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  1. Complete engine set up taken from a 2002 K1 Just begging to put in a Westfield http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&alt=web&id=121684423505&globalID=EBAY-GB Any questions contact me through eBay.
  2. The modified mk1 pedal box is not great, if your going to the trouble of replacing it, I'd replace it with one of the many generic floor mounted sets available.
  3. You can do spark cut with wasted spark, the sated spark gets cut as well, but since it is wasted already, it doesn't matter. The concern with fuel cut, is lean mixtures and piston damage.
  4. Furry muff... I wonder what the builder was trying to achieve with it.
  5. Why do you want to measure bulk oil temperature? I'd be more interesting in the main gallery temperature, as this is the oil the bearings are about to receive.
  6. As others said, you need specific Westfield belts, with short shoulder straps and clasp fixings, then you just clip both shoulder straps to the same central eye bolt. Try Sabelt direct, Steve is a legend, and sorted me a Westfield set in about 5 days direct from Italy when I changed seats and the old ones didn't fit. Demon Thieves were quoting two weeks and that's before they didn't know that Steve didn't have them in stock!
  7. I had four point harnesses, with both shoulder straps connected to one eye bolt, for years. Passed MOT's and MSA scrutineering with no issues. After all, you can buy a three point harness which is exactly the same from a load point of view.
  8. The day after I collected it, 21st September 1997, parked on my grandad's drive: The day I put it up for sale: The day the new owner took it away, 12th June 2013: Only original parts of the car believed to be left were; chassis, main body, back axle, rear suspension links, front uprights, fuel tank and wiring loom. Even the last two had been heavily modified...
  9. Very cringe worthy indeed. Club Chairman has a dig at somebody who has redneck plates on his truck, presumably for a joke or ironically, then gets the hump when somebody utters the s word.
  10. Wuv, you can say you repaired it. It has been modified and is clearly no longer a Westfield anymore. WSC have grossed on the owner to VOSA... On a cheery note, I had a ride in Tim's old car at Curborough once... Damn...
  11. http://www.pistonheads.com/classifieds/used-cars/volvo/s40/2004-volvo-s40-t5-se/2481638 £2,595
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