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  1. Removing a 1600cc from my Caterham its a rare BX block on twin 40s complete with clutch and Caterham sump. Please PM if you are intrested
  2. Have both items However did I miss the engine type? Neil
  3. Please find attached photos of the two inlets I have in the workshop. The first is a regular cast manifold but it has been polished and gas flowed. The second is a fabricated one made for high flow. You can fit a distributor under the manifolds by using a 90 degree cap. They are available from Burtons. The last two photos are of the super-charged crossflow its a monster! running Jenvey throttle bodies , DAT engine management , Huge intercooler and methanol/ water injection. All packaged into a seven . You can see the increase in the inlet manifold angle
  4. Have a couple spare from our supercharged project. Will send some photos later today. Do you want them straight or angled? Neil 01738 550005
  5. Have a good Tran-x plate type diff. Its fitted with a 3.9 diff if you are interested please PM
  6. May have aa kit from a Radical SR3 in the next few days. Know there is an new SBD ECU and stand alone engine harness if its any help. Neil
  7. Have both parts. They have covered around 650 miles. PM me for more details.
  8. Anyone at Silverstone with Gold Tracks on Sunday?
  9. Have all the parts you are looking for including NOS back pates with new wheel cylinders. Please send a PM Neil
  10. I know its a long shot - Looking for a Westfield Crossflow alloy sump and oil pick up pipe. Neil
  11. I have a rear section complete with a flange for re-bonding. - Or a factory Tub with removable arches. Will be in Holland with the race trailer next week id its any help. I note you are in Germany Neil
  12. NDS

    Megabusa manifold

    Hi , I have a 500 mile only complete system. Neil
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