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  1. NDS

    Hayabusa clutch actuator assembly

    PM sent Neil
  2. NDS

    Brake bits for a SE live axle car

    Have all the parts you are looking for including NOS back pates with new wheel cylinders. Please send a PM Neil
  3. I know its a long shot - Looking for a Westfield Crossflow alloy sump and oil pick up pipe. Neil
  4. NDS

    Rear Wheelarch repair

    I have a rear section complete with a flange for re-bonding. - Or a factory Tub with removable arches. Will be in Holland with the race trailer next week id its any help. I note you are in Germany Neil
  5. NDS

    Megabusa manifold

    Hi , I have a 500 mile only complete system. Neil
  6. NDS

    Workshop - clean out

    All still for sale
  7. NDS

    Workshop - clean out

    Wide body windscreen with uprights – in alloy with wing mirrors £ 250.00 Alloy Floor mounted bias pedal box with hyd. clutch with master cylinders £ 225.00 Alloy front hubs with bearings short studs £ 80.00 3.9 English LSD compete set up ready to fit. £ 450.00 Westfield Wide body alloy fuel tank – suit carbureted engine ( no return) £110 Westfield alloy fuel tank SEi narrow may fit other chassis £100.00 Ford Crossflow Inlet manifold Polished – twin 40s £75.00 Ford Crossflow inlet manifold – twin 50! Or Jenveys £50.00 Twin 40 Delotros £250.00 Zetec Raceline Inlet manifold – £100 – dry fitted only Zetec Raceline Water Rail - £140 – dry fitted only Zetec Raceline Alternator tensioner £50 new Cortina uprights £75.00 Standard brake discs grooved ( new) £35.00 PM for photos Neil 01738 550005
  8. NDS

    14000rpm tacho

    Have a Stacks Dash just serviced by Stacks - UK reps. Compete with harness and a limited number of sensors. Please PM if you are interested. Model ST 867 ST8130-K-08
  9. NDS

    SE Wanted - FOUND!

    Thanks all I think the white chassis sold. Shame it a great project. Neil
  10. Photos added. Neil
  11. Westfield Se - 1986 Chassis no 013 No V5C This is a race / trackday project/hillclimb /sprint •Prospeed full cage , side impact bars, harness bars improved chassis mounts. Integrated steering column mounts. ( The cage can be seen on the Prospeed-group web site). This is one of the best designed cages I have ever seen. •Procomp rear adjustable link boxes, Link bars with rose jointed/poly bushed link bars, Panhard rod, English axle with alloy caliper mounts and machine Halfshafts for discs •Procomp Custom front wishbones with Caterham uprights /brakes/alloy hubs (Ford PCD) with heavy duty stub axles. Adjustable anti roll bar. •Alloy single adjustable coil overs set of four •Various miss matched body work - main tub scuttle, nose cone. all race quality only. •Modified trans tunnel. Very wide with reduced passenger footwell. (See photo named underside) •Floor mounted pedal box with bias bar brake set up and Hyd. clutch . •Powered coated white, however the alloy panels and floor will need to be replaced with new the riveting is very poor.. The floors are available as a template. Ex. T Tulie Channel Islands championship car. Still holds many of the hill records. We need the space! We can arrange deliver in the UK. Neil 01738 550005
  12. Wide body chassis with V5C matching chassis numbers. Rolling Chassis on 14" rims English / Westfield differential Standard suspension with Spax coilovers Standard brakes / Drums on rear with Westfield uprights Propshaft Needs alloy panels and a good clean up Poor quality wiring harness and dash with instruments Good basis for a build/restoration without IVA £2800. Can arrange deliver Please PM for photos and further information Have a complete set of BRG body work with removable arches, V8 bonnet , Carbon nose cone available separately
  13. Westfield XTR2 Sprint / Hillclimb car (THIS CAR HAS NO V5C ) Part of a car collection was in storage for many years Full specifications Chassis supplied by Westfield in April 2007 MSA logbooked. 2006 Hayabusa 1300, dry sumped, HD clutch plates and springs, fitted with a Power Commander Westfield front brake upgrade, vented discs with 4pot calipers. Solid discs and calipers on the rear with inbuilt handbrake Nitron shock absorbers. Stack gauges. Digital gear indicator. 6 point 3in race harness on driver's seat and 4 point 3in harness side. 2.5 kg plumbed in extinguisher. Compomotive CX race wheels 8x13 front and 8.5x13 rear with Avon ZZ-S Set of CX 7 X13” with Michelin Pilot Sports slicks 20/54 Foam filled fuel tank in N/S side pod. Twin plane rear wing with carbon end plates – XTR4 All emission gear removed and a non "cat" exhaust Flat Shaft Paddle system with flat shift. (Partly installed) All emission gear removed and a non "cat" exhaust Spares and tools Quick lift jack Fuel churns Spare Starter Chassis stands Oil Recent freshen up in the Aerodynamics work shop. New long wheel studs and wheel nuts New front lightweight alloy hubs and bearings run out checked Brake fluid flushed New Plugs Oil Change FIA rain light Large race mirrors Fasteners replaced with stainless steel We remove the front splitter for transportation. Based in Perth Scotland £15,750
  14. NDS

    Brake Master cylinder 1992 Westfield narrow

    Have a good secondhand unit if its of interest. Was working fine last week! Neil
  15. NDS

    Seat heaven

    The XTR seats 400mm wide at the front - See photos Note These are used but in very good condition - Swapping out for Tilletts

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