remapped now flag up on the BMW diagnostic equipment, which is connected directly to BMW UK. The dealers then have to contact BMW before they can proceed with any warranty work. Just so you know.
  9. Owen9364

    What You Been Listening To Recently?

    Tenacious D and Faith No More.
  10. Owen9364

    Zetec Not Running Right And Too Hot

    My Zetec shows 110° on the gauge when the fan cuts in, fan then knocks about 15° off the temp. It is possible to miss the plug with the plug lead on a zetec, cyl 4 with the short length from the coil in particular. Well worth a double check.
  11. Owen9364

    Spotted On The Factory Site

    Listed in the starter kit list aswell £4250
  12. Owen9364

    Spotted On The Factory Site

    Detail's for this kit are on there website now With optional Reynolds tubing wide track
  13. Owen9364

    Wuvver Steve D - Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday
  14. Owen9364

    The Definition Of Irony


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