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  1. Newton

    Newcomer Megablade Westie

    Evening, Moved mine to the front floor pan just under the steering rack. I've fried 1 rectifier and had 1 go suspect. The one I fried went high on voltage over 14V and stank but didn't melt the plug like yours, the second one was showing what looked like a trend to higher outputs - I've got a digidash so can see whats happening as it logs peak voltage. I discussed issue with Andy Bates ABPerformance and he suggested going for the later rectifier used on the 1000cc engines - think I went for a 2004 unit, plufs are different but I found a plug kit to suit on ebay. So far everything is Rosey. I've got an AGM battery in mine was fitted when I bought the car and is still spot on after 8 years, probably helped by having a battery isolator, will still start the car after seeral months storage. Couldn't tell you what size off the top of my head will try and get some measurements - it is tiny. Other things to check out. The reverse gearbox can be problem-some or rather the attachment of the drive flanges. It is worth spending a frustrating evening under the car disconnecting the prop shafts from it to check the the main retaining flange - input / output shaft retaining nuts. They should be staked but I went the loctite route and thats been fine for the last 3 or 4 years. Propshaft nuts and bolts - go over to nyloc nuts and fit bolts through the gearbox drive flange if you have to take the drive flanges off. Oh and get them greased up. While you're down there check the gearbox oil level the boxes like to blow it out a very crude breather - I've drilled a hole through the tunnel to help with this process. Will try and remember to dig out Andy Bates engine oil filling routine the need more oil than standard to cope with surge - use semi synth not fully synth. Do you know what sump is fitted? Have you got a retaining strap on the oil filter to stop it coming lose? Jubilee clip and a bit of wire to a suitable fixing on the block - simples. Have fun
  2. Newton

    Newcomer Megablade Westie

    Evening Alex, Warm welcome from Somerset. I'm another 919 Megablade owner - touch less civilised than yours. Had mine 8 years so have learnt a few things about them. Drop me a message if you get stuck with anything. Hope you enjoy her. Rob
  3. Newton

    Llandow Private Track Day - 14th Sept

    Sent you an email hopefully you still have a space available. Rob
  4. Newton

    Rear Wishbones & Playskool Arbs

    Thanks Dave, just spoken to Luke and ordered the brackets to adapt it
  5. Newton

    Rear Wishbones & Playskool Arbs

    First dibs on the ARBs please unless the they would be unsuitable for the original style bodywork on a 2002 mega chassis. PM sent
  6. Anybody got a wide track front suspension kit they need to find a new home for?
  7. Morning, just clearing surplus bits. I found the filter king skulking in a corner, removed from the mega blade a couple of years ago when I swapped her over to the bikes fuel pump. Yours for £10 + £5 if you want it posted. However you are welcome to collect, it’s a terrible drive you’ll all hate - all the way to the top of Cheddar Gorge. Could also meet up between junctions 14 & 23 on the M5. Rob
  8. Well google shows three in your area - but I don't know any of them. If you're prepared to travel south then I've used Blast N Bake in Bridgwater personally and for work - very pleased with their service and charges. Rob
  9. Newton

    Megabusa Reverse Box solution

    I'm still running mine as Betarev because you just know you're going to hate pushing the car around. Mines reliable not running your power but its straight through when you're running forwards. It's not a difficult job to rebuild - the worst bit is getting the dam thing out the car with the w4nky brackets they provide. Also I suspect cost of conversion won't be cheap as if its like the blade install you can't get to the diff down the tunnel without an intermediate steady. If you do go this route then H J Chard in Bristol are really good www.prop-shaft.com they're in the back of a builders merchants in St Philips off The Feeder.
  10. Newton

    Reverse Gearbox Query

    Hi Nic, Where abouts in Somerset are you? I suspect the boxes usually fail due to lack of maintenance - either as a result of not keeping the flange retaining nuts tight or because in standard form you can't keep the oil in the box. I have a slightly different take on this after having rebuilt my box and run it for about 8 years now. Yes you're right the flanges are relatively soft compared to the gear shafts but I believe the fundamental problem is stopping the centre nut going loose. I think there are two problems with this: firstly keeping the 4 flange bolts tight and secondly the centre flange retaining nut. If the flange bolts become loose then they put an eccentric load on the drive flange and give it a good shaking which in turn can loosen the centre nut. I've got an old post about rebuilding the gearbox and in that you can see a pick of the damaged flange which I did manage to get a replacement for. Having run with the damaged flange until I rebuilt the box I now realise that the this was the cause of a road speed vibration is spent ages chasing and re-balancing tyres. Anyway with a good flange I've loctited the retaining nuts and they've been fine for the last 4 years. I'm not sure I remember finding the thrust washer referred to in the post above as far as I recall it sits on a shoulder on the shaft. Nor do I remember a phosphor bronze thrust washer. I think the manufacturer specifies a relatively low torque value because of the relatively low torques the box is designed to handle from a bike engine. I tightened mine up with the box on the bench and held the flange in the vice. As I say with a drop of loctite its been fine. As for the oil leaks, got really fed up with that and tried a few things. The original breather idea is a real cop out and continually weeps as the box throws oil around and it goes though the temp cycle. Then tried the attach a breather and catch tank to the fill plug. True it stops the box leaking but the gearbox just pumps its contents into the catch tank so you end up running with minimal lube in the box - not ideal. So when I stripped the box I had the front casing modified so I could fit an alternative breather in an area where it would be less susceptable to oil throw. I went with drilling and spot facing the casing in the area behind the lay-shaft bearing housing and fitting a breather to it. So far this appears to work relatively well. I've found the strip down thread but can't see the rebuild one. Hope that helps.
  11. Newton

    What Type Of Cycle Wing Bracket Is This?

    As Steve says they are an easy fabrication. I would also suggest that you could very easily repair and improve what you've got without the need to start from scratch. The reason the bracket has cracked is largely due to the location of the weld which holds the two arms together at a point where the bending moment is at a peak. I would therefore tack your Brkt up in situ then remove it to repair properly. Grind back the crack to ensure you have a full penetration weld reducing risk of re cracking. While you're doing this add some additional strip to the side of the arm to stiffen up the area around the weld, running this stiffening 2 - 3 inches up the arm should held reduce this failure reoccurring. Happy welding. Rob
  12. Newton

    Westfield Reverse Box Nut M22-1

    Hi Chris, The nut is a special but you probably could use a stock 1/2 nut and washer. However, I'd be surprised if your nut couldn't be reused, mine have been on and off a couple of times and I use loctite 243 to secure them now instead of peining it as manufactured. The more important thing to check is damage to the drive flange splines which leads to a loose fit on the shaft which leads to the flange being eccentric to the shaft, I think this was the cause of a high spread vibration. Very important don't exceed 50Nm torque on nut when tightening Westfield state that you can damage the internals if tightened further. Suggest you consider fitting prop shaft fixings this way round, I find it much easier to get them good and tight this way and I also use the loctite on the. If you do fit bolts like this them get yourself a cheap 13 mm ring spanner and grind it down so it fits over the bolt head. Hope this helps. Post a pic of the nut if you want a better opinion. Rob
  13. Newton

    busa guru's now then now then

    You could of course try fitting both, nice linear bottom end with mad top end. Surely best of both worlds - you strike me as a trend setter Steve. Wonder if you could steal that vw tfsi setup off the 1400?
  14. Newton

    Metal filings on drain plug

    Yes, don't forget you share the oil with the gearbox which is probably where most the bits will have come from.

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