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  1. Blast! Too slow again...
  2. That Mazda powered car is familiar. Its followed me up from Oxford. Sorry I couldn't make it this weekend, looks like a fun day out. Luke.
  3. That must have been a shock. Glad you are both OK. I like my windscreen and side screens Luke.
  4. Keep it (unless you desperately need the money) and buy something else with four seats and a V8 for family trips (XKR/Bentley Arnage/GTR...), or build something like an Ultima Evo. My four year old daughter loves mine (its better than Alton Towers) and we have only been up and down the driveway in it so far. She's set on using it for racing when she is 12 (apparently she'll be grown up then).
  5. Simon's car is now with Steve Thorne, the Thames Valley joint AO. Simon said it made a huge difference to the level of grip post wing fitting. may be worth speaking to Steve. Luke.
  6. Hoping to make this one. I'll try and make it to Mc Donald's for 9.30 but failing that I'll see you there. Save me a space. Luke.
  7. Labrat

    My IVA tommorrow!

    Well done. Its a great feeling. Good luck with registration. Luke.
  8. Labrat

    My IVA tommorrow!

    If you have an aero filler cap you can use a piece of throttle cable inner or bicycle brake cable. Keep the fitting on the end, thread the cut end through one of the holes in the filler neck from the inside. Crimp an eye fitting to the other end and attach it to the centre of the filler cap using the nut the is there. Mine passed with this and it was a fairly rapid fit. Still works fine 8 years on. Luke.
  9. It the B6342 just outside Whitton heading into Rothbury. Cragside is just out of shot to the right. Cracking bit of road :-)
  10. Too true. I just don't seem to have a minute to think about anything at the moment with the house renovations, work, the garden etc... I missed Stoneleigh because I was rewiring the house before the plasterer arrived. Still, it will be worth it when its all finished in a couple of weeks time and we can stop living upstairs. How are things with you?
  11. A bit too far for me, plus I have a kitchen to fit, but have a good time. Luke.
  12. TD/100+ Anthracite Phantom 15"x6.5 ET37 (but with 5mm spacers on the rears). 195/50 tyres but really need to go bigger. Looking to switch to Bronze OZ ultralegerra 15x7 with et 18 and 205/55 tyres.
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