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  1. Your probably right Clark, more difficult to spot the upgrades
  2. Thanks Andy, I am just not using it enough. Its been great fun over the years but I think its time to move on. Toying with the idea of an MX5 next, something that SWMBO might actually want to go in. (she only went in the Westy twice in 9 years !)
  3. Some more photos (forgot to put the half doors on for the photo)
  4. Reluctantly for sale is my 2009 Westfield 2.0 Sport Duratec Yellow & Black (The best combination ) 2000cc Ford Duratec Engine MT75 Gearbox Limited Slip Diff KMS Throttle Bodies & ECU Simpson Custom Made Bonnet Exit Exhaust System Alloy Radiator Long Range Fuel Tank Team Dynamics Pro Race 15” Black Alloys with Toyo R888 Tyres Westfield AP Racing 4 Pot Front Brakes Westfield Rear Anti Roll Bar Race Technology Digi Dash Savage Switches LED Rear Lights Carbon Fibre Dashboard Carbon Fibre Boot Lid Carbon Fibre Rear Panel Carbon Fibre Aero Screen Carbon Fibre Tunnel Top Carbon Fibre Half Doors Carbon Fibre Side Panels Carbon Fibre Sill Strips Caged Full MSA Roll Cage JK Composite Seats Procomp Shocks Cobra Immobiliser FIA Cut Off/ Kill Switch Removable Momo Steering Wheel Oil Catch Tank Wide Track Front Wishbones Detachable Rear Arches Lightweight Gel Battery 4 Point Westfield Harnesses High Level LED Brake Light (I think I have covered everything) The car was built by me from Westfield supplied parts and registered on 1st March 2009. It has covered 8750 miles and has been serviced every year regardless of the annual mileage. I have always used synthetic oil and replaced the filter. It has always started on the 1stturn of the key and has never let me down in all the time I have owned it. It has evolved over the years to the current setup, and I have enjoyed every moment of ownership The car is track focused but equally suited to touring, having done 2 trips to the LeMans Classic. The car was rolling road tuned at NMS in 2013 and got 160BHp at the wheels. The car is in excellent condition however there are a couple of minor cracks in the gel coat and some stone chips on the rear arches which are to be expected on a 9-year-old car. The powder coating on the lower front wishbones needs touching up. MOT due 14/03/2019. The car is currently on a private plate which will be changed on the sale of the car Very reluctant sale due to not having the time to use it. I am sure I will regret selling but at the moment it seems like the right thing to do. I am located in SW Birmingham (B31) 10 mins from M42 J2 or M5 J4 £12,750 ono PM me if you have any questions or call me on 07790 779787 I haven’t advertised the car elsewhere at the moment, I wanted to gauge interest from the WSCC collective. I will add more photos when I get time Thanks Paul
  5. look out for offers on this on https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B0725VPXSQ/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 I have got one, very very powerful and well built
  6. Luapno

    land rover

    Have a look on disco4.com forum, one or two for sale from members of the forum
  7. I have used this stuff https://onduline.co.uk/products/onduline/ very good and easy to fit. Available from Wickes and roofing suppliers. Check the installation instructions regarding the framing required
  8. I was watching a review of the new Caterham 620R and noticed it had rear exit exhaust which connected to the side exhaust. I have been thinking of doing something similar on my Duratec Westy as I have been pinged at a couple of track days and getting a bit fed being deafened if I don't wear ear plugs Here is a picture of the Caterham Has anyone done something similar on a westfield?
  9. Thanks BigSkyBrad, got one ordered (couple of quid cheaper on Amazon Prime)
  10. Can you post the details of the switch, I need to do the same job on mine thanks Paul
  11. Perforated tube it is then, they tend to expand a bit and rattle on the front and rear connections within the can. (mine does). Its a messy job repacking make sure you wear gloves and a mask the fibre glass gets everywhere
  12. It is repackable, it could be the Cat loose or the perforated metal tube that runs down the middle.
  13. Yes Paul to you Did you not get my email this afternoon?
  14. remembering back to when I built mine (some time ago) you need to do all 6. I think it is easier from below. I do recall them being a real PITA !! only a fraction of a turn with the spanner due to access. Might be best to download a copy of the build manual. I am sure someone far more knowledgeable will be along shortly
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