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  1. I had an outer cv joint 'go' a few years ago. It was quite a hard clunking noise only noticeable under load i.e. accelerating. Everything is amplified with the roof up.
  2. I'd be interested too. I hope you don't me hijacking your thread. I'm looking to replace my seats soon, so I wouldn't mind trying some, though I'm only 5'10". I'm Basingstoke -ish.
  3. Hi Justin. Add me to the list please. I haven't been on a treasure hunt for a few years. It should be great fun....if I don't get too competitive! Warren .
  4. Left my mower outside the shed whilst getting ready to go out for a mow and found this when I got back.....
  5. There is a bracket on my SEiW - on the diff cage - for the sensor to mount and read the bolt heads on the inner driveshaft Lobro joint. Obviously this is dependent on model, diff and drive shaft type.
  6. I'm in the process of replacing bushes springs and dampers on my SEiW. I ordered springs and dampers from Protech and they specified 9" springs for a 14" damper unit. I haven't got round to doing the rear end yet though.
  7. On mine (circa 1998) there's a short piece of square box section welded to the bottom chassis tube to attach to.
  8. I love my Clio almost as much as the Westfield. Fantastic fun.
  9. I was just thinking, how amazing having a lift in your kitchen! It looks lovely... and the car too!
  10. Ok, whatever you do, don't let go. I'll be back as soon as I can....
  11. Caged animal. Also, a picture of my car at work. (obviously taken yesterday!)
  12. Is he still building road going sofas, boats and sheds at Comfy Banana?
  13. As well as the easier emission rules at MOT time, there's the novelty value ( Qdos!) of having a Q plate and no one will know how old your Westfield is either
  14. I found the wire always broke at the horn button screw connector. Admittedly I was using some leftover wire I found in the garage. So I gave up and put a button on the dash and resort to hand gestures when trying to make a point in a hurry!
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