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  1. Hi John, nor me but the time has come, in an ideal world she would never go after 30 years together but I'm limited for space and need something less brutal. How do I edit a post to add the price? £6995 Forget the edit question, just found it
  2. Some of you may remember me from the early days of the Speed Series, and after 30 years of Westfield ownership, I have my 1988 Westfield SE for sale Priced to sell at £6995 The Mechanicals 1600cc 185bhp Rover K originally built by Dave Brooks in Crewe (dyno sheets from original build), then rebuilt by Dave to same spec in 2013, bills for £3k for rebuild, approx. 2000 miles on new engine Fuelling on Jenvey throttle bodies, MBE ECU Gearbox: 5 speed Type 9 Quaife alloy cased Tran-X SCCR internals Engine/box Professionally Installed using Caterham alloy bell housing and alloy sump English live rear axle using rare alloy diff casing, 5.1 CWP & Tran-X LSD Exhaust: Stainless custom built by Wunoff in Bradford, 4-2-1 as specified by Rover K tuners at a cost >£800 Steering rack: Rally Design 2.2 ratio Quick Rack New lightweight gel battery Suspension poly bushed throughout The Car Bright orange with green stripe (can be removed if not to your liking) Carbon fibre dash & rear deck (genuine oven carbon, not ABS or wrap) Tillet lightweight racing seats - specifically designed for seven roadsters Compomotive ML 15" wheels Includes tonneau cover, full side screens and hood. There is no hood frame however because fitted with an "RAC" roll bar The remaining detail can be seen in the photos. MOT to 29/3/18. A stunning and well finished car priced to sell, I bought this in 1988 when 6 months old (the car, not me) and owned for more than 29 years. I'm finally selling because I'm not young man anymore & it’s time for something with doors Phone Kev Bamber on 07748928592 - Blackpool
  3. Kev Bamber

    Offical Speed Series Regulations 2012

    Gone for a more manly orange, couldn't get the fluorescent pink paint any more and my stock ran out after the last crash. Having said that the deep pink was considered quite masculine in Blackpool. Yeah, I like the Rover K, blows coolant such that the next car can't find any grip. That & beating Nunny with a girl's engine.
  4. Kev Bamber

    Offical Speed Series Regulations 2012

    Same roadgoing one I ran in C, should still be competitive, with development, but at the moment would sit now in A.
  5. Kev Bamber

    Offical Speed Series Regulations 2012

    And you Mr L, been a long time.
  6. Kev Bamber

    Offical Speed Series Regulations 2012

    Entered, and back !
  7. Kev Bamber


    I need to replace my Kwik-rack, who's is the best supplier of these? Kev
  8. Kev Bamber

    Which Ball joints

    Just changing my lower front wishbones from the Cortina 4 bolt type to the later 2 bolt ball joint. Which ball joint do I use? Kev.
  9. Kev Bamber

    Polo Radiator

    Thanks Martin.
  10. Kev Bamber

    Polo Radiator

    Hi, Yes, that will be the next step if can't find one. Lock up your low-line SE nose cones, or will be making a buck off them !
  11. Kev Bamber

    Polo Radiator

    Hi Stewart, had thought of showing my face later in the year if I can find the bits & repair the car. it's an early SE so wishbones and nose cone are a problem.
  12. Kev Bamber

    Polo Radiator

    Hi Buzz, All tip top in Blackpool, just stepped out of the racing a while. My friends son managed to crash my car though so looking for nearside early Cortina wishbones for it.
  13. As the title says, I'm after a front nearside lower wishbone for an SE chassis, and it's the early wishbone that uses the Cortina 4 bolt joint. Thanks Kev.
  14. Kev Bamber

    Polo Radiator

    All tickety boo thank you Mark.
  15. Kev Bamber

    Polo Radiator

    Just spotted the pinned thread at the top !

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