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  1. Hey Lee I might be able to help, I’m living in Brisbane OZ & have just started my Build, FW Westie, I know bits & pieces about the ADR’s but know nothing about importing. The ADR’s are painful, eg, for registration/certification you need bumpers, exhaust cant exit in front of the driver so out the back it goes, I think exhaust db76 where UK is 96ish, emissions are tough to. No 4 point harness. A lot of these points just happen to fall of the car after registration (bumper, exhaust if replaced so that is exits out the side) I’m using 2L Duratec motor out of Mazda 3, Ford Sierra T9 gearbox & diff, Wilwood brakes, Golf rears, There is a Westfield importer in Perth, where you can buy a kit from & either get parts from them or the UK. You can find them off the UK website. It’s not cheap to build one over here, base kit $15,500ish. So over all build cost could be $35,000-$45,000ish. Hope this helps.
  2. Hi all, I need some help, Can anyone tell me the thickness of the Aluminium Spacer that the manual call for the Upper Steering Column. Also, I’m using an aftermarket handbrake that doesn’t have the Handbrake pull rod & I’m having to make my own. Can anyone measure one & let me know the length. Thanks
  3. NZkiwi75

    Wiring Help

    Thanks. Had a look. It's a good start. Anyone got info on ignition switch wiring and what Amps it can handle?
  4. NZkiwi75

    Wiring Help

    I’m about to start my own wiring & need some help in regards to cable sizes/Amps What is the nominal wire sizes for (Amps/ Size mm) 1) Battery – Ignition ( what Amps can the standard Westfield Ignition switch handle? Is a relay required?) 2) Ignition – Fuses 3) Battery – Starter 4) Starter/Alternator – Engine Earth Thanks for your help. Let’s start wiring…..
  5. Hi. I'm trying to find the part number or where I can buy the Lobro joints (CV) cheapest place to get them? Thanks
  6. Hey Dave. They look good. Where did you get them from?
  7. Thanks everyone. I'm checking out a dropped floor westie tomorrow.
  8. I'm downunder in OZ. I'm looking at using COBRA SEAT ROADSTER 7. It would only be me driving. Trying to get a look a car at the mo. Just need to find some contacts over here in Brisbane.
  9. Quick question, If someone has a set of chassis stands, can you please measure them & let me know width. Alternatively, what is the width of the frame at the rear, as I will make them the same width, as my garage is a small one. I am making my own stand. Thanks
  10. Living in Australia its kind of hard finding parts (also NZ), I think there are more parts in the UK. I'm on a budget only paid $50 (£26) for diff. will keep looking.
  11. hi, Yip im living downunder, I got the diff in NZ, I have done some searching & have found out i should be able to change the flanges "All push in diffs with the large sockets can be converted to a flanged diff by installing the flanges from any non-LSD flanged diff. All non-LSD flanged diffs can be converted to large push in sockets by removing the flanges. The flanges are secured by circlips inside the diff and can be easily removed after the back cover is taken off." I would like to use the CV/lobro's for ease of construction, My father is off over to UK in Aug & i could be him to work finding me some bolt of flanges.
  12. Hi, I need some help with my Diff, I have picked up a Sierra 7" 3.62 diff but it had the push in style tripod drive flanges & I want to use the bolt on flanges (lobro/CV) . flange diameter of 100mm. Does anyone make aftermarket ones or where is the best place to find them. Thanks Scott
  13. NZkiwi75

    T9 Gearbox

    Identification Tags. Can anyone help with what the tags mean??
  14. NZkiwi75

    T9 Gearbox

    Hi, Can anyone help with what the identification tags mean on my T9 boxes. Box 1: 839T FE Fog 6G 2.5F Box 2: 839T EF Fog 7E 30F
  15. Hi all, thanks for your replies... will help me loads. Thanks.
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