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  1. Nick - Joint North East AO

    Lithium battery goodness

    Yep, exactly. They don't worry me as the normal 12v or 24v supply.
  2. Nick - Joint North East AO

    Lithium battery goodness

    Simple, its a Hayabusa and they like 24 Volt starting when tuned. so 1 is for normal use and being charged all the time + running everything. The other is just to add to provide the 24v starting.
  3. Nick - Joint North East AO

    Lithium battery goodness

    There have been some really bad fires with full EV cars ie Tesla's where the battery pack has been mechanically damaged. Not sure main stream media have not shown more of them yet. Personally I find that pretty concerning, but I guess the same could be said of any petrol fires. As to running them as main batteries for providing 12v supply I already do on my race car, 2 of them, but at the rear of the car above the rear axle, in an area where they are very difficult to damage and if they did go exothermic they would hopefully be isolated enough not to damage to much. They are reliable and work well and are certainly light so save loads of weight compared to a lead battery, in my case about 12Kg
  4. Nick - Joint North East AO

    Nasty "accident", general advice anyone?

    Sorry to hear that. Be very careful what you say to anyone is first advice and don;t admit any liability. Talk either to your insurance company or if you have it, legal cover with your insurance, then speak to them. If your vehicle was not damaged then it will be the Police who decide I would have thought, but no experience. If serious it might be worth getting your own lawyer even if you had to pay for it. Good luck.
  5. Nick - Joint North East AO

    XI purchase

    I've got a brand new fully built one for sale, save yourself the hassle of the build. Don't under estimate the time and effort / cost of doing that. PM if you' like to chat.
  6. Nick - Joint North East AO

    The 'Fun' in buying cars .........sort of...........

    I don't think it will be many years before your daily diver car will just be rented by the month. I'm looking at them like that these days. Can't be arsed with the crap from salesmen.
  7. Nick - Joint North East AO

    Westfield XI 2018 new car for sale.

    Not tried it on track, but don't need to as I've had so many track cars over the years I can feel what it's going to be like from the road driving and you are right. They are a beautifully balanced car that could provide a lot of slower speed fun. But still not for me. My current race-car DJ Firehawk is also beautifully balanced but just a bit quicker As for other road cars, very happy with my weekend one, not much goes past
  8. Nick - Joint North East AO

    Facebook "face recognition"

    Should be a Skip this setting button somewhere Terry, Facebook is being a Pain at the moment. We will all be back on here soon deja vu of 20 years ago
  9. Nick - Joint North East AO

    Westfield XI 2018 new car for sale.

    Lots of views on here but no interest??? Anyone like an XI for summer now we actually have some sun, then give me a call
  10. Nick - Joint North East AO

    Cat c Westfield

    I agree, fixing chassis is certainly possible but you really need a specialist to do it. Afraid that seller isn't recognised as one. So it would be buyer beware.
  11. Nick - Joint North East AO

    washing Nomex

    Genuine Nomex can be washed OK and a good number of times. There should be instructions on the suit as to how. So follow the label instructions. I used to be fussy, but as the years have gone by I've dropped down to just chuck it in the washing machine by itself with normal powder. Seems to work for me.
  12. Nick - Joint North East AO

    Hi All, First Westfield Purchase

    But if you have, the eBay one looks pretty good. And welcome to our Club of car nuts.
  13. Nick - Joint North East AO

    Laminova fitting to a hayabusa

    The concept behind using a laminova or any similar oil/water heat exchanger is to allow the water to heat the oil up to temperature quickly, certainly much quicker than it would normally do. But then it acts as a cooler to keep the oil at the water temperature. Most modern road cars run these systems to help with emmisions. The Gould race car I had used one very effectively.
  14. Nick - Joint North East AO

    Taxing a motor that you have forgotten to tax/SORN

    Just do it. It's the best advice I can give, I had the same with SORN on the Midget logbook I was using for the XI and it came back no problem. But the DVLA are a law unto themselves. I don't really think you can do anything else other than declare it and see what happens.
  15. Nick - Joint North East AO

    Gurston Down attendance

    That has been discussed and a suggested change in going through the due process. So will be out for consultation in due course.

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