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  1. Numbers

    1991 Westfield SEIW

    1600 cc Vauxhall Engine, dry sump, fuel injected Engine rebuild prior to 2015/16 seasons. SBD supplied: Omega Pistons, Steel rods, Camshafts, Solid lifters, Peco Injectors, reprogrammed ECU. Track’N’Road March 2016, 169.9 bhp at 8,440, 121.7 lb/ft @ 6466rpm Gearbox is a Quaife clubman unit in a Ford box, paddle clutch and Quaife LSD. Foam filled custom fuel tank, MSA Roll bar, Sits on Avon ZZR's with a spare set of wheels with Toyo's Diff is a 4.1, a spare 3.9 crown wheel and pinion available Set up for sprints and hillclimbs, currently untaxed and without MOT but all road going equipment still fitted and working. Brand New FIA approved 4 point harness The car has a V5 and an MSA passport. £9,750 For more info call 07771977933
  2. Numbers

    Rear Brake Calipers

    Help needed I had to replace a rear upright on my SEIW (1990 car). The new uprights are of a slightly different design from the original - everything fits except the brake caliper. The calipers on the car are Ford I think, screw in type. Do I get the grinder out and modify the caliper/upright or do I need a different caliper and if so which one?
  3. Numbers

    Rear Upright wanted

    Westfield Alloy Right Rear upright wanted for SEi Mine got damaged when a drive shaft broke. Numbers
  4. All parts from an SEIW Pair of side screens (black) with fasteners Drive shaft 14.5 inch between centres (no uj's) Upper and lower front wide track wishbones (o/side) Pair of 200lb x 1.9 x 9 inch springs Pair of 350lb x 2.25 x 7inch springs Just gathering dust so any reasonable offer
  5. Numbers

    WANTED! Rear Springs for Spax Shocks

    I have a pair of 1.9 200 springs 9 inches extended Also a pair of 2.25 350 springs 7 inches extended Numbers
  6. Numbers

    2016 Speed Series Regulations - Your input please.

    I am in the situation as I expect a lot of people are with a set of ZZR's with at least a season left in them and my helmet MUST be replaced for 2016. My car is a 1600 so assuming that I do not need a cage for mod prod I am OK with having to get a HANS to go with my new helmet ( sensible safety device)and run in mod prod for 2016. Seems like the most cost effective and least annoying option for next year, I never win anything anyway,
  7. Numbers

    Side Screens

    Pair of side screens (half height) , good condition - not used much with some fittings £30 + post or collect from Dorset.
  8. Numbers

    Streeing Column

    Ordered a bush which I will try but fear it may be too far gone judging by the bodge of tape I found when taking it apart.
  9. Numbers

    Streeing Column

    Upper steering column - inner part only wanted, Must be the old style without locking mechanism and in good condition, I have already got a worn one that rattles about at the top end. Numbers
  10. Numbers

    Odd bits and pieces for Sale

    I will take £30 plus postage £37 total
  11. All parts from an seiw Windscreen with uprights £250 - collect only Wiper set with motor and blades £45 Widetrack upper and lower wishbones - Off side front only £95 Drive shaft 4 1/2 inch o/d - plain undamaged £40 Front uprights - pair - steel - plain - £ 75 Barrel type ignition switch with Key £2 AVO Shocks - pair - steel - closed 10.5, open 13.5 inches - need refurbishing £30 Bosch starter - part number 0986 014 860 for vauxhall 1.6 - needs refurb. £25 Postage and packing extra
  12. All parts from a 1990 SEIW. Pair of AVO Shocks -Open 13.5 closed 10.5 inches need refurbishing £5.00 Bosch Starter Part No 0986 014 860 - for Vauxhall 1.6 - needs a refurb. £10.00 Drive shaft - one only - 41/2 inch diameter - good condition but without Diff u/j end. £25 Widetrack wishbones - undamaged - offside set only - £95. Pair of front uprights - steel - plain without fittings - offers Barrel type ignition switch with key - £5 Wiper kit - complete - £40 Windscreen - with uprights £250 ---- collect only All prices plus post and packing
  13. Numbers

    Body for 1970 widebody car

    OK OK how about 1990. Steve I will split and take offers on the parts. Send me your e-mail and I can send pictures. Cannot work out how to load pictures on this site. Located near Bournemouth in Dorset. Numbers
  14. Numbers

    Body for 1970 widebody car

    Complete but a bit knocked about, Body colour maroon with Bonnet, Nose Cone, Scuttle. Buyer collects Offers Call for more info. 07771977933
  15. 4.4 Ratio Crown Wheel and Pinion wanted. To fit English axle (105E). Will consider a 4.1 as a last resort.

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