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  1. I’ve sent you a PM Paul. I have an MBE 956E for sale if that would work for you?
  2. Thanks Dave. Not wrong of you at all ‘cos I agree that it’s probably a unique car in terms of spec, build quality, setup and cleanliness. Indeed the end of an era, but the car is going to a passionate owner who will continue its story.
  3. Car now sold. Many thanks to the forum for this facility.
  4. I can cover some of your criteria with my car which is for sale at the moment. It’s high spec, adequately powered and road biased, however it has an 1800 zetec. It’s the 1999 Speedsport 1800 in blue...
  5. A scenic background would ruin this pic!
  6. PM sent. My car seems to fit the bill if you're still prepared to go with SEiW
  7. Sent you a PM as I've just advertised my car and it ticks the boxes you're looking for
  8. For Sale 1999 (T) Westfield Speedsport 1800 16,900 miles. This car is a genuine 1999 T reg having been built using all new parts. I have owned this car since September 2009. The car may still be well known in Westfield circles because the previous owner is a former Area Organiser of the Westfield Sports Car Club and highly experienced in modifying, rebuilding and “setting up” Westfield cars. Throughout my 9 year ownership he has continued to service and maintain the car. He will be willing to speak to any prospective new owner. Engine & ECU 171bhp Scholar modified Zetec Silvertop engine. Raceline dry sump system. Raceline water rail. Debadged, polished and chromed camcover. Raceline sparkplug cover. Full set of A&H aluminium tanks for coolant, screenwash, dry sump tank and catch tank, all bespoke to this vehicle and made to the previous owner’s specification. Silicon hoses. Jenvey throttle bodies. Carbon backplate on air filter. Custom made stainless steel 4 into 1 exhaust. MBE 956E ECU, recently recalibrated by Ian Oddie of Oddified.com. Xtreme gel battery with Accumate charging port attached (The accumate trickle charger will be included in the sale). Body Carbon fibre rear stoneguards. RAC roll bar with LED high level brake light. Side screens and full weather gear. Colour coded wing mirrors, windscreen pillars and headlights. Wheels, Tyres, Brakes, Gearbox, Suspension, Drivetrain 15” wheels with Toyo R1R tyres (195/55/R15) - FNS 6mm, FOS 6mm, RNS 6.5mm, ROS 5mm, Spare 5mm. Spare wheel with the same tyre. Widetrack front suspension with rosejointed top wishbone and quick camber adjusters. Trakspax rose jointed shock absorbers. Front and rear anti roll bars. Nylon bushes all round. Wilwood 4 pot brakes with competition front pads. Drilled and grooved discs all round. 2.4 ratio quick steering rack with alloy rack mounts. Lightweight flywheel with AP Caterham CSR spec clutch. MT75 gearbox with short shift. Hydraulic release bearing. Lightweight competition starter motor. Limited slip differential. Lightweight hubs and uprights. Uprated SBD engine mounts. Interior Countoured dashboard with glove compartment and 12v power socket. Self cancelling indicators both on the dash and also mounted on the steering wheel (beautifully retrimmed last year by Royal Steering Wheels). Momo quick release steering wheel in alcantara with contrast blue stitching. Fully carpeted. Four point Willans harnesses. Stack rev counter with programmable shift up light. 2 speed heater. Floor mounted pedals. Fire extinguisher under dashboard. Additional Info Comprehensive file of receipts. All MOT certificates are present and confirm the mileage: 21/06/02 – 3480 miles. 21/08/03 – 5559 miles. 24/07/04 – 6362 miles. 23/07/05 – 7420 miles. 11/08/06 -7890 miles. 03/08/07 – 8432 miles. 01/08/08 – 9300 miles. 25/07/09 – 9668 miles. 07/08/10 – 10,403 miles. 01/08/11 – 11,153 miles. 28/08/12 – 11,938 miles. 07/08/13 – 12,223 miles. 16/08/14 – 13338 miles. 19/08/15 – 14,513 miles. 22/08/16 – 15,439 miles. 19/08/17 – 16,174 miles. 18/08/18 – 16891 miles. Next MOT is due by 28/08/19. Whilst in my ownership and that of the previous owner (since 2004), the car has always been garaged and only used during the summer months and has not been on the track. It has been serviced every year with Synpower fully synthetic oil, NGK sparkplugs and genuine Ford oil filters. The cambelt was replaced in April 2015 on 13,843 miles. The vehicle is located near Northwich in Cheshire. Test drives will only be provided on production of appropriate full insurance cover. Additional photographs can be provided if required. Contact mattcrofts1@hotmail.com or via PM on this forum if you are a member
  9. Thanks very much indeed @Trevturtle. Pm sent
  10. I’ve been having a little trouble with an intermittent fault on my 956E ECU, which was one of the earlier ones with an 8mhz clock chip and early firmware version (supplied new from Westfield). I have replaced it with a later type which has a later version of the firmware (956BA463) and a 16mhz clock chip. The ECU is mated to a Ford Zetec Silvertop engine with mildly ported head, Kent FZ1802 cams and 45mm Jenny throttle bodies. As a result of the difference in ECU specs, I think my original map is corrupted or has parts missing because the car starts and idles beautifully as it always did, but it won’t rev cleanly. Does anyone have a generic base map that would work with the later firmware and clock speed? i just need to be able to get the car to the company I’ll be using for a full rolling road session... any assistance would be greatly appreciated. thanks Matt
  11. Thanks Tony, have dropped Ian a line but wondered if there was knowledge on here as well.
  12. I have an 1800 Speedsport with Zetec E engine, Jenvy throttle bodies and an MBE 956E ECU. I have had to replace my ECU and was lucky enough recently to source a pre used unit. I have cleared the existing map from it and installed my map from my original ECU. The map that was originally on it was for a Vauxhall XE engine. The coolant temperature sensor is reading -22 degrees when the sensor is connected and it overfuels when running, and 90 degrees when disconnected, then the engine underfuels when running. I’ve discovered that there is a resistor on the ECU which needs changing from 1000 ohms to 10,000 ohms in order to recalibrate the temperature sensor to suit the Zetec engine, but I don’t know which one it is at this stage. Does anyone know which component number it is that I need to replace inside the ECU? Many thanks!
  13. I’ve sourced myself an ECU. Thanks very much for your help everyone
  14. Thanks Michael. Have sent you a PM.
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