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  1. Thanks. I thought the back wall of the garage was going to get blown away when it started
  2. Very pleased to get it fired up to be honest as there were so many unknown quantities to bring together. Home made loom Rebuilt engine and the timing of it 123 distributor/ignition system Fitech injection system
  3. I have been waiting for you to pop in There will be plenty of chrome on this car Scott, I am getting older now so time to join the polishing party
  4. Thanks. Dash is just a template for now
  5. Today was the day Stick some headphones on to hear the deeper grumble of the exhaust
  6. It will be interesting so see if any oil leaks appear. I have my doubts about the quality of seal due to the adaptor plate sandwiched between gaskets
  7. Rocker covers are on
  8. I have had these rocker covers in the store since before Xmas last year. I spotted them for a bargain price (not long after cooking the red rover ones) so could not resist them. Tonight I decided to do a trial fit of one. I now need to get the mop on them to make them sparkle
  9. Yes, I am happy with the layout on the template
  10. It is turning into an uncooked prawn
  11. Front exhaust mount bracket fitted today, as well as the speed sensor, which will need adjusting when the weight is off the wheels and I can spin the prop I also fitted my lambda sensor in one of the exhaust pipes and fitted a bung in the other pipe. At least when the time is right I will be able to see what is going on with each bank.
  12. No photos from tonight's little jobs. Front exhaust mount brackets removed, cleaned and sprayed. I then made up a speed sensor mounting bracket and sprayed that. I will refit both over the weekend.
  13. I have a couple of other ideas as well that I think I will layout on some paper/cardboard first. One being the five smaller instruments in a V pattern which would make room for warning lamps in the centre of all the gauges
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