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  1. Madrabbit

    Your Daily motor- photos :)

    I love my Clio almost as much as the Westfield. Fantastic fun.
  2. Madrabbit

    Hi guys

    I was just thinking, how amazing having a lift in your kitchen! It looks lovely... and the car too!
  3. Ok, whatever you do, don't let go. I'll be back as soon as I can....
  4. Jeez... I would've had to have stopped 3 times for fuel!
  5. Madrabbit

    May the 24th: National Drive your Westfield to work day

    Caged animal. Also, a picture of my car at work. (obviously taken yesterday!)
  6. Madrabbit

    Edd China Lives....!

    Is he still building road going sofas, boats and sheds at Comfy Banana?
  7. Madrabbit

    Reasons/criteria for Q registration

    As well as the easier emission rules at MOT time, there's the novelty value ( Qdos!) of having a Q plate and no one will know how old your Westfield is either
  8. Madrabbit

    Retrofitting a steering wheel mounted horn push

    I found the wire always broke at the horn button screw connector. Admittedly I was using some leftover wire I found in the garage. So I gave up and put a button on the dash and resort to hand gestures when trying to make a point in a hurry!
  9. Madrabbit

    How ill do you have to be to be an athlete?

    In my experience (as an asthmatic), if you need to take your Salbutamol inhaler, your probably not in a position to be competing.
  10. Madrabbit

    Know your jap imports?

    Mitsuoka. Otherwise known as - Nissan Micra?
  11. Madrabbit

    Silvertop Zetec belts

    Do check the water pump is the same as the one you take out. The original fitment may run in reverse depending on the belt run you have. I think I had to replace mine with a Ford Orion 1.8 water pump. I may be wrong, I haven't done mine for a long time.
  12. Madrabbit


    mine is a '99 SEiW, and I'm running 205x50x15 on 7" Raceline wheels with an et38 offset.
  13. Madrabbit

    Wife's out got some washing to do

    Ooops! I know a few people that have done stuff just like that - parts in dishwasher, parts in the oven etc. This reminds of the time I had an incident in the garage whereby I ended up with my jeans soaked in petrol. Thinking it was probably not wise to carry on working in them, I changed and put my petrol soaked jeans in the washing machine switched it on (I’m very domesticated) and went back in the garage to roll around on the floor some more. When I came back in and opened the washing machine, oh my God, the smell was as bad as when I put the jeans in. They were certainly clean, but I ended up throwing them away anyway. It took weeks for the smell in the machine to die down, I don’t think it ever really went. I think it got into all the rubber parts. Wifey wasn’t very happy with me either. If it happens again I’ll strip off in the garden and put a match to them!
  14. Madrabbit

    What a s**t start to my day

    I'm crying with laughter! Funniest thing I read for a while. I'm glad the operation was successful and you're on the mend.
  15. Madrabbit


    But what happens once you leave the urban environment, with it's well lit, well defined lanes, cats eyes and painted road edges and venture into the countryside?

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