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  1. Lumme!

    Speed Series Online Applications are open

    For reference, I receive the same message as Syman84. If nothing else, you're not alone!
  2. Lumme!

    Speed Series Novice Buddy List

    I would be very happy to help. I'm 'intermediate' in terms of commitment (2 - 8 events per year over 7 years), predominantly due to other pressures on time, and can share the pro/con of that state of affairs, along with other experiences. PM is the best way to contact me in the first instance. Cheers, Simon
  3. Lumme!

    Most pointless modification

    I installed an ex-RAF Mach Meter on the dashboard of a Mk1 Fiesta 1.1L. I never managed to move the needle (but this was not for want of trying).
  4. Lumme!


    It's already been said, but I'll say it again anyway; a fantastic weekend all round, and wholehearted thanks go to the Panda and everyone that played a part in creating the event. All the hard work made many smiles. Cheers, Simon
  5. Lumme!

    Spare Silverstone Classic ticket for sale

    Dave, I would like to buy the ticket if it is still available; if you could PM me the information I need to pay I'll sort it out right away. Cheers, Simon
  6. Lumme!


    It's not every day that you see your name appearing alongside James Hunt and John Watson in a results sheet... . Definitely a bit 'challenging' at times. I particularly 'enjoyed' being sat on the start line in torrential rain waiting for the green light, only to realise that all of my more sensible colleagues in the queue behind had actually returned to the paddock! Very enjoyable too, thanks in large part to the company, as others have said. We'll be back (bach?), I'm sure.
  7. Lumme!

    Snetterton Blog

    Terry, Great blog, and thanks for the reference to my pit crew; it made him smile even more than your slick-shod approach to Agostini in the wet!! Thanks are also due to the usual suspects for the company, wit and wisdom during a great weekend. Apologies for the sharp exit; I needed to make sure that the pit crew made it home before bedtime. The Borough 19 Facebook page has some great pictures taken by a professional photographer (John L, John H, Pete G, and I'm sure more will follow); worth a look if you would like a record of the event. Cheers, Simon
  8. Folks, On the off-chance that you've passed them by, the regs and entry forms for Pembrey can be found here . I noted the following in the regs; 'On both days, the start and finish lines will be as normal. Saturday the course will be entirely as previous years. Sunday will use the new much talked of new Course. ' This is noteworthy for Tigger, Tel and all others involved in calculating scores (apologies if you were already aware). This in car video of a Caterham race earlier in the year demonstrates the new layout; I'm looking forward to trying it. Cheers, Simon
  9. Lumme!

    Project Binky

    Episode 15 is now available. I'm off to pop the kettle on.
  10. Lumme!

    NASA LIES and other musings....

    Out of interest, and not wishing to fan flames, what would those that believe the moon landing to be a hoax accept as conclusive proof that a landing HAD occurred (bar placing their own foot on the relevant lump of dusty rock)?
  11. Folks, I've just received the latest Borough 19 newsletter which includes sprint dates for next year. The Cadwell event is new to the calendar and certainly of interest to me, and I thought that it may be of interest to others too, hence the post. I do like to plan ahead.... . Other 2017 events are as follows; April 30 Hethel Nat B May 20/21 Snetterton Club 100 NatA/B August 6 Hethel Nat B Cheers, Simon
  12. Lumme!

    October Anglesey event

    John, Barny, Thanks very much indeed - exactly the kind of insight I was looking for. See you both there! Cheers, Simon
  13. Lumme!

    October Anglesey event

    So....I'm very much looking forward to next weekend, and it will be my first visit to Anglesey. I'm coming up from the 'deep south' in the motorhome on Friday afternoon; are there any top tips from seasoned visitors in relation to logistics etc? I missed out on a garage, but beyond that is there anything particular/peculiar to the venue/facilities/journey that it would handy to be aware of? Thanks in advance. Simon
  14. Lumme!

    Car Adverts

    This Audi R8 advert does it for me. To be played loud. Simple, but spine-tingling (I may be a bit odd in that respect).
  15. Lumme!

    October Anglesey event

    Right - I've entered too. I told my wife that the big boys made me do it.

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