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  1. My SEIW runs ET 24 on 7x13 rims with std rear arches.
  2. Newton

    slick tyres

    Have a look on ebay for JD Motorsport tyres - or there web site http://www.jdmotorsporttyres.co.uk/tyres/?cat=5 Give them a ring I've found them really good with really quick delivery. When buying slicks you often find them marked up tread width, tread diameter and rim size. Be aware that the tread width can be wider than advertised. My 180 550 13s are spec'd as 190's on literature but are actually 210.
  3. First dibs yes please Will pm you
  4. @Chris Broster - Bristol & Bath AO its always worth checking before you rock up expecting a days play only to be told you're too loud. The alternative is pick a track where they have a little more tolerance to a tuneful exhaust. I haven't had mine tested since I got the new system but its something I need to organise before trying out CC. Set a regular date and let us get it in our calendars, sooner the better.
  5. Evening Chris, Thanks to Dave for getting me tagged on this. Will be good to get the area going again, I've been trying to get up to Cotswold for 6 months but work keeps conspiring against me. I think this must be my ninth year with my chrome yellow Megablade, last years project was to get her quiet enough to get on track. So after emptying my wallet into Andy Bates bank account I now have a very smart custom stainless manifold and silencer. As a consequence I did my first two track days which were great, even though the car went sick on the first one, The second one with Cotswold at Llandow went off without issue apart from the weather which made life interesting at times. I certainly plan to get out and do a few more this year. This years upgrade will be an oil cooler. Week day evening meets work best for me, can make those you list in your first post.
  6. Thanks Tom for the invite to todays Llandow trackday. Really enjoyed it! Hopefully I'll manage to put in an appearance at your monthly meet before too long. Did anybody get any video of my Yellow with black arches MegaBlade, would be very interested to see.
  7. Newton

    Brake Pads

    Hi Adam, The front is running Wilwood Powerlites on solid discs. Rear is std.
  8. Newton

    Brake Pads

    Evening all, Been to Llandow today and had an enjoyable time however as the track dried out and the slicks came out I realised that I was cooking the brakes at the end of runway straight. The cars currently running Mintex M1144 so I could go 1155s but am concerned that they won't perform on the road. Any advice on other manufacturers and their feel on track and road? Many thanks Rob
  9. Hi Dave, Give me a shout next time you come trespassing on my front drive I'm at the top of Cheddar gorge Rob
  10. Thanks Tom for the invite to todays Llandow trackday. Really enjoyed it! Hopefully I'll manage to put in an appearance at your monthly meet before too long.
  11. Thanks Nic, I think I've solved it tonight. Having unpicked and unwrapped the loom looking for damage I eventually decide to check the new starter solenoid I'd fitted only to find I didn't have a connection from the live feed to the fuse carrier. Fortunately was able to dismantle this part of the switch and assemble it correctly. Will have to give it a try tomorrow night and check all is well. Didn't expect that. Are you on the road with your Busa yet?
  12. Why do you want to run the avons instead of Toyos or Yokes? You may also need a way of correcting your speedo reading for the IVA.
  13. OK will put the MOSFET on the upgrade list however I aught to be able to solve the problem with one of the RR's I've got unless all three are naggered. Looks like the store has really thought out its supply. Difficult to say how much of the wiring is original probably a bit like Triggers broom I've rewired most of this over the years either as a result of fitting the later engine or improving the original install plus the battery and the RR have been moved in front of the engine. Generally I've recycled the connector plastic components and used new terminals and wire. I've stripped the original loom sections to install new cores and then re-wrapped them. The only part that's not easily replaceable is the connector to the original control unit.
  14. Evening playmates. My tale of woes. Put car on trailer on Friday afternoon to go to track day, take off trailer Saturday morning to go out on sighting laps to find that the battery charge light is not going out as usual, a few initial flickers of it going out but eventually its on constantly. Much frustration! I had a DVM with me so was able to do a few checks. By pulling the rectifier regulator plugs I was able to check the output which was down at around 4 volts, I then went and checked the alternator output phase to phase and was getting about 20volts (AC) between each pair of phases - don't know what the output should be but the fact they were all the same suggested that it was probably ok therefore I assumed that the rectifier regulator was goosed - something I mave previous experience of as do many other megablade owners it would seem. Eventually got running by borrowing some jump leads and charging the Westy between runs using the tow car. Frustrating but at least I got some running. History. The car is now 919 engined. When I bought the car the standard regulator was in its usual position - passenger side behind dash - burnt that one out, went over voltage. So bought what was advertised as a heavy duty one - think that one went the same way. So relocated the rectifier the front of the car underneath the rad and steering rack - bolted to the aluminium floor pan in a good airflow. Took advice from Andy Bates and upgraded to a 1000RR unit used from a 2004-2007. The battery is a Red top 15 - been in the car at least 8 years and never let me down. Appears to take and reliably hold charge, as the car is fitted with an isolator it doesn't suffer from being drained when parked up. Back home. Assuming it was a regulator problem I bought a couple of spares from bike breakers, plugged in and started up ony to find that the charge light is still on and the digidash voltage reading shows 11.6 volts - swapped to my second spare with the same result. Time for some more checking and consultation with the Haines book of jokes. Started by checking the regulator +ve and -ve connections as directed and found that there was a resistance in the +ve between the reg and the battery - I tracked this down to the starter solenoid which appears to be another fireblade issue which showed signs of overheating - melted bits of plastic. Bought and replaced this and I now appear to have continuity back in the +ve lead. Started up last night only to find that I still have a charging fault. Checked the alternator - resistance between each pair of yellow leads appears to be about 0.2 (the meter reads ~0.4R when holding the meter leads together and the meter reads 0.6 between each pair of yellow leads. So I'm assuming that there's not much wrong with the the generator side. As after kids bed time couldn't do any more checks with engine running so that will have to wait for tomorrow - so have put the battery on charge as the good book says I should. So, can anybody suggest what else I should check? Times running out as next track day booked for 14th Sept.
  15. Evening Nic, hows tricks? Will have to bring the toy down now. Just did my first track day - brilliant fun. I run Toyo R888 GG compound on the road 185 60 13s the old pattern at present - they're going to knock a hole in £400. So I bought some part worn slicks off the company below. You can find details of what they've got on E Bay but I went direct to find out what else they had. I ended up with a set of Hankook 180 550 13s cost me £111 delivered and they came next day! Apart from the wear on the tread they look brand new. Mine are C92 compound which I think is super soft. I was surprised to find that the tread was actually 210! and not the 180 on the sidewall or the 200 on the web site. They were amazing on track. You can't beat them for the money there's loads of options at similar cost including wets. http://www.jdmotorsporttyres.co.uk/
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