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  1. Hi Maurici - I'm actually actively looking for a 3.0 Z4 while I don't have a Westie. I've looked at a few now but nothing has ticked all the boxes yet. This looks like a really decent example but just too dear for me unfortunately. There are loads of these pre-facelift ones around for under £4k but quality varies dramatically as you can imagine. This is expensive for a 2003 car, especially as a private sale but if you're not in a hurry to sell, it'll go eventually. Cheers, Matt
  2. Does anyone have a map they'd be willing to share for a Redtop on Dellorto's? Standard spec engine and obviously an ignition only map. It's for my mate Steve Smith - he's not on the forum these days. Cheers, Matt
  3. Not sure if I'll be there, as it'll depend on me having an 'appropriate' car again. The CRV definitely won't keep up
  4. Hi Dave - Just outside Edinburgh..... or I can post them.
  5. All parts are used. Aeroscreen - Suit widebody scuttle, black. £60 (Mirrors have been sold separately) Cycle wings - Playskool, GRP, black, wide, drilled for bolts but vgc. £60 Cycle wings - Std. WF, red gelcoat, drilled. Slight crazing round one hole but gc. Photo looks pink but are red! £40 Cycle wings - Wide WF, black. One is a mess but repairable. £20 Will post cyle wings at cost but prefer collection for aeroscreen (central Scotland). PM or email mattdotalexanderatvirgindotnet
  6. Some more bits and pieces taking up space in the garage. All parts are used. Not a lot left, so open to offers. Lobro Driveshafts (pair) - Sierra diff, bolt-on, vgc. £SOLD Facet fuel pump - Carbs, vgc. £SOLD Bosch injection pump - Only done ~100 miles, vgc. Part no. 0 580 464 068. £SOLD Grill - Std. Westfield, from 'kit' bodywork nosecone, vgc. £30 XE Starter - my spare but was working. £25 Set floor mounted pedals - Includes brake bias bar, cable and adjusted knob. £SOLD Handbrake & cable - Sierra calipers. No plastic grip on lever. gc. £SOLD Momo steering wheel - Old but serviceable. No boss. £SOLD Brake master cylinder - Std Westfield, needs seals but repair kit supplied. £50 SPAL radiator fan. £60 Brake discs - Front, drilled, non-vented. £30 All plus P&P at cost. PM or email to mattdotalexanderatvirgindotnet
  7. Techcraft non-cat carbon silencer. 3" dia inlet, 6" overall diameter and 32" total length. Repacked with Acoustafil and unused since. Fits either side (with bracket). Slight scuff underneath but not visible. £Sold XE inlet manifold - Suit twin Webers, Dellortos, Jenveys etc. £90 Pair AVO shocks - Steel bodied, 12.5" open length, with springs (rear). Repainted and no leaks. £50 Westfield/Allegro steering column £50 Pair M16 calipers - scruffy but functional. 2 sets Greenstuff pads (one set unused). £45 Pair Westfield standard cycle wings - Good condition, with no holes and painted blue. £50 Solex 40 Carburettors - Pair and includes Vx single cam manifold. Bought new years ago and did ~100 miles on a car. Stored since. £100 All plus P&P. PM or email me at mattdotalexanderatvirgindotnet for more information.
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