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  1. A proper "kit" with bits from whatever he could get that fitted days , as they were pre- SVA. Nothing wrong with that, will need a good checking over, if not taking totally apart and putting back together again, as these things often do. But could be a good car once done right. I worry, when adverts says things like " completed quickly to get in before SVA, and then don't show much in the way of pictures under the bonnet
  2. He has a lot of interesting cars in there, always worth a look, some great historic racers. But superb resoration set-up with a lot of experience. Thanks for the compliment on the car, I wouldn't be selling, but I have a few too many at the moment as the NE guys know.
  3. I do indeed have one for sale, but found being in Newcastle on Tyne a bit of a problem for people to see it. So it's with Damon Milnes of Trevor Farringdon, who are in Knutsford and far easier for people to get to. link below. https://www.trevorfarrington.co.uk/2018-westfield-xi/
  4. Ah, it's a historic, so anything goes, don't you know. Have another read of your yearbook and Historic cars are pretty much exempt from everything.
  5. As a club, I don't think we have ever attracted the 20 to 30 year old's but to some extent neither has the Kit Car industry as they are mainly 2nd cars Spot on with the White goods comments, they are definately viewed in that way by a lot of people these days. I was really surprised to speak to some guys with high end supercars who wanted as big a ballon at the end as they could get as they fully expected to just hand the car back and walk away. That one really surprised me, given what they were paying up front and then each month. Are we seeing the end of the Classic Car values ?? doesn't seem to be the case, they keep climbing at the moment............ but then I can remember the days when a Ferrari Daytona went from £100K to £ 250K and back down to £ 80K in about 10 years. Oh, I think they are now over a £ 1 Million
  6. That just doesn't ring true to me at all. You only have to look and the companies like Ferrari, Porsche, Lambo, Bentley, McLaren etc etc and watch how many new models they have brought out recently / are launching to know that Car Culture is still very alive. It's very alive in UK, EU and USA but also a massive status symbol in countries like China, India etc to have a high end car. I do agree that mass transport is going to see some changes, particularly in the city. Public transport needs to improve, but meanwhile Alternative Fuel vehicles, Car share etc will all help.
  7. Ah, you mean the Biased Broadcasting Corporation who unfortunately do not in the main deserve the Licence Fee the collect by Law. I still remember the days when they did give a good unbiased view, but they are unfortunately long gone. Whilst they do have a lot of good programs, I do hope this fiasco means their monopoly is ended and the Licence Fee is fundemenatally changed, it should only go to an Unbiased organisation.
  8. I've got a few engine cradles and exhaust for a Suzuki GSXR 1000 which is the other engine to use, but you need a good sump with them. Engine of choice for single seater guys as more power, but there have been loads of bar debates about that one :D
  9. Till it gets Wet & Cold & dusty etc, etc
  10. An update on this, we now have 6 paid places, so they are going quickly. I have to confirm numbers by next Tuesday. The maximum is 12. You will need to be there for 7:30 pm very latest to get kitted up and drivers briefing etc ready to go racing, should be approx 1hr on track total with a great Eliminator finish to the Event. Should be finished by about 9:30pm as they give us some breaks, but it's pretty full on racing. It's a great track with an overhead section and good quality Karts.
  11. Congratulations Howard, great to see you win, well done.
  12. Totally agree Stephen, being going for many years and it's a superb track with lots of testing corners and interesting height changes. One of the best in the UK. A must visit track. Great to see the Speed Series go down to the wire yet again with 3 drivers who would all be very worthy winners. So whoever has won, congratulations to all of them for ensuring a healthy and fair competition right up to the last round of the championship. It was great to see so many supports at the event cheering everyone on. That's what make the WSCC Speed Series such a cracking Championship. Well done everyone who competed in it or was involved in any way.
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