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  1. Agreed, that's what I did. There is so info on their website Here
  2. Can't recall the exact details but I am sure there's a 'long' or 'short' input option on the T9 box and from memory you need the short but best to ask the question of someone with some really expertise
  3. The attached shows the loctite range and their intended purpose. Either Loctite 220 or 222 or equivalent are what I would use. Some threadlock can be very strong and could result in damage to the screw or the threads in the aluminium when you next try to adjust it. threadlocker-user-guide (1)pdf.pdf
  4. KenP

    Bent chassis

    Probably crabs
  5. Hopefully this will help
  6. KenP

    Zetec Bellhousing

    Best to speak to them about your specific set-up as they do various options. I found them really helpful when I bought mine.
  7. KenP

    Zetec Bellhousing

    Is this what you need LINK ? If you give them a call they would be able to advise you as to the best option.
  8. Correct, the flange is used to control the belt. You don't normally get crowned rollers on timing belts, their normally used on wide flat belts like on conveyors. If you were to pull both belts apart you would probably find the cores are wound clockwise in one and anti-clockwise in rhe other which is why they tends to settle on opposite sides. Turning the belt around the other way wouldn't make any difference, each belt will tend towards it's favoured side. Unless you ran the engine backwards 😁, they would then do the opposite.
  9. Not specific to engines but timing belts tend to move to one side of a pulley and settle against the pulley flange (You can see the flange on the back of the crank pulley, the front auxiliary drive pulley will form the font flange when fitted). It's to do with the construction of the belt which is normally a single braided steel, nylon or Kevlar cable which is wound in a spiral to produce the core of the belt. The belt tends to follow the winding direction a bit like a giant screw thread. If it's fully on all the pulley and not trying to ride over the flange it should be OK.
  10. I am sure ther was a guy up around Bamber Bridge somewhere i think who was developing one so he could compete in one of the GT classes. It was back in the nineties so his name escape me.
  11. Cost will depend on what route you take but from my research bike throttle bodies are the most cost-effective solution. Have a look HERE to give some idea. You will also need to look at your fuel system to see what will need changing to run the fuel injection such as the addition of a swirl pot, high pressure pump, pressure regulator etc. There are a few build threads on here for engine swaps using the ST170 which would be worth looking up.
  12. If it helps I had M16 calipers on cortina uprights and hubs and didn't have any problem, it was a fairly common set-up so I would expect it to be fine.
  13. Living on that one-way street must be a real pain.
  14. If you can't find what you want and need to by new have a look here. They can make what you need to get the carbs under the bonnet.
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