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  1. Interested, will these fit on cortina Westfield hubs? Mark
  2. Interested, where about’s are you based?
  3. Brand new never used Rally design Camber adjuster for top wishbone £7.50 posted
  4. 13” minilite type alloy wheels x4 185/70/13 tyres, offset ET23, 4x108, 6j13, good condition WHEELS SOLD TO WEEKEND WARRIOR Blacktop Zetec injectors x4 brand new and never used £25 plus postage SOLD
  5. What is your budget?
  6. Please don’t stop posting, I really enjoy reading your updates, keep up the great work:-) Mark
  7. Sorry to hijack your post, I would happily sell 2 of mine if I could replace them with a pair of 13 minilite 6x13 4x108 with ET30? Mark
  8. Does anyone have a pair of SDV Sierra cycle wing brackets they would like to sell? Mark
  9. MCB

    Morris' XI Build

    Welcome, we all love a build diary. Mark
  10. How much for the dash and lights? Mark
  11. MCB

    95mm reverse lights

    Still looking, anyone got one laying about? Mark
  12. Is this still for sale? Mark
  13. Hi All does anyone have any 95mm reserve lights they would like to sell (I need 2 ) They are for a project at school so I don’t need the build holders Mark
  14. MCB

    Steering Column bush

    They are completely different,
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