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  1. Natterjack

    ****SOLD**** 330BHP V8 Westfield - £9,500

    This unique car has now been sold to local driver Matt Sprason who is an ideal Westie owner with previous experience of RAW and other kitcars -- he's now got the ultimate and we look forward to seeing him in the Cotswold area activities
  2. Built in 1997 with lightweight chassis and hand-built 2.0 Zetec engine to a fast road/track day specification. Complete rebuild in 2005/6 then bought by myself and successively improved with essentials only. The engine is bomb-proof and has not been messed around. No carbon fibre added so looks very original in black. ENGINE. 2.0 Zetec hand built by Paul Dunnell to his 200 bhp 165 lb-ft specification. Jenvey Throttle bodies linkage and fuel rail, Power Boost fuel pumps with braided hoses. 20 ltr alloy racing fuel tank with swirl pot & in-line filters plus non-return vent valve ITG Foam inlet cover. Emerald ECU. Lightweight Hi-Torque starter 9 row Oil Cooler, Dunnell Alloy sump, remote oil filter plus catch tank Radtec racing alloy radiator with large sucker fan. Silicone Hoses and Raceline alloy water rail. Longlife hand-built SS exhaust + SS repackable silencer with extra supports. New Odyssey gel racing battery in passenger foot well. TRANSMISSION Dunnell clutch on lightened flywheel Type 9 Five Speed Gearbox by Steve Perks with Quaife semi-helical heavy-duty close ratio gears Sierra Diff: 3.92 SPC No:2484 with Quaife limited slip. Bailey Morris propshaft BRAKES Split front/rear system with separate reservoirs Front: four–pot Wilwoods with Braided hoses -- Rear: VW Golf. Brake Bias adjuster on dashboard Mintex 11/44 pads all round SUSPENSION by Matt and Ivan at Pro-Comp Wide-track Front rose-jointed throughout Front and rear Roll Bars Hand Built Pro-Tec fully adjustable dampers all round OZ Ultraleggera alloy wheels with Yokohama AO48R M tyres Plus complete set of “wet” tyres & wheels Quick-Rack 2.4 Steering rack Fully corner weighted and set-up specially by Pro-Comp CONTROLS Removable steering wheel Stack Dash Instrument Racing floor–mounted pedal set with adjustable brake bias. GRP high-back bucket seats with new 80mm TITON 5 point racing safety belts Master cut-off switch Biker Intercomm: driver/passenger BODYWORK – Westfield black GRP RAC Rollover bar. Full Westfield windscreen with mirrors plus polycarbonate side wind-deflectors Aeroscreen with small lightweight mirrors Special engine side-bay heat vents Westfield removable rear wings with fibreglass arch protectors -- front cycle wings with spray flaps Tonneau cover fitted over high back seats Dominator 5.75 inch headlights SUMMARY This is a very well sorted car but the body is not “carbon-fibred” and there are some age related blemishes from road and track-day use. The car comes with a full history right from the original build – every invoice so it’s a box full! On track days I have invariably invited professional instructors to have a drive and they report she is “beautifully balanced”! It’s certainly a joy to drive on road or track. Superbly reliable so I have resisted “upgradeitis” and only done improvements where necessary – water and oil cooling, starter motor, lights and updates to the suspension by Pro-Comp who can’t be bettered for no-nonsense work on kit-cars. PRICE £9,750 CONTACT: Andrew Reeves. Cotswold Area email: andrew@jasprint.com Mobile: 07774 127036 Tel: 01684 592277 P.S. Loads more photos but can't manage to get them small enough for the club site to handle -- please contact me for more..........
  3. Natterjack


    Hit a pheasant and cracked my nice new Westfield standard fibreglass front cycle wing -- anybody got a preferably black wing? Call me on 07774 127036 or email me Andrew@jasprint.com
  4. Gary, I don't want to muddy the excellent October Abingdon waters that the Cotswold area will certainly support but what about MSE Pembrey on Sunday 6th October -- it's the next step up from an airfield and a great Westie venue............!!!
  5. Andy, Great to see a proposed date --OK it's the only one we can get -- it's good and I'll get it in the Cotswold Area events diary right away -- I reckon we can get about six to eight members committed to support but can't say if they will camp or not. As you know a number of us went last year and we can recommend it is an excellent place to visit. So YES to can we come So YES we will help organise --we are fairly close to Gaydon anyway
  6. Gary, What a brilliant day for all concerned -- there were about 13 or 14 Westies overall in attendance -- I'll do a brief write-up and post up the photos I took. Thanks to all members who made the effort to come and enjoyed largely good weather and free tuition as you organised What about the Go-Pro videos that all you fellows were shooting --judging by the cameras strapped to roll-bars? Let's see those as well......
  7. Our event leader Chris Varey reports that JUST 4 FOUR REMAIN OF THE FREE TICKETS ALLOCATED TO WSCC Members -- CONTACT CHRIS ASAP TO GET YOURS. Good weather guaranteed but not necessarily for this Saturday --it's a good day even if weather gear is needed --follow Chris and get plenty of track drives later in the day after 4 pm
  8. Due to adverse the weather forecast for tomorrow Saturday 13th June, Donna and I have decided to postpone the tour for two or more weeks -- a definite new date to be announced shortly
  9. GARY, Following our emails about joint events with the COTSWOLD area I propose to concentrate the addled minds of the Cotswolders to joining in to make a good quantity of Westies out on this trackday - I'll ask them to comunicate through this channel.
  10. Natterjack

    Stoneleigh 2015 - The feedback thread

    Inclusivity is the word -- in the Cotswold area we positively encourage other kitcar make owners to join in -- assuming we believe that Westies are the best value for money for performance we have nothing to fear, just lots to gain. Great organistion by Andy and the team with the best show at Stoneleigh--long may it continue
  11. Could those who have booked please contact me so I can co-ordinate the day and ensure that we get our free tuition -- through the Cotswold club meetings channel I have been advised that Ken Philps and Guy Edwards have booked in as well.
  12. Natterjack


  13. Natterjack

    Factory visit

    The Cotswold area crew will be doing a circuitous blat route starting from tewkesbury and will arrive sometime in the morning depending on my doubtful navigation skills......Andrew
  14. Natterjack

    CAMBS - Westfield factory visit 25th Sat Oct

    From the opposite direction the Cotswold crew will arrive -- numbers unknown at this stage.....ANDREW REEVES
  15. Natterjack

    Westfield - Sportscars LTD factory open day

    This is a great initiative Kyle, We'll alert the Cotswold area and aim to bring a group along, after all we are only 40 miles away -- do remember it will be weather dependant and if it's piXXXXX the numbers drop right away. We'll advise numbers about 48 hours before the 25th Best wishes Andrew

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