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  1. MCB

    Few bits

    How much for the dash and lights? Mark
  2. MCB

    95mm reverse lights

    Still looking, anyone got one laying about? Mark
  3. MCB

    Roll over cage (SOLD)

    Is this still for sale? Mark
  4. MCB

    95mm reverse lights

    Hi All does anyone have any 95mm reserve lights they would like to sell (I need 2 ) They are for a project at school so I don’t need the build holders Mark
  5. MCB

    Steering Column bush

    They are completely different,
  6. MCB

    Steering Column bush

    Hi All, Any advise or tips I should be aware off to help in fitting a new plastic steering column bush? Mark
  7. Does anyone have a standard Westfield steering column they would like to sell? Mark
  8. MCB

    Tim Vine Tour Tickets

    Now Sold
  9. Not sure if this is the correct place to advertise these! Due to gong on a School trip to Paris i have 3 x Tickets for Sale for Tim Vine’s new tour “Sunset Milk Idiot” on 26th May at the Opera House in York They cost me £90, i’m Looking for £60, collection available from Blackpool, also happy to post or I can bring to Stoneleigh on Monday he Sunday Mark
  10. No worries, I never felt the car needed a lsd, car will be at Stoneleigh for any interested parties to view
  11. MCB

    ford zetec 1.8 Silvertop

    The car is a wide body, i’m Sure it had a MT75 gearbox, the carbs were motorbike, not sure of the type. Mark
  12. MCB

    2012 Westfield SEiw

    New pictures added, these were taken this morning.

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