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  1. KenP

    front wishbones

    Split shaft clamps, something like these Link
  2. KenP

    Nose cone and cycle wings - Sorted!!!

    I have a yellow kit style nose cone. PM me you email and I will send some pics. Can call to discuss tomorrow if it is of interest.
  3. KenP

    Good to deal with

    And another
  4. KenP

    Bonnet catches Identification thereof

    Hi Allan, I have a set of these in good condition, happy to send them if you PM me your address. I would agree with the need for an R-clip to stop then opening when in use, I made my own by bending some thin bar as I couldn't find a clip that would work as I wanted it to. Ken
  5. KenP

    Digial Dash - Koso RX2n Brand New

    You have PM
  6. KenP

    UJ help please

    Just got some from Baily Morris. I will nip in the garage later in the week and see what they are if nobody else give you an answer before then.
  7. KenP

    My proper newbie thread :D

    Was that you I spotted j22 south bound at 08:30 Saturday morning or some other brave soul having fun?
  8. KenP

    3.89 English diff

    I couldn't get a flange that big up my tunnel!!! If no one on here has what you want try giving Andy at Arrow a call as he had a some english diffs (not sure on ratios) a few months ago when I got mine off him. His number is 07891 604755
  9. KenP

    Show me your war face

    How tall??
  10. KenP

    Help with alternative side screen 'strap'! Please!

    Could you put a stud on both ends of the strap? Would it then give better access to the door end of the strap when in the car and the ability to remove it completely when the doors are off?
  11. KenP

    Cooling system additives for head gasket leak

    Worth a try then. Someone I worked with got longer than that by using K seal and it was still ok when he parted with the car.
  12. KenP

    LSD diff

    Try having a word with Andy at Arrow. Nice chap not too expensive and has build a few diff for people on here including mine (mainly English diffs but he does Sierra as well). Mine looks good through I have not run it yet but others probably have - see "cheap English diff build" topic in tech talk. No harm in a quick call. His number if you need it is 07891 604755. Ken
  13. KenP


    Had a fuel leak from my twin 40s whilst at a filling station in the south of France once. Turned the key and the ignition did what it should just in the wrong place! My little fire extinguisher turned out to be a very good investment indeed that day. Had the fire out before any damage was done as the fire never got chance to take hold.
  14. KenP

    Rubber Door Seals

    Wear a waterproof coat;-) I carried lots of plastic bags and plugged the gaps with them. That was my method but I did get a wet arm when there was a lot of surface water.

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