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  1. Amazingly, the forecast is looking DRY for the weekend
  2. Rab - Dean will be at mine for 8.45 - 9.00 and we'll leave from there, so you're welcome to join us.
  3. Who are the folks planning on meeting at Kilmahog @10:00 on Friday? Just want to make sure we don't leave without anyone. I'm assuming: Dean Rab John Matt Brian Westy Dave? The van Feel free to add anyone I've missed.
  4. Matta

    Clan McWesty Bo’Ness revival

    For those that haven't been to this event before, have a look at http://www.bonessrevival.co.uk/ It's actually run over both days at the weekend and is a great combination of the pre-'72 (mostly) competitive hillclimb and car show. Usually very busy on the Sunday and we've had a stand at the show for a few years now. The paddock for the hillclimb competitors has some brilliant classic racing machinery and is as good, if not better, than the classic show itself. As the clan generally prefers to drive the cars, rather than sit and look at them, this is the only show event on our calendar - well worth a visit! Bob - I'm sure you'll still be there nice and early Matt
  5. Nope, sorry Bob. Might be worth sending an email out and see if any non-forum users know of anyone?
  6. Matta

    various things

    Second dibs on the shocks if they don't go please Ash. can you confirm the length? Thanks.
  7. Matta

    Fuel Pressure Regulator - suggestions

    Thanks guys. Dave - can you point me in the right direction for one of the holders? I'd thought about that but the only one I saw was about as much as a remote FPR. I'll also see if I can find one of the older Vx Bosch ones. Matt
  8. I'm in the process of collecting bits for my conversion to throttle bodies (Jenvey's or similar and not bike ITB's) and am looking for a FPR of around 3-3.5 bar. Ideally fixed pressure and want to avoid paying a fortune for a new remote one (am doing this on a budget, so mostly used parts). I will have a return line but not a fuel rail I can plug an OEM FPR into. Also it needs to have push-on hose connections. Does anyone have suggestions for potential matches? I've heard about Lucas 4RV ones that were fitted to some Jags, Rovers etc. but before I head for the breakers yards / ebay, does anyone have other ideas? Thanks, Matt
  9. I should make this too now. Will be at Lizzy Brice for 10:00. Matt
  10. Matta

    Coolant piping on a C20XE - help needed

    I thought that takeoff from the manifold was needed to ensure decent coolant flow around the head - especially if you don't have a heater and the rear output from the head is blanked off. I'm happy to be corrected though. I had that manifold on mine (my alternator is on the exhaust side) but with no coolant outlets at all and it was a pig to bleed without a top output. I eventually changed to a manifold with top and bottom outlets and re-plumbed the system to us the original VX 3 way hose out of the water pump. Was easy to bleed after that. However, I should say that I'm using an old Escort radiator and it doesn't have a bleed outlet on it. Cheers, Matt
  11. Hi Dave - How's it going? Are you doing the run next weekend, or what about Applecross this year?



  12. Definite maybe at the moment for me.
  13. I think that's the longest run I've had in the Westie just wearing a teeshirt (and breeks of course ). It must've been in the 20's around Kenmore but was freezing going over the Forth bridge on the way back in the mist.
  14. Hi all - suggestion for the run and how the day goes: Killin Run – Sunday 27thMay 2018 Summary: Approx. 130 mile circular run round Perthshire (~4 hrs driving, plus lunch stop). Not including 'transit time' to/from meeting point though, so obviously more than 4 hours overall. Public roads and no single-track. Scenic and generally good road surfaces.Maybe lunch in Aberfeldy (plenty of cafes), then back down Sma' Glen and head back through Crieff, Gleneagles etc. Meet: M9 Stirling Services for departure at 10:00 sharp. Route: From Stirling Services: M9 north to Dunblane Though Dunblane, back over A9 and take B8033 Braco Through Braco about 1/2 a mile, then left onto B827 Comrie Left at T junction on Comrie Main street onto A85 to Lochearnhead STOP at St Fillans to regroup – long lay-bys at lochside Right at T junction in Lochearnhead, still on A85 Right onto A827 at LixToll, through Killin and on to Aberfeldy STOP at Aberfeldy for lunch – go through crossroads (traffic lights), then park in carpark on right behind Co-op & petrol station. Back to crossroads and turn left at lights onto A826 Amulree, then A822 towards Crieff STOP on roadside after left turn over river south of Amulree to regroup (3 lay-bys after bridge next to river). Right onto A85 through Crieff, then south on A822 through Muthill Left onto A823 Gleneagles/ Glendevon/ Muckhart/ Rumbling Bridge Right at T junction onto A977 through Powmill and on to Kincardine OR left onto A823 via Knockhill Home (own route). Fuel: Stirling Services, Comrie, Killin (LixToll), Aberfeldy, Crieff Always a good idea to familiarise yourself with where we're going if it isn't an area you know. Matt

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